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How to Solve all Women Problems with One Mindset Shift


How to solve all women problems with One mindset shift

How to solve all women problems with One mindset shift

Women problems come in all different shapes and sizes.  However, you can solve all of them if you’re able to make this one mindset shift.  In theory you could do this overnight.  But in reality, it will take a while for most men to truly adopt this.

But if you’re able to make this shift, your women problems will disappear.

The only thing you need to do

And that’s to stop placing your happiness and self worth in women.  When you have your own happiness and self worth, women aren’t there to validate you.  Any individual woman or any amount of women are just there to add extra value to your life.

But they’re not the main reason you’re happy.  You can be happy all by yourself.  You find value in the work you do, have hobbies you enjoy, and live your life the way you want to.  There are still urges for you to want to have sex and affection.  You still enjoy the company of women in your life.

I’m not saying cut women out of your life.  There’s a time and place for monk mode, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have women for the majority of time.  Instead, just stop placing your happiness and self worth in them.  When you’re happy on your own you’re already good to go.  If she comes over Friday night for some fun, then you’re going to have a good time.  But if she flakes out, you have extra time to work on your business or grab a drink at your favorite bar.


Think of it like this.  Animals have sex.  But when they’re not fucking or interacting with the opposite sex, they’re just living their lives.  They’re not worrying about getting laid or getting mad if plans fall through.  They don’t have the attention span for that.  If you have pets, they’ll likely go to their graves virgins.

But it doesn’t even cross their mind.  If you have a cat or any outdoor animal maybe it can get some action once in a while.  Nevertheless, sex and the opposite sex isn’t a determining factor in the animal’s happiness or well being.  They have the urges, and if the possibility presents themselves they go for it.

Even lions will fight other lions and risk their lives to have access to all the women.  So they need to stay on their game and stay valuable in order to get access to the females.  But when they’re not fighting other males, they’re not constantly worrying about the sex or access to females.

They’re lounging around like kings.  When they need to battle they battle.  And they may battle to the death.  But they don’t spend their free time worrying about the battle.  They stay ready physically.  But they just live their lives.

Back to reality

Obviously we’re a lot smarter than other animals.  And therefore we’re going to think about sex and wanting women in our lives.  I’m not glorifying animals or saying that I want to be one.  As humans, our potential to experience life is much greater.  We’re given incredible opportunities due to our intellectual capabilities.

However, if you over indulge in your intellectual power, and apply it too much to instinctual drives like sex, then you’re going to place too much importance.  Sexual desire is the driving force behind life.  In a way, it’s the most important thing.  But a the same time, too many guys take it too seriously in the mind.  Sex shouldn’t be the main focus on your mind.  Only in the moment when you’re experiencing it.

You can pursue sex and interactions with women when they time comes up, but you shouldn’t always be thinking about it when you’re not doing it.

Texting example

man smiling, texting a girl

Let’s apply solving women problems with this mindset shift to things like texting.   I get tons of emails from guys about texting girls.  I know they’re already fucking up because it’s just texting.  Yet they place too much importance on it and are setting themselves up for failure.

If you place your happiness and self worth in women, or a particular woman, then of course you’re going to be over analyzing your texts.  You’re going to be waiting for her to text you back.  You’re going to re-read her text a million times.  If she took 2 hours to respond, you’re going to time it to take 2.5 hours to respond.  You’re going to overthink your exact words.  Whatever you do, you just don’t want to fuck it up.  You need to her to respond again and show she’s interested.

Is that you ^?  I hope not.  But it seems like that’s how a lot of guys are when they’re all caught up over a girl.  And this usually isn’t even with girlfriends.  This is with girls guys just started seeing or just met.  It’s desperate.  And it will murder her attraction for you.

Making the shift

But let’s say you’re making the shift to solve women problems.  You’re not making attention from women or sex the center of the world.  It’s nice when you get it, but you’re all good without it.  What does that look like with texting?

It looks like you being chill.  You might think to yourself

  • “Oh Sally texted me, yea I remember her, seemed cool.  Let’s see what’s good with her” or
  • “She didn’t give me much to work with, I’m not even gonna respond” or “Let’s see if she wants to grab a drink”.

Your thoughts are more relaxed, more centered, and not making the situations a big deal.  If girls are texting you well, you’ll engage with them or ask them to hang out.  If they don’t respond you don ‘t care or might even forget about them.  And if they don’t give you much to work with, then maybe you don’t respond at all.

When you don’t place your self worth in women, they can jump aboard your ship or not.  You don’t make texting a big deal and guess what – you actually text them better.

Going on dates

sexual strategies

We can apply this mindset shift shift to solve women problems with dates as well.

