April 21

How to Stop Being a Simp: 4 Ways to Change Simping Behaviors


How to Stop Being a Simp

Examining how to stop being a simp could be a useful exercise if you realize you’ve been acting weak with women.  There are tons of men simping hoping to get some action with women.  The turns girls off.  It further repulses them from your presence.

Yet there are still countless simps roaming the face of the earth, looking for their next place to call home and simp.

If you don’t learn how to stop being a simp and find yourself getting no where in the dating game, things will stay the same.  Simps never win.  Women don’t like simps, and real men don’t like em either.  Maybe you didn’t have a father around, or maybe you did but were programmed to be a good little boy.  But it’s not the good little boy who listens to everyone who gets what he wants.  It’s not the good little boy who tries to impress the girl that gets the girl.  Or anywhere in life for that matter.

What is a simp?

You can't save weak men: Betas must decide to change or be left alone - will smith hitch

What is a simp exactly?  A man that acts weak in the attempt to get laid or affection from women.  Simps try to pose as nice guys, when they really just want the same thing a regular man wants.  Accept the simp is lying in the way he prevents himself.

The simp bends over backwards to try please women.  He thinks that if he does what the woman wants or what he expects the woman wants, then she’ll realize how great he is.  And therefore he thinks he’ll get laid or get in a relationship with this girl.

Examples of Simping

I could dedicate a whole website to all of the examples of simping that have been seen or could be thought of.  Beta males will go to any extreme to try and get on a girls good side.  Here’s a few just so you get the idea:

  • Double texting girls to try and keep them interested
  • Stops what he’s doing at the drop of a hat for a female
  • Gets flaked on multiple times but still is tries to meet up
  • Telling girls “I haven’t heard from you in forever”
  • Sending money to girls to get their attention
  • Taking women on trips (that aren’t his girlfriend or wife)
  • Calls multiple times when she doesn’t pick up
  • Tolerates bad behavior from a woman because she’s hot
  • “Rescue” women in social situations when the woman doesn’t need it (aka when she’s flirting with a dude)
  • Will allow women to yell, slap, or disrespect, publicly or in private

And so on.  I’m sure we could spend all day on this list.  If you guys have any other ones leave them in the comments.

The point is that there are endless manifestations of simping.  If a man is weak and is trying to get the affection of a woman, there’s no limit to what his beta mind will plot.

Simps at least have a chance at marriage

But simping isn’t the answer.  It won’t get you laid.  And it certainly won’t get you any genuine affection from a woman.  A lot of the simps are broke losers who can do nothing but spend their little bit of paycheck and all of their time chasing women.

Then there are the well-off or rich simps.  These guys still get no action. until they’re about 30 or 35, and then the women finally want to marry them.  But that’s only when the girl is coming up on her marriage years.  Of course she’ll go for the rich or well-off alpha if she can.  Or if she’s in love with a broke alpha, she might stay with him.

But generally women wise up and will get with a rich or well-off beta.

Most rich alphas are going to have many women or have higher quality women if they’re smart.

Now the simps who got no action finally might start getting some action in the form of a marriage.

Simps never win

Stuck in my Wife's Friendzone: Becoming a beta in marriage

But guys, simps never win.  Women divorce these guys within a few years to take their money.  Hell, if some women are going to divorce an alpha after 7 or 10 years, it’s only going to last 2 or 3 years with a beta simp.  That’s best case scenario.

Many simps never end up with a wife or girlfriend at all.  Or some do and get constantly cheated on.  Worse thing is that the simps never know it, or they find out but deal with it.

This is no way to live.  Being a simp means you have a terrible dating life and no real love from women.  Listen guys, purpose is your #1.  We all know that.  Get on your purpose and work towards financial freedom.

However, you can still have women in your life.  Whether you want a girlfriend, wife, or just women in your life, you can have solid girls.

The answer isn’t that all women suck.  The answer is to stop simping.  Women you deal with are a reflection of yourself.  When you make yourself into a real man, you get better women.  And the women in your life are forced to become better or they’re out.

You can have a solid dating life.  You just need to figure out how to stop simping and actually be a man.

How to stop Simping

Let’s dive into it.  If I could tell you just to stop being weak and if you listened, your problems would be solved.  But here are 4 things you can do to stop simping and start winning, which will therefore cause you to not act weak if you follow them:

  1. Don’t chase
  2. Develop Integrity
  3. Stop pedestalizing
  4. Build Self Respect

1. Don’t chase

The Beta will Never satisfy her: She Craves Alpha Energy

Don’t chase women who show no interest or effort.  Can you pursue a woman?  Sure, if you see a woman choosing or giving you eye contact, you can go approach her.  Or if you cold approach women, cool go talk to them.

