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How to Stop being a Beta Male with Women: 10 Must-Do’s


How to Stop being a Beta Male with Women

You can learn how to stop being a beta male with women.  It takes some practice to curb old habits.  But who wants to be a beta male their whole life?

Now, there are levels to this.  No man is alpha in every situation, except for the Rock or navy seals.  But you should at least be able to be alpha males with women.  Then you can expand and become an all around alpha.

Because if you can stop being a beta male with women, then you can have a great dating life.  You can date tons of women, get lots of sex, and be masculine in relationships if you choose to do that.  Whether you decide to start a business and become an all around alpha is one thing.  At the very least, you should learn how to stop being a beta male with your interactions with women.

Here are a few ways to do that.

1. Stop complimenting women

nice guy

Beta males compliment to try to appease the women.  They suck up in the hopes of getting on their good side.  While this might make women feel good, it lowers their attraction if there was any to begin with.  They classify you as a nice guy and weak.

If a girl has high attraction to you, then a compliment won’t ruin it.  That’s why when guys learn how to talk to girls, the first thing they learn is to go up and tell a girl she’s cute.  It’s a good way to get guys to actually chat up chicks.

But the actual compliment is bad.  It’s neutral if she really likes you, and negative if she kind of likes you or is on the fence.

Stop complimenting girls so much, especially on their looks.  If she’s good at something you can point it out, but wait until you’ve already slept with her.  And even then, keep compliments sparse, if at all.  You can say her cooking is good when she cooks a meal for you or does something for you.  But don’t compliment a girl for just being pretty.  Beta males do that.

2. Stop apologizing

Another mistake beta males make is always apologizing to women.

  • If you didn’t do anything, then don’t apologize.
  • If you think you both messed up, or you’re unsure if you should apologize, then don’t apologize.
  • And if you messed up, then you should still think twice about apologizing

Beta males apologize for getting in a woman’s way or for simply existing.  They apologize when she gets mad because he texted slow, forgot her birthday, or whatever.

Don’t be like that.  If you’re busy on your purpose or dating multiple women and accidentally flake on a girl, you can apologize.

But stop apologizing after arguments or disagreements.  Just because you had an argument doesn’t mean you’re in the wrong.

When you do this, you validate that she’s more important.  You’re saying to her that you’re willing to compromise to get on her good side.  And while this may work with male friends, or female colleagues, this usually backfires on females who you’re having sexual relations with.  In fact you still shouldn’t do it with anyone, but especially not girlfriends / girls you’re dating.

Stop apologizing for everything when you did nothing wrong.  Stick to the truth and solving problems versus being lazy and just apologizing.

3. Learn to flirt

Alpha males know how to flirt with women.  Whether they’re talking about sex or just the weather, they’re not afraid to flirt with a girl.  In order to stop being a beta male, you need to learn how to flirt.  You need to be okay with being sexual with a girl.

This doesn’t mean grope her or do anything crazy.  It just means you’re able to have a conversation and let your fun, sexual energy be felt.

Betas think girls don’t like to flirt, or they think that girls don’t like to flirt with them.  Or they’re just uncomfortable with teasing a girl and having fun.  But if you want to learn how to stop being a beta male, you need to get over that and start flirting with women.

4. Go after girls that find you attractive

How to Remain Detached from a Woman

The easiest way to stop being a beta male today is to go after women who find you attractive.

If there’s no girls who like you, you either

  • aren’t noticing them
  • have no sexual market value, and need to raise it
  • live in the middle of nowhere, and you need to move to the fucking city

When you talk to girls who find you attractive, everything is much easier.  They’ll pretty much do the flirting for you, they’ll want to talk to you, and they’ll want to be around you.  Girls who find you attractive already think of you as an alpha.  You can lower this to beta status by acting weak.  But the point is they already hold you in high regard.

It’s like doing the game on easy mode.  And it’s easy to act alpha and have fun when the girls you’re talking to actually like you.

If there aren’t any decent looking girls that find you attractive, get in shape, dress well, and look for eye contact.  Flirt with 6’s to boost your confidence if you have to.  Part of being in the game is getting in when you fit in until you fit in better places.

Then you can work your way to 7’s, 8’s, 9’s, and maybe even a 10 or two.  This takes time and effort, but take it easy.  You need to start somewhere.  Feel like an alpha by talking to girls who don’t look at you as beta.

5. Stop dressing like a beta

Stop dressing like a beta male.  Ever dress like a badass and feel like one?  Who gives a fuck if that’s not who you are.  You can become anyone you want to be.

