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How to Quit a Job: The Complete Guide to Escape Wage Slavery


How to Quit a Job you hate: The Complete Game Plan to Escape Wage Slavery

how to quit a job

It’s not always easy to figure out how to quit a job the right way.  The world is a brutal place.  On one hand, you need money to support yourself, live your dreams, and take care of your family (or future family).  But on the flip side, you don’t want to be stuck in wage slavery doing something you hate.

If you’re trying to learn how to quit a job and stumbled upon this, then chances are you trapped in wage slavery.  Wage slavery is when you’re dependent on a job you hate so you can financially support yourself.

You might be a new wage slave or have been in the wheel house for years.

Quitting a job 

But you don’t have to stay there.

Deciding to leave a good job my seem like a dumb decision.  After all, you should be lucky to have nice job, right?  You’ll be looked down for quitting a new job that was supposed to be so promising or ruining the career you’ve been building up.

If you’re a beta male or happy with a subpar life then yes.  But if you’re an alpha male, you’ll never be happy working for another man.  That’s why you’re looking for advice on quitting a job.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll never be happy having a boss who controls your life.  And having to work for a corporation you don’t believe in to make people you don’t like or don’t know rich is no way to live.

If you want more out of life and want to escape wage slavery then read on.

How to quit a job: Step by Step

how to quit your job

If you’re rich as fuck and already have money, then you can ignore this whole post.  You’re not stuck in wage slavery since you have your millions.  But for the rest of you… the vast majority of you are stuck in wage slavery.

And you can get out.  With modern technology and low cost to start a business, your opportunities are numerous and vast.  But you need to have a gamelan.

Quitting your job without another job lined up isn’t smart.  I’m not saying you should get another job working for somebody else, but you need to have a plan. For all the people who quit their job, became homeless, then rose to success, there are 100x people who quit their job, became homeless, and never were able to recover.

“I want to quit my job” is the internal theme song of most people.  Most of them never do it, and the ones who do usually end up back at another job they hate.  That’s why you need to know how to quit your job the correct way so you don’t go back to it.

Don’t just quit a job you hate with no plan.

Consequences of not having a plan

man depressed cubicle

If you quit your job with no gameplan, you can:

  • end up back at that job
  • at a worse or equally shitty job
  • back at your parents place
  • or homeless if you have no family/social network

Don’t just go in and say you’re done.  Especially if you don’t have money in the bank.  You might see tons of motivational speeches and videos on YouTube telling you to quit your job and follow your dreams.  While I think you should do that long-term, it’s not the best move to quit your job and be on the verge of homelessness.

That’s stupid as fuck.  For every person who quit their job, grinded while becoming close to homeless and then succeeded, there are many more unsuccessful people you never hear about.

Alright, so enough with the pessimistic bullshit.  Yes, you can follow your dreams and do what you want in this life.  And you should.  But you should do it with a game plan.  Learn how to quit a job the right way.  Then you won’t need to worry about skipping meals or going back to your old job less than a year later.

If you want to figure out how to quit a job you hate and escape wage slavery, then you need to do it right.

Step 1 – Save money and stack your cash

stacking cash

Which beings us to the first step.  Save money, and stack your cash.  The money you make will pay your bills in the short term.  But it will also give you a security blanket for the long term.

If you quit your job and have a month or two of expenses saved, then you might very well be fucked.  But if you have over a year of expenses – rent, food, utilities, everything – saved up, then you’re in a much better position.  You need to stack as much cash as possible.

When it comes to girls, have some fun and then do this or get your money right first and be a player later.  Because you can’t half ass it.  It’s a grind to get out of wage slavery and your sex life will suffer for a while before it gets better.  But you need to chase money over sex if you want your freedom.

The more the merrier

Ideally, you have at least 25k (25,000 USD) saved up.  This will be enough money in case of most emergencies.  With 25k or more in the bank, you’ll be much more confident about leaving your job.  If you can get your savings up to 50k or even 75k, then you’re in that much of a better position.  The more money you get in the bank, the more freedom you have.

Now, you don’t need this much money (50 or 75k).  I know it’s not realistic for some of you to do in a few years.  Especially if you already have kids or have other obligations.

But for you younger guys that don’t have kids, this is definitely doable.  It might take a few years. And yes, I said a few years.