But if the woman says “I have a boyfriend” or some other excuse, you walk away.  No need to chase a woman whose saying that.  She either has a boyfriend or she just doesn’t like you.  Because women who really like you will tell you they’re single when they’re not.  I don’t encourage trying to sleep with another man’s woman at all, I take no pride in that, just using it to illustrate the level of her interest.

Same applies if you’ve been dating a woman or have a girlfriend.  If you’ve seen a girl once or twice, you can hit her up no problem.  But don’t be double texting her or blowing up her phone.  You can show effort, but that effort needs to be reciprocated.  If it is, then the woman has interest.  And if not, then you’re chasing her.

If you chase women, simping will inevitably happen.  But if you learn to pursue and then backoff if there’s no reciprocation, you’ll never have to simp.

2. Develop Integrity

How to Develop Integrity

Be a man of your word.  A man with integrity means what he says and says what he means.  If you say something stick to it.  And if you’re wrong then own up to it.

You’re not developing integrity to get at women.  A man with integrity will be able to get women as a by-product.

Instead you develop integrity because that’s the right way to live as a man.  Have your word as your bond.  Then you’ll actually be able to be authentic in your interactions with people.  Both men and women will respect you.

Because you develop integrity, you’ll be able to be honest with yourself and keep others honest.  Figuring out how to stop being a simp is more than just avoiding x behavior or y behavior.  It’s about being a man with integrity.  Once you develop integrity, you’re able to keep yourself and the women your interact with accountable.  This accountability is part of the order that a man establishes in his interactions with women.

3. Stop pedestalizing women

don draper - beard

One of the worst simp behaviors is the pedestalization of women.  Simps put women on this big fat pedestal.  They value pussy and female validation like it’s something to worship.  Not only do alpha males not respect them for this, but the very women they pedestalize hate it.  Women don’t want you to put them on a pedestal.  Women with healthy self esteem want to be treated like human beings, and women with no self esteem wanted to be treated lesser than.  However, no woman wants to be treated like a goddess.

Even the ones who like all of the attention from simps on Instagram, don’t actually like the simps.  They like the attention.  Those girls are still getting with the men they really like, the guys with real confidence.

4. Build Self Respect

can money increase your smv? or make you beta bucks? jeff bezos

If you want to learn how to stop being a simp then you need to build self respect.  If you had massive confidence, then simp behaviors would be gone from your personality.

But even if you just get a decent level of self respect, simps behaviors would stop.  You don’t need to be the king of the world or feel like you’re on cloud nine.  Of course you guys know I want you to be confident as hell and go after what you want in life.

However, even if you just gain a somewhat decent level of self respect, simps behaviors will stop.  Because a man who respects himself to ay reasonable degree isn’t going to act weak to get female attention.  He’s not going to sell his balls down the drain to try and get laid or get affection.  He knows that doesn’t work, and even if it did, he respects himself too much to do that.

You need to respect yourself first if you want women, men, or anyone to respect you.

Don’t be a Simp

Simps finish last, and not in a good way.  A lot of simps will complain that it’s unfair that women don’t like them.  they complain and complain.  But when you complain you stay the same.  Sure, the women could be better in western society.  I’m not giving excuses to low quality women.

But there are still high quality women, and women that will become higher quality or will try to impress you.  They do this when you’re a man of value.

When you’re a man on his purpose, whose confident, and doesn’t depend on female attention, women actually like you.  Because you’re a man with or without them.  Then some of the same women who treat simps like shit will treat valuable men well.

So what changed?  The women changed, but it’s within the context of the man they’re dealing with.

If you want a solid dating life, become a better man.  Not just money or status wise, but also developing your respect for yourself.  When you do this, you’ll know how to  stop being a simp because that won’t be apart of you anymore.  And then you can actually have better relationships with women and with other people.  Don’t be a simp, simps are snakes.  Be a real man, a wolf, tiger, lion, whatever animal you think is powerful.  Be that, don’t be a simp.


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Josh Sideris
Josh Sideris
2 years ago

Thankyou! you are helping me get on the path to purity leaving away from the dark ways of simping. “Don’t trust a bitch with a guy bestfriend, for a shoulder to cry on is a d*ck to ride on.” Niggalations 4:57. JAAAAAHMEN!

Joe Johnathan III
Joe Johnathan III
2 years ago

Great piece. Hoping that this helps.

Reply to  Joe Johnathan III
2 years ago

i really need this thank you

2 years ago

I am a former simp and I AM also a bad boy remember nice guys always finish last.

random internet dude
random internet dude
Reply to  slayer
2 years ago

i mean you can still be a little nice right

2 years ago

Hi there, I’m BearJam. I was a simp but you inspired me

2 years ago


HOEmer SIMPson
HOEmer SIMPson
2 years ago

I have some follow up questions, are you a girl?

1 year ago

Thank you so much for helping me fight my inner simp you’re truly a lifesaver

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