February 24

How to Manifest your Dreams: 3 Simple Steps to Create your Reality

How to Manifest your Dreams

Learning how to manifest your dreams can be done in 3 simple steps.  It may not come overnight, but you can manifest the dreams you have much faster if you are firm in your ability to stay focused.

There won’t be any more detail on why you need to manifest your dreams.  If you want to create the reality you desire, this is the formula.

The 3 simple steps to manifest your dreams are:

  1. Decide on your dream
  2. Combine physical and spiritual power to manifest it
  3. Create the path and put in the work

1. Decide on your dream

While most guys want more money, more dating options, a better body, etc., they don’t actually get specific with what they want.  And therefore they don’t have a real intention to manifest it.

Decide on your dream.  Decide what you want in your life.

The bigger it is, the more focused you need be.

For example, if you want to be an astronaut, then that needs to be your sole dream.  You can’t try to be an astronaut, a movie star, and a UFC fighter.  While all of these could be potentially possible, they’re not all possible at once.  You also won’t have the willpower to manifest them (more on that below).

Choose 1 big dream, or multiple small ones

For example, wanting to make 6-figures via freelancing and still having enough time for a social life is really two dreams, but they are both doable and intertwine.  Because you can merge both dreams together, they blend well.  Trying to become a movie star and an astronaut, while possible, is close to impossible.  Because you’re not the only one with the power to use the law of attraction.

Other people are using it as well.  In fact, everything is using it.  The law of attraction is your intention to manifest your dreams.

In practical terms, your “law of attraction” is your intention.  But if you have an an intention that is competing with others for a limited spot, you need your intention to be strong.  Your intention will be split to be astronaut and to be a movie star.  Meanwhile you’ll have tons of other individuals who are putting their full use of the law of attraction, or simply their intention, to manifest their dream.  And your intention will be weaker.

With something like owning a small business and still having a life, while the intention needs to be consistent, it doesn’t need to be as cutthroat.

You must decide on a dream or dreams that you can give proper attention to.

2. Combine physical and spiritual power to manifest it

Which leads to the next point.  In order to manifest your dreams you must put attention on it.  You must combine both your physical and spiritual power.  Your physical power are the physical actions you take to make your dream come true.

The spiritual – or non physical (technically just less dense), are the thoughts, feelings, and energy you direct towards your dream.  Practices like visualization, affirmations, and having a positive attitude are part of your spiritual power.

When people hear the phrase “manifest your dreams” or even just the word “manifest”, they think about the spiritual side.  While the spiritual power can be strong, you need to physical just as much if not more.  That’s because the physical is the manifestation of the spiritual.  So if you want to manifest your dreams then you must be willing to make the moves necessary to make them come true.  That’s what manifesting is.  It’s not magical.  It takes work.

Increase your Spiritual Power with Semen Retention

Now can you increase your spiritual power?  Yes you can.  In fact, it’s not that you need to “increase” your spiritual power.  It’s just that most people constantly drain their spiritual power.  Which is why their ability to use the law of attraction is weak.  Basically when you constantly drain your spiritual energy, you have a weak intention.

If you want your natural, powerful, spiritual power back, then you must be willing to sacrifice the thing that’s destroying it.  The biggest culprit is sex, or the release of your sexual energy.  This is why semen retention is so powerful.  Your semen is the physical manifestation of your life force.  Or it’s the most potent form of it.  By far the most potent physical manifestation fo your spiritual energy.  When you ejaculate, you lose massive amounts of your spiritual power to use the law of attraction.

Create Life or Create your Life

Semen is the physical embodiment of your spiritual energy that can be used to create life.  If you want to waste it during sex or with your own hand, then that’s your choice.  However, if you want to have your spiritual power and want to do a lot less (but obviously still some) physical work to manifest your dreams, then you need to retain your seed.

Retaining your seed for months and months or even years will dramatically increase your spiritual power.  When you practice semen retention and focus on what you want, you’re using the law of attraction.  Your intention is elevated.

Most men won’t have the discipline to do this, which is why your spiritual energy to pull what you want to you will be so much more powerful than the majority of people.  Doing semen retention in shorter cycles (also called relaxed retention) will still give you bursts of heightened spiritual power, but still not nearly as powerful as someone doing long term retention.

3. Create the path and put in the work

Think of how you can, not how you can’t

How can I win?

If nothing comes to mind that’s okay.

Retain your seed, even just for a few weeks, and ask yourself everyday “how can I win?”.  Ideas will start to come up.  Some will be good, some bad, and some will be game changing.  They will inspire you to not just take action, but to take smart action from a winning idea that will pull to you want you want faster than you would’ve simply my muscling it.

You do need some muscling of an idea.  But it doesn’t need to suck.  You just need to be persistent in your efforts and in your applications of ideas that come to mind when you ask “how can I win?”.  When ideas come up that sound dumb, or they don’t work, don’t focus on them.  Say “that’s one more way I don’t have to pursue, now how can I win?”.

Stay Focused In One Direction

And stay focused on answering that question until you have a method that is going to work.

With definite plans, definite purpose, and consistent effort, you will manifest what you desire.


manifest, manifest your dreams

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