You thought learning how to quit a job you hate meant you’re out of there in 2 weeks?  If you’re not rich, then hell no.  Unless you want to be a bum then you need to stack that cash.  With no savings, you’ll just be back at that wage slave position or another one in a matter of weeks.

That means that you might still have to be in wage slavery for another 2 or even 3 years.  But patience is a virtue.  You’ll be thankful for every penny you saved.

Because it’s not easy to get free.  It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.  It takes grinding hard in a wage slavery job, making as much money as you can, and saving as much as possible.  Your savings will be your catapult to financial independence.

Get your income up and save

If you’re in a corporate sales job (like I was), you can make over $100k a year with consistent effort.  I hate sales but it’s a great skill to have, easy to get a job in, and can make you very good money compared to other jobs that require more education.  But whether it’s corporate sales or another type of job, you need to be making 100k.  If you live in a cheap state/country but make 70 or 80k, and can still save a lot of money, then that’s also good.

But you need to be making good money, to the point where you can save 20-40k a year.  This way you can get free in 2 or 3 years.  Which seems like an eternity when you hate your wage slave job. However, in the long run it’s not too long.  And it will be totally worth it to stack up that cash.

And if you need to work multiple jobs or have a side hustle like uber/lyft, then do that.  You need to save money at all costs.  Get your income up, reduce expenses, and save your money.

Step 2 – Stack a lot of cash

build wealth in your 20's

Yes, this is really just step 1.  But I made this another point because it deserves it.  SAVE YOUR MONEY.  Stop spending it.  You can spend money on a decent apartment in a city.  But other than that, you need to save all of your cash.  Buy groceries and don’t eat out.  Stop going out, or if you do, don’t buy drinks.

I know this goes against a lot of my advise for getting laid.  Because for that, and for being a player, you need to be out in the world.  And there’s a time and place for that.  Either when you’re a wage slave and not thinking about getting out… or once you’ve already gotten out.

But right now is not that time.  You’re trying to learn how to quit a job the right way so you don’t end up back there again.  Which means you need to put getting women, having fun, and wasting time on a back burner.  There’s a price to pay to get your freedom.

And that means sacrificing fun now so you can have your freedom and sanity later.

Step 3 – Build up a side business

The next step in finding out how to quit a job for good is to build up a side business.  This means you’re building up a business in your free time, while you’re still working your job.

It’s great to save up all this money.  That will pay your bills for a while and give you emergency money.  But, if you don’t have income coming in, you’ll eventually run out.  Even with 100k in the bank.  That can last you a few years in the US if you don’t spend much money.  That might get you 8 or 10 years in a cheaper country if you don’t spend much money at all.

But you don’t want to be on the verge of being homeless.  It’s fine to live like a minimalist for a while.  However, you eventually want to be able to spend some money one yourself and not have to worry about it.

You need income 

You need income to live.  And that means you need to have a job.  Except this time you’re going to shift your employee mindset to an entrepreneur mindset.  You’re not going to work for someone else.

So spend your free time after work building up a side business.  If you do 4 hours a day after work for 5 days, that’s 20 hours.  If you do another 10 hours on Saturday and Sunday, that’s an extra 20 hours, for a total of 40 hours on your side business.

Yes, it’s a lot of time.  But you’ll have to grind your ass off now if you want to escape wage slavery.

It takes a lot of effort and time to build a business.  After the first few years you’ll be able to have a life and pursue other hobbies, dating, and the pleasures of this world.  But when you’re trying to figure out how to quit a job you hate so you never have to go back, you’ll have to grind even harder.

How to start a side business?

entrepreneurs get to choose wear to live

Well that’s a book in itself.  But at it’s core, you need to start a business where you provide value to your customers or clients.  It has to be valuable enough where people will pay you for it.

I recommend creating a purpose for yourself.  A purpose is something you love, you’re good at, and something that can make you money.  Then turn this into a business.

Side businesses you can start include

  • personal training
  • web design
  • SEO services
  • facebook/google ads marketing
  • social media management
  • coaching
  • copywriting
  • tutoring
  • real estate
  • landscaping
  • plumbing
  • graphic design
  • commission sales freelancer
  • programming

Or something else.  The options are limitless.  But you should pick something that you like to do. Because that will make work fun for you.  And then make sure you’re great at it, or can at least get great at it.

