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Improve yourself to improve your options

Improve yourself to improve your options: Why self development is important

Improve yourself to improve your options.   Self development is not only important for  your own well being and content-fulness about yourself.  It’s also the most practical thing you can do in the real world.

99% of you want better options.  Especially in the areas most men care the most about – dating/relationships and money/business.  If you improve yourself and make yourself valuable then you’re simply going to have more options.   Having options is the key to getting what you want.

If you have lots of dating options with beautiful women, you’re going to have a satisfying dating life.  You’re going to be able to spend time with the girls you want.

A man in a relationship will have a better relationship if he’s able to get the quality of woman he wants.

Improving yourself will give you more options with money too.

When you’re able to enhance your skills, you become more valuable.  For  employees, this means being able to get paid higher jobs, get more flexibility from where you work, and other companies that want to hire you.  And as an entrepreneur, you’ll be more in demand.  Clients will want to work with you because of your value, and potential employees will also have more trust in joining you.

Taking the time to improve yourself in certain aspects will make your dating and business life much better.  And that’s where you’ll spend most of your life’s energy.  Business is more important because it can  change your whole life.   But let’s start off with dating because that’s why most of you are reading this.


If you want to date the highest quality women then you need to improve yourself.  If you want a high quality girlfriend, you need to improve yourself.  And if you want to be able to keep a woman, you still need to be improving yourself.  Sense a theme?

Valuable on the outside


Delayed gratification - man lifting weights

If you want attractive girls, it makes sense that you  need to be attractive as well.  Capitalize on your looks by going to the gym, eating right, and dressing well. Besides having a nice body, add to your sex appeal with a good haircut, good scent, and a confident posture.  Hold yourself like a smooth man should.

Money / Ambition

Develop a purpose,  and create a business out of that.  This business will bring you money at first and then status over time.  More on business in the next section.

You can also show off your money in other ways through a nice car, apartment/house,  clothes/accessories, and so on.    Just make sure you have financial freedom before blowing cash on this kind of stuff.

Should you get this material stuff just to get girls?  Hell no.  But even quality women will want a man who can at least provide for himself, a future family, and have a decent quality of life.  Don’t make it just about the money, but yes you need money to have access to resources in the world we live in.

Valuable on the inside

a woman does not complete you - Leonardo diCaprio

Becoming valuable on the inside means you develop your masculinity. Having a purpose will help with that.  You also need to decide what virtues you’re going to live by and how you’re going to carry yourself.

Your confidence, the energy you have, and the way you manage the relationship will determine the options you have with women after you initally meet them.  Doing things like:

Doing this things are going to improve yourself as an individual and improve your chances of making relationships work.  All of these things are going to help you once you’re dealing with women.  Improve yourself in these areas in order to deal with women in the best way for your life – she’ll benefit too.


Getting better dating options with beautiful women is great.  But for all of us serious about elevating our lives, business is more important.  Because this is how you’re going to have enough money to do what you want to do with life.  It’s how you avoid being a slave to another person or group of people.  Plus if you choose a business you enjoy, you’ll also like what you do.  Not every aspect of business, but in terms of the actual service you provide.

In order to succeed in business, you need  to improve yourself.


Delayed gratification - man working

The first thing you need to do is to improve your skills.  If you have a job, then improving your skills will put in a position where you’re in greater demand.  You’ll be able to get paid more money, and have a lower chance of being fired.  You can always be fired when you’re an employee, but the better you are, the lower chance that’s going to happen.

Skills apply to entrepreneurship as well.

Whatever service you’re offering, make sure you’re improving your skills.  If you do coding, then stay on top of your coding languages and new updates.  Maybe you’re a web designer – keep on getting better and more innovative with the websites you do for clients.   If you’re in real estate, spend time researching the market you’re in, adjacent real estate markets, and so on.

Keeping your skills and knowledge about your craft will put you in a strong position in business.  This will translate into more options.  Entrepreneurs will have more options being able to get more clients and higher paying clients.  Employees will have more options within their companies, and will  get offers from new companies with better pay / benefits.


how to be successful in business

Improving yourself in business is also as simple as putting in more effort.  If you’re working 40 hours a week and you’re not rich or in the financial position you want to be in, then you’re doing it wrong.  You need to work more.  Work more now so you have more options later.

If you’re not going to start a side business, then improve your effort at your job.  Instead of 40 hours a week, do 50 or 60 hours.

If you’re going to start a side businesses, then continue with 40 hours a week at your job, and then 20-40 hours a week on your side business.

Improve the effort you put in to do better in business.  Build sweat equity.  That’s what it really comes down to.  If you work 60 hours a week for a few years, and have no debt, you’ll be able to put yourself in a really powerful position.  If you have some debt, then make up for that by doing 70 hours a week.

The idea isn’t to do this your whole life.  Do it now and stick to it for a few years.  The time you put in will compound and have a beautiful  effect on your life.  This isn’t for the lazy beta males.  This is for the ambitious alpha males who want to get ahead.

Improve yourself

Improve yourself.  You’re going to feel way better about yourself if you’re capable in the areas that you care about.  And you’ll actually have numerous options.  Which means you don’t have to be desperate.

This is how you get the abundance mindset.

When you make yourself a better prize, you’ll have more options to date high quality women and keep them.

When you improve yourself in business, you make more money.   Because you’re more valuable to your employer, you’ll have greater job security, upward career mobility, and flexibility in working from home or remotely while you travel. If you have your own business, you’ll be able to get more clients because your quality of work will be better.  Current clients will go out of their way to refer business to you if you’re that good at what you do.

Improve yourself to improve your options in life.  The more options you have, the easier life becomes.  But you first need to take the hard route to improve yourself.  Once you get better, life open up bigger and better doors for you to enter.


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