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How to talk to girls in loud venues


How to talk to girls in loud venues

One of the brothers on youtube had some video topic suggestions, and one was on how to talk to girls in loud venues.   I thought this was a great question to do an article on because it’s something all single men will face.  When you’re in a nightclub / concert / loud venues, it can be hard to talk to girls.

You can’t have a deep conversation because it’s loud.  Plus with nightclubs, it’s often hard to even read lips depending on how dimly lit it is.

Hard to have a real conversation

It’s difficult to have a real conversation.  And while hook ups at these type of loud venues seemingly happen all the time, It’s lower success rate than real life.

Plus I don’t want you guys out all night just to get laid or get girls.  You should be still getting to bed by 12am or 1am by latest so you can get up early and stick to your schedule.  Financial freedom and sticking to your purpose still needs to be your #1 thing.

You’re not going to be able to have a real conversation with a woman at a loud venue anyways.

Yea you can go up to some girls and make some small talk.  But you want to approach game in loud venues differently.

Don’t go out just to get girls

table with girls at nightclub

You’re always going to have a better time and better success rate if you go out to loud venues with the mindset of just having a good time.

Focus on having a good time vs trying to get at girls

less time with the boys

You don’t need to meet a girl.  If you have this mindset, you’ll be way less thirsty than 95% of other dudes out, which instantly will make you more confident and have better energy than the other guys out.

With loud venues, women are just looking to have a good time and meet the guys who having a good time.  If you’re having a good time regardless of the women, you’re going to be the guy the girls there are hoping to meet.

Switch up your approach

The second thing is to switch up your approach.  While meeting in person and online is about a conversation to a degree, meeting girls at loud venues is almost no conversation.  You may yell your names at each other, but you can’t rely on words at a venue where you can’t hear shit.


learn how to dance and meet hot women

When you’re in a  nightclub or at a loud venue, people typically dance.

Especially if the music is hip-hop, latin, or some kind of general pop.  This is why I always tell you guys to learn how to dance.  Even if you’re not good, the confidence you’ll have to be doing a few moves and having a good time is a turn on.  Now, if you can actually dance decently then you can still be a cool, smooth dude whose having a good time.  If you can’t dance for shit then you’ll come across as more goofy, but plenty of people will still dig that too if you don’t give a fuck and are having a good time.

Personally, I still want to look semi-decent, which is why spending the time to actually learn how to dance has been a big payoff.  I don’t need to focus on getting  girls when I’m at a nightclub or a loud venue with music.  I can vibe to the music, dance alone, dance in a group or dance with girls.  I could be just doing a side step, or actually dancing.

Have a good time and women will want to be near you

It’s crazy to me how guys are trying to develop all of these ways to  talk to girls at loud venues.  How about just get decent at what people go there to do, which is to dance, enjoy the music, and have a good time.  Then the girls at the  event will be drawn towards you naturally.

Add girls on social media or get a number

If you’re leveraging social media, then this is a great way to let it help you out.  No need to stay out all night trying to pull a girl to your place.  Enough with that pick up artist shit.  Just add a girl to your social media like Instagram.  Chances are she’ll forget your name and even what you looked like if you guys meet at a nightclub or some other loud venue.

But when you add each other on Instagram or social media of some kind, she can actually go look at what you look like and get to know your life through it.  This is why social media can be beneficial even when you meet girls in person.  If you have a few thousand followers and travel, have a social life, and look like a cool dude, she’s going to see that on Instagram.

No, you won’t get with every girl you add on social media that you met in person.  But you let the girl actually be reminded of you.  She can then show her friends what you look like, what life you live, etc. and then they can all oggle over you.

Then a few weeks later you can DM her and make a date.  The meantime she’s been watching your stories and has been wondering about you.  I’ll add girls on IG that I met and forget about it.  And then a few weeks later I’ll remember, message her over DM, and see if she wants to meet up.

Talking to girls in loud venues

It’s hard to talk to  girls in loud venues.  Which is why I recommend you don’t spend much time talking here.  Have a good time, and then if you do end up dancing near a girl or trying to talk to her and it’s too loud, at her on social media.  From there you’ll be able to actually see more of each other and it won’t just be a number in your phone.

Don’t spend much time  on  a conversation when you can barely hear each other.  Focus on having a good time when you g out.  If you end up going to a less loud venue than you two can talk there.  Otherwise just have a good time, add her on social media, and talk later.


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The g man
The g man
2 years ago

I ain’t a fan of the hoe shit but your thumbnails are sexy they really suck you in. I’m more a money man like Madison avenue but I’m telling all my bros about your website it’s dope for the money n bitches but mostly for me the money side. I’m curious could you write an article on how to get strippers I want to tick it off the bucket list. Ps when is the next money article coming been rereading the same shit like a rerun feels ages since that money shit productive shit been dropped. Love the website grateful… Read more »

The g man
The g man
Reply to  Rebellious Development
2 years ago

Damn I never viewed it like that mostly I just want to fuck strippers it’s a bucket list thing i ain’t t-pain but I get it sex sells n most dudes want sex smart way to draw traffic

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