I like web design (not hardcore development), so I started a side business and did that.  I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite thing in the world.  But I still liked it and had a fun time doing it.  So even though it’s ideal that you love it, as long as you still can be passionate about it you’re good to go.  I offered services like social media and SEO, even though I wasn’t passionate about them.  I could still do them well and it was good for my clients and my business.

It takes work

You won’t love every part of your side business, even if it’s something you actually enjoy.  Because it’s tough to build a business.  It take a lot of patience and a lot more work than you can even fathom.  But figuring out how to quit a job you hate means you need to replace that with a side business.

And it requires a rigorous schedule.  You must master your time management.  This means working 40-50 hours a week at your regular job and another 20-50 a week on your side business.  The more you put into it, the faster you’ll be able to quit the job you hate.

So pick something you like, get good at it.

Step 4 – Make money from your side business

financial independence - side business

And then you need to make money from it.  Let’s say you find something you like, develop your skills for a few months, then start your side business.  You’re putting your 40-50 hours a week in at your wage slave job, and another 40 hours a week at your side business.

It’s time to make money from it.  This means you’ve learned the necessary skills, made a website for it, social channels, have a business email, the whole deal.

Now you need to actually get paid and increase your bank account number.

Because quitting your job without another job is only a smart decision if you have your own business.  You need a job, but you can give that job to yourself and be your own boss.

Service business vs Product business

I recommend starting a serviced based business.  Because this is where you can make money within  a few months of launching your business.  Product based businesses can be great if you get them up and running.  But they usually take a lot of money to start for marketing, or a lot of time to build up traffic if you don’t have marketing money.

Before I started Rebellious Development, I started my marketing company.  This gave me income within a few months of grinding.  It wasn’t a ton of money at first, but it was definitely nice to have the extra cash coming in.  And with time, it grew.

How to quit your job properly

When you’re learning how to quit a job properly, you need to make money with your side business before doing so.  Ideally, it’s nice to build it up to where your side business makes you more than your regular job.  However, if you have money in the bank, and your side business is covering your bills, then this can be enough.  Anywhere from 2-6k will be enough depending on your cost of living.

You don’t have to build up crazy wealth before quitting your job.  But out of all the things to consider when resigning from a job, the biggest is your money.

You just have to be making decent money so you know that you’re able to make money on your own.  If you’re making 3 or 4k a month with your side business, then you cab be confident you can make 6, 7, to even 8k in a short amount of time if you make that your full time job.

Whether you determine how to quit your job gracefully or not is up to you.  We’ll get into that in a bit.  But learning how to quit your job that you hate the right way means you need to have other money coming in.  And that means you need start grinding in your side business.

Step 5 – Decide on where you’re going to live

central location in city

Before you make the step to quit your job, decide on where you’re going to live.  Are you going to stay in the same city and apartment?  Are you going to move to a different city within your country?  Or are you even going to move to another country?

There’s no right or wrong answer.

It all depends on where you are with your life and what aligns best with your goals.  However, having a plan is important.  Because where you live will determine how much money you need to be making to be doing well.  If you’re making 8 to 10k in the US, you’re doing decently.  If you can take that income and move to Colombia or the Philippines, then you’ll be very rich in those areas.  And you’ll be able to save + invest way more, as well as live a higher quality of life.

Or you can stay in your home country because you’re close with family.

Consider moving

Maybe you make a lot of money because you live in an expensive area though.  Like you live in San Francisco or New York, but you have high paying clients.  In that case, it may make sense to stay where you are.

Deciding on where you live may positively or negatively impact your business from a tax and legal perspective.  I won’t give any advice here because I’m not a lawyer.

However, if you can start a location dependent business, then moving to a cheaper area might be the better move.  That way you can make the same money but have a better lifestyle and save way more of your income.

Step 6 – Quit your job

how to quit your job - man leaving job

You’ve stacked your cash.  You have at least 25k saved up, maybe even 50k.

Additionally, you have a side business doing something you enjoy and you’re making at least enough to cover your expenses, if not more.

Finally, in you’re in the right position.  It might’ve taken 8 months to get here if you worked your ass off.  However, it probably took you more than a year, even 2-3 years to get to this point.

