If you don’t get her best, don’t bother with her

If you don’t get her best, don’t bother with her

If you don’t get her best, then don’t bother with her.  Simple as that.  Unfortunately, men are dealing with women who aren’t giving their best.  They’re giving 20% or 10% of their energy.  And the women who do give you the effort are the ones you tend to ignore.

While this makes sense from  a psychological perspective, it’s a disadvantage in our lives.  If we can recognize the girls who put effort in our lives and entertain them, then we’ll end up with more women who put effort in our lives.

Men settle for little effort

This leaves them with low quality women.  Not in terms of beauty.  But low quality in terms of the effort she puts in.  If she puts in 0 effort into your life, besides  some sex, then  who cares if she’s an 8 or 9.  Stop putting the pussy on a pedestal so much.

The mistake men make is dealing with women who don’t give her best.  If you don’t get her best then you need to move on.

As a man, you generally have to make the approach or first move.  That’s fair game.  A woman may choose you, but then you must initiate.  You plant the seed.  And you plant it well.  But once you plant the seed and pursue her initially, she must nurture that seed.  She must water the seed and give it the proper nutrients to grow.  You still shed your light on the seed you planted.  However you must let her nurture it and build it.

Womb and Soil

The soil is like a womb.  The seed of the plant is like the seed in your balls.  At first you plant the seed in the soil, just like you plant the seed inside a woman’s womb.  But then the seed must grow in the soil. Just like a child is grown inside of a woman’s body.  Once she gives birth, she continues to nurture it, and you can also help to raise your child.

Just like the sun can shed light to a plant once it emerges, a father can raise his child once the mother gives birth.  However, the woman must nurture.  When you try to steal her job form her, you go against nature.

When men deal with women who show little effort, the man by default puts tons of effort in.  Therefore, he goes against nature.  He goes against what is natural to him and the woman.  He takes away the job of the woman.  Becoming a feminine man, he chases her away.  If she’s not completely disappointed in him, she’ll give him some sex.  But that’s all she’ll do because he’s putting in all of the other effort.  It’s up to her to nurture the relationship.

Sex is low on the totem pole

Many guys view sex as the ultimate goal.  Single guys do this when they’re just chasing ass.  Men in relationships do this as well, constantly looking for the next fuck.  This is a mistake.

First of off, because you make sex such a big deal, you get a lot less of it.  If sex wasn’t as big of a deal to you, you’d for sure get more of it.

However, you also devalue yourself.  You make sex this big accomplishment.  Therefore you don’t think there’s much else a woman can do for you, and you don’t bother to think about what else.  If you put more effort into other areas of your life and less on sex, sex wouldn’t be such a big deal to you.

Sex should be low on the totem pull in your life and even in your relationships. Let sex be just a pre-requisite.  You’re only dealing with girls who you find attractive and are down for sex, but what else?

What else can she bring to the table?

getting a girlfriend - keeping the relationship alive

What else can she bring to the table?  There’s no exact answer, you gotta think for yourself.

Can she:

  • be thoughtful
  • nurture the environment you’re in
  • cook for you
  • give you a massage
  • be kind to your family
  • help you out with your business
  • do errands or make your life easier
  • organize or decorate your place
  • look at potential investment properties for you
  • plan a trip
  • defend your reputation when you’re not around
  • be a mother to potential children

And so on.  What else can she bring to the table?  You don’t need to ask her directly for many of these.  If you want her to plan a trip, then yes you can ask her.  Women love to help out with you in your life.

But things like cooking for you, organizing your place, and so on should be natural to a woman who is giving you her best.

If you don’t get her best, then you’re settling for less.

Can you do things yourself?

Can you ever cook or clean your place?

Of course.  I don’t rely on women to be a mommy to me and neither should you.  In fact you can call me soft, I enjoy cooking and often use this as a fun date with women I enjoy or girlfriends.  It’s not that you can’t do any house chores and make your woman be a slave.

It’s just about her helping you out.  You’re going to help her out in her life, by providing some degree of attention, love, emotionally support, good dick, and so on, so it’s only natural that she will want to help you out.

You can tell what kind of women are like this from the get go.  I have had women bring me food when I ask them.  But I’ve also had women do things for me or just act in a way that was pleasant without me bringing anything up.  Recently a girl I had just met brought me chocolate because she realized I liked a certain kind.  This is a simple, but obvious sign that she’s thoughtful and wants to help out a guy she has interest in.

If a woman likes you, she’s going to do small things to try to show it.  If I have a woman  I don’t know trying to make me happy, girlfriends or wives should be going above and beyond for their man.

Why women Need and Desire to give their Best in Relationships

How to Maintain Attraction in a Relationship

In relationships this is even more so.  If you don’t get her best then your relationship, whether casual or long term, won’t work out.  Woman want to give their bestThey want to make your life better.  Women need to give their best in order:

  • To raise her interest in you
  • To make it worth your time
  • For both of you to have a genuine interaction

When she gives her best, her interest in you is raised.  The same goes for yourself.

We’re attached to our investments.  Whenever we invest into something or someone, we’re more attached to that thing.  As men, a woman can invest more than us but we’ll still be attracted to her because of our physical desires.

However, women don’t work the same  way.  When you invest more than her, specially dramatically more than her, she loses interest.

This is why women need to invest more in the relationship.

At the very least have it be reciprocal.  By telling you guys to get her invest more, you’ll correct yourself from being so beta to actually just having a reciprocal relationship, which will be fine if she’s a quality woman.

You’ll find that the women who love you the most are the ones that give you her best.  This usually works out with her putting in a bit more effort.  It’s the name of the game.  But you don’t need to do any magical games in order to get her to give you her best.  You need to be a man who deals with women who have real interest in him.

Balancing effort in Relationship and Focus on your Purpose

You can still put effort into the relationship.  You should treat high quality women well.   So how do you do this? How do you treat her well, but still have her just put in a bit more effort?  Simple, you focus on your purpose.  That way nothing needs to be faked.  You don’t need to actively ever “pull back” your attention.  Instead, you can be focused on your purpose.  You’re like the captain of a ship.  And your woman is like the right hand man (woman) who has hopped aboard and helping you reach the destination.  No doubt about it you’re a team.

Both people are equal, as every human life is equal.  However, the position is not equal.

You’re the captain leading the ship.

When you demand the best, you get the best

How to Build a Healthy Relationship

Stop demanding so little from women.  Demand the world from them and you’ll get the world.  Not of course verbally telling a girl you just met that you demand x or y.  But in your attitude and demeanor.   This will be communicated subconsciously.  Women will pick up on this.  And the ones who are down for you will show you that.  If you don’t get her best, don’t bother with her.  Because then you’ll make room for the ones who will give you their best.

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