Dress in a leather jacket, jeans and boots.  Or where a fitting v-neck.  How about wear a nice blazer, a nice pair of shoes, and a killer watch.

Look like a bad boy or a businessman.  Feel like a mother fucking alpha male.  Stop dressing like a dork.  Even if you’re a nerd on the inside, you can still dress well.  People judge you based on how you dress.  Designer shirts or suits aren’t needed.

Instead, dress like the man you want to be.  This is one thing that can change how you feel and how you’re perceived instantly.  Considering you live in a city, nobody at the bar or down the street knows who you are.  Every time new people see you they have no conceived notions of you.  You’re not in high school anymore.

Stop being a beta by dressing like an alpha.

6. Lift weights

benefits of lifting weights

Lifting weights will add muscle to your body.  Any man can make himself look like an alpha male.  Which means you’re less likely to be treated like a beta.

By default, lifting weights will help you feel more like a man.  The testosterone and mental stimulation of picking up iron and throwing it back down cannot be understated.  There’s a reason why everyone with common sense will tell you to lift weights.

Women also will think you’re more attractive.  They’ll look at you as a fun toy versus a walking wallet.

7. Stand up for yourself

A man must be able to stand on his own - captain america

When people talk shit to you or disrespect you, say something back.  Whether it’s another man or a woman.  Beta males avoid conflict.  Alpha males don’t let other people shit on them to their face.  They stand up for themselves and those in their circle.

This is especially true when it comes to avoiding being viewed as a beta male with women.  You need to stand up to a woman when she is coming at you.  Never lay your hands on a woman, but don’t take shit from them verbally.  Whether it’s a girl you’re casual with or a girlfriend.  Because if you do these, then they’ll think you’re a beta.  Because if you can’t stand up to her, then she thinks you won’t be able to stand up to others who could threaten her.

You need to stand up to other people as well.  This doesn’t mean you start fights or blow shit out of proportion.  But it means you don’t take shit from people when you don’t have to.

8. Take the pussy off the pedestal

Beta males glorify women because they’re sex deprived.  They value the pussy too much.  It scares women away and lets them know that the beta isn’t get any action.

Take the pussy off of that pedestal.  Sure, it’s nice to have access to some pussy.  But it’s not the end all be all in life.  And women don’t want it to be.  They’re much more likely to give you the pussy if it’s not a big deal to you.

Beta males bow down to the vagina and worship at it’s alter.  That’s why they’ll do expensive dates or other stuff before they even have sex with a girl.  This puts the power in her court, which turns her off and bores her.

9. Pursue sex when you first meet a woman

your place

Because beta males worship the pussy, they’re always fearful of messing up.  Therefore they don’t pursue sex or they’re weird about it.

Alpha males pursue sex.  This means you’re trying to get laid on the first date.  And if it doesn’t work out then you try to get it on the second date.

You’re not always going to get it as quickly as you want.

But the point is that your intentions are clear.  Women know that a man who pursues sex is authentic and is about his business.  They know that all men want sex.  The ones who go for it are the guys who are being real and not trying to buy their way into the pussy.

You pursue sex simply by asking her back home at the end of the date.  If she says yes then you can try to escalate when you get back to your place.  If not, then that’s fine.  She knows what you were trying to do and is less likely to think of you as a beta.  If you pursue sex, then women can never friend zone you.  You’re only friend zoned if you don’t get sex and continue to hang around.  Beta males are desperate for sex and will do this.  Alphas move on to women who are actually interested.

10. Accept Hypergamy and the world for what it is

Hypergamy is a fact.  Women date men they see as equal or better.  If you accept this over love as the standard for their sexual strategy then you’ll lose many of your beta male characteristics.  Don’t be mad about it.  Hypergamy is a result of evolution.  Women want to have the best genetics for their offspring.  And they want that offspring to have the best chance at surviving at thriving.

It’s not evil, it’s just how nature works.  If you realize this, then you can learn how to stop being a beta male.  You’ll avoid being weak.  Showing signs of strength will be a concept that makes sense to you.  And you’ll be seen as an alpha by more women.

Become a man and build value in yourself

At the end of the day, it’s all about becoming a man.  Build value in yourself.  With your body, your how present yourself, with your ability to acquire resources, and in your masculinity.  Take some time to go monk mode if you need to to increase your manhood and value.  Then when you come back to the game you’ll be in a much better position.

Being seen as a beta means you’re seen in a weak position.  The alpha has the dominant position.  The best way to stop being a beta is to simply make yourself a man.  Become something that women want, that men envy, and that will make yourself proud to look in the mirror everyday.


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