Now you don’t have to learn how to quit a job anymore.

Because you’ve already put in the work.  You just need to go to your boss and give your 2 weeks notice.  If you get fired that day, then you’re done always and are free.  Realistically, you could just quit that your day.  If you don’t care about burning bridges and hate your boss, then go for it.

End on good terms or bad terms?

However, if you hate having a boss but don’t hate your boss too much, then consider giving a two weeks notice.

It depends on your situation.  If you’re going into a different niche and are moving cities, then it shouldn’t really matter.  You don’t need to give your boss a list of reasons for leaving a job.  There’s no best day of the week to resign from your job.  You just need to pick a day and go in and do it.  You don’t need a resignation letter or know exactly what to say when quitting a job.

You just need to go in and say you’re leaving and wish the company the best.  That’s if you’re being civil and don’t want to burn bridges.  If you don’t care about that then you don’t need to know how to quit a job without 2 weeks notice.  You can just go in and say you’re done and walk out.

Talking points

If you’re trying to figure out what to say when you quit your job, just have a few talking points and stick to them.  Points like

  • Taking time off to travel the world
  • Support the company but are looking to transition to a different field
  • Are taking care of family
  • Hate the company and think your boss should go jump off a bridge

Whatever your reason is, have it and stick to it.  Your boss may be happy to see you go or may find your valuable and incentivize you to stay.  But how you do it is up to you.  You’re on to bigger and better things.

Whether you’re civil or savage about it, it’s time to quit your job.

Step 7 – Celebrate

how to quit a job and celebrate

Congratulations!  You successful learned how to quit a job you hate the right way!  You’ve escaped wage slavery.

It’s time to celebrate.  Go on a few day vacation or trip somewhere.  If you’re moving somewhere new, then complete the move and enjoy your new city/country.  You don’t want to go crazy with partying.  But you should celebrate your hard work.

However, still put a few hours a day (even though you’re on vacation), into your business.  You still want to service clients you’ve gotten.  And you want to make sure your business isn’t suffering.

It’s your time to celebrate and indulge a little.  Go meet some girls, get drinks with your friends, and look forward to your freedom as an entrepreneur.

Step 8 – Build up your wealth and try to get rich

man leaving house - dread game

Alright, now it’s time to get back to work.  You didn’t learn how to quit a job and escape wage slavery so you can sip margaritas on the beach all day for the rest if your life.  Even if you could, that’d get old.  Indulging in pleasures feels good after you part a long day’s work in.

But now you can put those hours into something you love.

Now take all that time you put into your full time job and side business, and put into your business!  Which means you’re still grinding your ass off.  You can take it easy after a few years… but not yet.  This is the time to make it count.

Building up your income will allow you to build your wealth.  Wealth doesn’t necessarily buy happiness.  But it buys you freedom.  And with freedom, you have the ability to be happy.

Create goals for your business

You can create goals based off of

  • increasing your revenue
  • helping clients with their businesses/lives
  • creating x amount of ore services or products
  • getting better at your craft

And so on.  I love revenue goals because I like making more money.  But it’s also something objective you can measure.  I also like making goals where I can also not just focus on the money. But also focus on helping you guys and making your lives better.  That brings me fulfillment in ways that mean a lot more than a nice paycheck.

Besides revenue and signing on new clients, you can make business specific goals.  Like coming out with new services, new products, or personal goals for your skills.

These will all contribute to your business success.  And in time, your own wealth will build up.  It’s nice if you can get rich and become massively well off.  However, even just building up enough wealth to where money is never an issue is a great achievement.

Because you don’t want to put all the effort into figuring out how to quit your job just so you are striving on scraps.  It may time time, but with business ownership you can build real wealth for yourself.

Creating wealth for yourself will allow you

money over sex

  • to have security with a fat bank account
  • the ability to travel to wherever you want
  • to eat out at the restaurants you prefer
  • to live in a safe neighborhood
  • have the time to pursue your hobbies without going broke
  • to raise your kids (or future kids) without worrying about money
  • take care of elderly parents grandparents, and other family members
  • have a nice house and sports cars, once you’ve really built it up

I’m not saying money it everything.  We all die one day.  You still need to enjoy your life.  But if you are working on a business you love, then you should be trying to make a lot of money.  This will add value to your life and those closest to you.  If you believe in certain charitable causes, you can donate once you’re built up your money.