When you don’t place your happiness and self worth in women, dates are just another thing to do.  So you’re never doing expensive dates with girls that you haven’t been fucking for a long time, point blank period.  Dates with girls you just met are either free or very low cost – like coffee/tea/happy hour.  Or just meeting at a park.

You don’t need to take a girl you just met out for dinner.  That’s reserved for women who are showing they deserve it by being feminine and providing value in your life.

So let’s say you don’t get a date lined up for Friday.  All good.  You can still go out with your friends or by yourself.  You can go to a bar you like and get a drink there.  Or if you’re a dancer you can go out dancing by yourself.  Maybe you worked hard all week and you can reward yourself with a video game session.  Or you stay in and work on your business.

It’s not a big deal if you don’t have plans with a woman.  And what if you do have planed but she flakes or cancels the day of?  No worries.

You’re not going to make a big deal of it because it wasn’t a big deal to you in the first place.

Chances are you already saw other girls this week or will see other girls later on.  But even if you aren’t, you don’t have women problems because you have your own happiness.


slow sex to make her cum hard

This is where things can get tough.  It’s easy not place your happiness and solve your women problems in the beginning when it’s just texting or dates.  Most guys fuck up when it comes to sex.  They either need sex too much in order to validate themselves, or need to hear that they’re good at sex when they’re unsure.

If you want to get a woman addicted to you, then you need to fuck her right.  However, never ask her if it was good or if she came.  Instead, ready my article on how to fuck a girl so you can work on your skills and know for sure.

In the meantime, don’t worry if you’re not all the way there.  If you get her addicted to your cock that’s great.  Regardless, women will only  be in your life a limited amount of time anyways.   You’re going to put work into getting amazing at sex.

At the same time, you’re not going to let it run your life.  You’re not placing your self worth in your ability to get sex or be good at it.  It’s just a useful skill to have to keep girls around.   It’s a fun addition to your life to get laid and then lay the pipe down like a boss.  And it’s definitely a confidence booster once you nail it down.  But your purpose and other things like achieving financial freedom going on still come first.


red pill relationship

The biggest women problems I hear from guys come from relationships.  Whether it’s a man trying

  • get in a relationship with a woman
  • lead the relationship effectively
  • fix a relationship that’s falling apart
  • get an ex back
  • or get over an ex

there’s not an end to the women problems man have.  Many of these guys are bill pilled and just discovering the red pill.  Others have discovered the red pill but haven’t worked on themselves fully.  Even though they’re red pilled with the knowledge they have, they haven’t killed off beta tendencies.  And therefore while they might know about female nature and relationship dynamics, they don’t become the alpha they need to be.

Regardless, relationship issues are the biggest women problems men face.

And they all stem from placing your happiness and self worth in women.  Or a specific woman to be exact.

You’re going to develop feelings for a woman you’re in a relationship with.  It’s only natural.  But you still need to guard your heart.  If you want the relationship to work out, she needs to be the one more in love than you.  You can still have feelings for her, but hers must be stronger.

She must invest more than you in order for both of you to be happy.  And you must stay in your masculinity.  When you’re happy by yourself, a woman is only someone to share that with.  Which means when she starts to test you or disrespect, you can quickly check that behavior.  This will cause her to be back in her feminine energy.

But when you’re placing your happiness and self worth in women, then you lose this ability.  You’re too afraid to fuck things up so you stop checking her.  Which means she’ll eventually catch you slipping and acting beta.  It’s in her nature to want a strong man.  When you show weakness overtime and start to lose your edge, she has no choice but to cause more problems for you.  It’s up to you to stop these problems early on.  Which you’ll either do, or end the relationship, when need be.

A strong man who doesn’t place happiness and self worth in women will cut off bad women early on and will keep good women feminine.

Become the man you need to be

a woman does not complete you - Leonardo diCaprio

Solving women problems comes down to becoming the man you need to be.  In fact if you read all of my articles, that’s the recurring theme.  It’s about becoming the motherfucking man.  If you can do that, then you won’t need all of the tactics and strategies.

But it’s a process.  It takes years to become the man you need to be.  Start with the things you can change.  Women problems shouldn’t be a big deal for men.  In the past, survival and just having a decent standard of living was the main concern.  However, nowadays men are becoming too weak and putting the pussy on a pedestal.

It’s not about hating women.  It’s just about realizing that you don’t place your happiness in them.  You’re a man.  You’re happy and fulfilled on your own.  Women want to place their happiness in you.  They want a rock, a sexy, strong man they can find fulfillment in.  When you constantly need women in order to feel happy and fulfilled, you’re acting feminine.  And therefore you’ll have nothing but women problems.

When you become the man you need to be, your women problems become nothing.  Women are the ones who have guys problems because they’re so caught up on you.


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