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Impenetrable Self Belief: Believe in who you are and what you’re about


Impenetrable Self Belief: Believe in who you are and what you’re about

Developing an impenetrable self belief will make you an unstoppable force.  When you believe in who you are and what you’re about, the world is at your finger tips.  With all of the negativity and bullshit noise around us, it’s easy to fall into a state of depression or laziness.

Most of the thoughts in our head aren’t even our own.  For most people that is.  Because if you leave it up to the world to determine your own self belief, you’re not going to get far in life.

If you want to feel good consistently, be happy, and actually progress in life, you must believe in yourself.  You must develop impenetrable self belief.

Impenetrable Self belief

It’s when you have such belief in yourself that nobody can stop you.  You’re ready to take on the world and cement your legacy.  All great men of the world have had an impenetrable self belief.  They were 100% certain about what their goals were and were willing to do anything to accomplish them.

Do you think Genghis Khan was an insecure coward and yet he still conquered the world with his men with horses and arrows?  You better believe he had an impenetrable self belief in who he was as a man and his goals.  Do you think Michael Jordan would talk down to himself and that he wouldn’t make it to the NBA after getting cut from his high school basketball team?  No, he put in the work and developed an impenetrable self belief in his abilities and who he was as a man.

If you want to do shit in life, you need to have an impenetrable self belief.  It’s not just enough to believe in yourself a little bit.  It’s all or nothing.  Especially when you’re doing tough things like starting a business, escaping the rat race, getting new clients when you have none, getting in the best shape of your life, competing for the most beautiful girls, or even getting over a tough break up.

A lot of men choose to stay in jobs they hate, settle for no dating life or women they don’t like, commit suicide after break ups / divorces, or live a quiet life of desperation.

They all suffer from real problems.  But these could be fixed if they had an impenetrable self belief in themselves.  If you believe in who you are and what you’re about, things like having a masculine frame will  come naturally.  You won’t feel afraid as you go through life.

What Self Belief Does for you

Self belief lets you live life a free man.  Specifically, a man who believes in himself, or who has self belief, will:

  • feel like a boss
  • have the courage to go after your goals
  • achieve control over your money
  • have the best dating life he’s capable of

When you think you’re capable and deserving of things, then you’ll attract those things into your life.  A man with an impenetrable self belief is going to feel good.  Because when you feel goof about yourself,  you feel good in general.

He’s going to believe in himself and therefore go after what he wants.   He’s going to get control over his money because he knows he can and he deserves that for himself.  A man with impenetrable self belief knows that women want him and he’s going to put the effort in to get the quality of woman that he wants.

Developing an Impenetrable Self belief

Masculine traits - the rock

How do you develop this kind belief in yourself?  Well it’s not going to happen overnight.  It’s not just one day you decide “alright, I’m going to believe in myself 100%”.  It will be a shift.  But if you stay consistent with not just being positive, but grinding, then it will happen.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Set a big, long term goal
  • Set a small goal towards the bigger goal, and achieve it
  • Then set another goal and achieve it
  • And then another goal and achieve it

That’s it. At least on a high level.  You start off with the main goal you have.

Fitness example

For example, you want to go from being fat to being muscular, lean, and in the best shape of your life.  That’s the big longterm goal.  But then you have a your first small goal.  That can be to lose 10 pounds.  You accomplish that.  You start to have a little more self belief.  Then you set another goal, which is to lose an additional  15 pounds.  You accomplish that.  Now you have more self belief.

Then you have another goal, which is to get lean enough where your abs are showing.  Boom you accomplish that and now you’re feeling good.  Then you have another goal, to get bigger arms and better shoulders.  Maybe you have a strength goal too.  Boom, all of a sudden you’ve developed powerful self belief.  Why?  Because you set a goal and you accomplished.  Discipline is the foundation for self belief.  When you develop will power and the discipline to stay dedicated towards your goals, you develop an impenetrable self belief.

Dating example

You can apply this to dating as well.  Let’s say you want a dime.  Alright, then put in the work.  Make a small goal to increase your attractiveness a little bit by upping your style.  Accomplish that.   Then make a small goal to talk to people more.  Accomplish that.   Then start approaching dimes or girls you find attractive.

This takes time and it’s easier said then done, but it can be said and then it can be done.  You can get a dime if you put in the work to make yourself a man a  dime wants to be with.  Then guess what, you’re going to have an impenetrable self belief because you know you went from average girls to dimes.  It’s hard and takes time, but because you were able to do it, you’re going to have crazy confidence.

Give yourself a reason why you want to achieve this, and write it down everyday

Work towards your goal every single day.  On the journey to achieving this, you’ll begin to believe in yourself more and more and more

Eventually, after a year, or 2 years of doing this, you’ll have Impenetrable Self belief.  Doing something everyday for a few years and seeing progress overtime will give you a self belief that won’t be able to be shaken.

It’s hard.  Trust me, developing discipline is a painful process.  But it’s one of those things that once you do it, it’ll stay with you.  When you become disciplined, you develop a real belief in yourself and who you are as a man.

But you need to stay focused and be putting in the work consistently.  I’ve found that writing down your goals everyday.  And I mean everyday, is the best way to ensure success.  Because you can forget about them if you don’t.  And even if you remember them, it’s not as powerful.  But when you re-write your goals down and do this everyday, you’re training your brain to attract those things into your life.  You’ll put in the work by default, because you’re programming yourself to accomplish your goals.

Use this self belief in the area  of focus and apply it to other areas

power in a relationship, focus on purpose

Self belief is how much you believe in yourself.

High self belief in one area of your life can carry over to others, but it’s not like you just have high self belief in everything in life.  If you told me I had to fly a plane today with no help, I’d have zero self belief because I have zero experience or knowledge.  But if you told me I had 1 year to learn, and there was a path to get weekly training, I’d have more self belief, because I’m successful in other areas of life (business, dating, fitness) and I know if that I put in the effort, the result will come.

Gain an Impenetrable self belief in a core area of your life that matters to you.

This will increase your overall self esteem – which is how you feel about yourself – and it will fuel your success in life.  When you have an impenetrable self belief, you can do what you want in the area you chose.  It takes work to develop this.  But by working everyday towards your goal, you’ll gain the belief you can do it.  It’s that simple.

Of course you’ll have no self belief if you never put any effort in.  Because you know you’re not doing shit.  Fuck that.  Start doing things that will lead you in the direction you want to go.  Remind yourself of your success. Believe in who you are and what you’re about.  Develop an impenetrable self belief in an area that matters to you, and then watch as you believe in yourself in all areas of your life when the right effort is applied.


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