But before you can help others, you need to help yourself.  Make money and try to get rich.

Why you should escape wage slavery

You have the complete guide to learn how to quit a job you hate and escape wage slavery for good.  I couldn’t go into every detail of building up a side business, choosing the right business, and selling to build your revenue.

But you have the general outline of what you need to do.

You may not be ready 

man hating job

If you’re asking yourself, “why should I even escape wage slavery, it seems so hard.”  Then I get it.  It’s a lot of work to put in.  It might take you 2 or even 3 years of staying at your job to get out.  Plus all the extra hours of working on your side business.  That’s time you could use to chase women, drinks beers, and do whatever else you want.

You may not be at a stage where you’re ready to put that kind of time and dedication in.  And if you’re not, then I get it.

But if you really hate your job then you won’t have another option.  You may have just graduated, got your first job, and already want to figure out how to leave a job you just started.  Because you’ve realized how much it sucks.  Or you may have already been doing this for a few years and are thinking when to quit your job immediately.  But you shouldn’t quit without lining things up for yourself.

Deciding to leave a good job, even if you hate it, is the best move long term.  However, doing it right away when you have bills have little savings is simply the wrong move.

It’s hard

It’s hard as fuck to do this.

And maybe you can be content working a regular shitty job.  But if you’re anything like me, you’ll never be happy working for another man.  I hated having a boss.  Having someone who could control my income.  And not having the freedom to what what I want, when I want, where I want, and for whatever reason I want.

I still spend the majority of my life working.  But I get to do what I love.  I don’t have a boss nagging me.  There’s no one place I have to be… I can live wherever I want.  Plus I own a business.  Which means I can make a lot more money.

If you work a job, then you’ll always be a wage slave.  But if you start a business and escape wage slavery, you can live life on your own terms.

A job isn’t safe

And a job isn’t safe.  You can be fired from your job at any moment.  The company you work for could go out of business, or you could be bought by another company and then let go.  Your job may even be automated our outsourced in the next few years.

Working a job may seem like a safer option.  And it’s risky to start a business.  But if you start a service business and build it up on the side, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Having a boss sucks

Reasons for Leaving a Job

You should never feel good calling another man your boss.  You can’t be an all around alpha male and still work for another man.

Messing around with girls and being a player is fun.  But not when you’re a wage slave 40+ hours of the week and have another man who runs your life.  He may not get laid and can be in a sad sexless marriage.  But he runs your life and you need to bow down to his commands.

That’s no way for any man to live.  There’s many reasons to leave a job.

But figuring out how to quit a job so you don’t have a boss should be all the motivation you need if you’re a real alpha male.  When I was trying to determine how to quit my job, I realized that the biggest reasons had to do with my self respect.  I didn’t want to have another man be my boss.  And I knew I was worth more than just 10% of what I bought in for the company.

Putting the time in

You might as well live like a man and have your freedom.  Some of you may think this sounds nice, but don’t have to dedication to do it right now.  That’s fine.  Have your job, chase women on the weekends, enjoy your time off when you get it.  When you’re ready, come back, read this guide, and learn how to quit a job and become a free man.

Because it will take a ton of time.  Success is consistency x effort.  You’ll need this consistent effort over many months, even a few years to earn your freedom.  However, your reward is that you can live the rest of your life like a king.

Don’t be dumb – Learn how to quit your job the right way

If you don’t have a side business yet, then don’t just quit your job.  I see too many guys do this, only to go back to their shitty corporate job, or another one like it.

My best advice on quitting a job is to build up your emergency fund, your side business, and then quit when you’re able to.  Make a game plan to be able to quit within a year or two years.  Even three years if you must.

In the meantime:

  • Don’t do dumb shit at work.
  • Avoid saying stuff that will get your fired.
  • You’ll have to act like a bitch for a while more.

But suck it up.  You know how to quit your job properly by saving your money, starting that side business, making money with it, and then quitting your job.

Follow my guide, or figure out how to quit your job another way.  But what I laid out is how I did it.  And it’s how I’ve seen other people who’ve escaped wage slavery do it.  It takes time and a strong work ethic.  My freedom was worth it though.  If you think yours is too, then you already know what you need to do.


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