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How to Manifest Anything using the Law of Attraction (3 steps)


How to Manifest Anything: 3 Steps to Properly use the Law of Attraction

Anyone can learn how to manifest anything using the law of attraction.  These words sound mystical, but the true meaning and application is actually quite simple.  In fact, you’ve already been manifesting your entire life.  However, you may have not been manifesting what you desire to occur.  In fact, you may have been manifesting what you don’t want to happen, or have been getting mixed results.

To manifest just means to create.

We’re all manifesting everyday whether we’re aware of it or not.

If you want to manifest a certain outcome or result in life, then, you must begin to realize where you’re putting your attention.  When you learn to put your attention in the direction that’s aligned with the outcome you desire, you’ll be using the law of attraction to manifest.

The law of attraction is imply your intention.  Whatever you dominantly intend to happen usually happens.  However, the key is to line up your intention with your desire.

Often times people use their intention (their law of attraction), to intend bad things to happen by focusing on fearful or undesired outcomes.  They unknowingly are pulling the undesired result into their life due to a lack of understanding.

However, when you learn how to manifest anything you want using the law of attraction properly, then the world becomes your playground.

Let’s discuss the 3 step process to manifest anything you want.

1. Decide on what you want (and stick to it)

Deciding on what you want is the first step towards manifestation.  While it’s extremely simple, it can’t be understated.  Especially if what you desire is something that seems far away from you right now, making the decision and sticking with it is essential for your success.  Many people block themselves from manifesting because they decide they want X today, and then tomorrow decide they don’t want X anymore.  Stay consistent with what you desire in order to build up your intention to have it.

2. Live in the End Feeling State

A lot of people fail to use the law of attraction because they try to affirm all day long with regards to their goal.  Affirmations are fantastic, I discuss them and encourage people to use the.  However, repeating affirmations over and over without feeling can lead to minimal results.  The whole point of the affirmations is to put you in the feeling state of having what you want.  By using words and thoughts, you’re triggering feelings.  Feelings, when used properly, empower your intention (essentially your ability to use the law of attraction) and make manifestation 100x easier.

In fact, just focusing on the feeling state alone can do wonders for your ability to manifest anything.

The good news it’s actually easy to manipulate your own feeling state.

The key to do this successfully when it comes to manifestation is to focus on being in the feeling state that you believe you want will give you.  Reverse engineer what you desire and then just focus on those feelings.

For example, if you want a happy, healthy relationship, what are the feelings you imagine you’d have once that is manifested?

  • Warmth
  • Appreciation
  • Love
  • Satisfaction (Mental, Emotional, Sexual, etc.)
  • Gratitude

If you to manifest your own business, what are the feelings you imagine you’d have once that is manifested?

  • Freedom
  • Power over your own life
  • Fulfillment
  • Success

And so on.  You can use these feelings if you resonate with them or write down your own.

Learning how to Manifest requires Monitoring and Controlling your emotional state

The point is that once you recognize the feelings associated with the end state, you can then drop the focus on the end state and instead focus on the feelings.  Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty easy to just put yourself into certain feeling states with a bit of practice.  It’s okay if negative feelings come up here and there.  Every human being on earth is subject to some degree of negative emotions or feelings.  Just don’t let them take over and let them pass.  Then refocus on the positive feelings associated with what you want to manifest.

While deciding on what you want (step 1) is important, it’s just the beginning.  There’s millions of people around the world who know what they want, but never get it.  The reason?  Because they don’t believe they can get it.  They’re not in the feeling state yet.

When you skip straight to the end feeling state you desire to be in, you MASSIVELY increase your law of attraction.  It’s like you blow up from being a small moon to a giant plant or sun in terms of your gravitational pull.

You ever notice when you feel good, things tend to work out for you?  That’s because when you’re in a good feeling state, you make it easy for the universe or God to bless you.  Think about it.  If you can’t handle what you have right now, how can you be expected to handle more?  If you can’t bench 135 pounds, then you won’t be able to bench 185 or 225 pounds.

That’s how the universe or God works as well.  But when you can handle what you have, you’re blessed with more.  When you can rep out 135 pounds easily, now you can add more weight on.  Because once you can handle what you have, you open up the door for more to be given to you.

And the way to do that in a spiritual sense is to feel the feelings you want to have.  This takes a bit of emotional discipline, but it’s not too difficult.  When you practice feeling the feelings your manifestations will bring, you’re showing that you can handle what you have now.  And then you open up doors for more to be given to you.

3. Do the Actions necessary and detach from the outcome

Sometimes you won’t need to anything and your intention for it to happen is simply enough.  For example, manifesting an ex calling you back, or getting good news from a family member, etc.

However, other things might require action: like building a business, increasing strength, developing a skill, and so on.

If what you’re doing requires action, then just do the daily actions necessary.  Go the gym to build the muscle, show up to martial arts class to develop your technique, work on your ad campaign for your business, etc.  Take the daily action while living in the end feeling state.

Manifesting is simple

Learning how to manifest anything you desire is simple.  Be clear on what it is, stabilize emotionally, and do the daily actions necessary.

If you just want to manifest simple things like more love, friendships, or abundance in your life, then practice putting yourself into those feeling states as often as you can.  And if you can’t get into the feeling state all the time that’s okay, just focus on being neutral as a fall back.


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