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Inconsistent sleep cycles will mess you up


Inconsistent sleep cycles will mess you up

Inconsistent sleep cycles will mess you up

Having inconsistent sleep cycles is going to cause you to be waking up at odd times, have trouble falling asleep, and being unproductive.  Having consistent  sleep cycles on the other hand will ensure you feel great, preform at your peak,  and actually get shit done.

The ideal sleep cycle is going to sleep and waking up at the same time every single day.  However, if you can’t do that, you need to at least be within the hour or so.  You can’t go to bed at 2am on Saturday night and then be surprised why you can’t  fall asleep at 10  or 11pm on Sunday.  You fucked up your sleep cycle.

What happens when you have off sleep cycles

  • Can’t get shit done at work or business
  • Too tired to work out well
  • less energy to meet women or go out
  • Look worse
  • Worse performance in bed
  • Bad digestion and overall health

Having bad sleep cycles is a great method for reducing productivity.  And for the 99% of who aren’t financially free and need to work, it’s vital we have the energy to do so.  Having energy to do shit and do it well is a big theme on  Rebellious Development if you have read of a lot of the content.  And that’s because having energy is so important.  We feel better and can get more done across our lives.  With business, with women, with the gym, with family, with everything.

Getting enough sleep is such an important part of that.  Especially when you factor in that you need to get enough sleep on a consistently sleep cycle so your body isn’t always having to adjust.  That wears you out.

Need energy to get work done

Inconsistent sleep cycles

All of us need to preform well at work.  If you have a job, you at the very least want to keep the job.  You may have ambitions of rising up and getting a promotion.  Or you just need the job to last long enough so you can build up your business on the side.  For the want-to-be entrepreneurs, sleep cycles are even more important.  After a 8-10 hour day at work, you also need to work another 3-4 hours on your side business.  That’s hard as hell.  But it’s definitely possible when you establish a consistent sleep cycle.  Of course you’re not beating your meat and draining yourself of precious energy.  It’s crazy what happens when you utilize proper sleep and control of your sexual energy together.

You need all of the energy you can get.  Getting enough sleep and developing a healthy sleep cycle is vital to your success.

Worse workouts

Without proper sleep, your workouts are going to be shit.  And that’s if you even work out.  Many guys are so tired after work they go home and take a nap instead of hitting  the gym.  This further fucks up their sleep cycle for the next night as they’ll hate themselves later for not being able to fall asleep.  They’ll  also miss  out on working on their side business and putting time in the gym.

Lower smv and sexual drive

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With less sleep and low quality sleep, your results in the dating game – or lack thereof – will be frustrating.  Not getting enough sleep will make you  look worse over time.  People can see it in your eyes, literally baggy ass eyes, when you’re tired.  Your overall drive to go out there and meet beautiful women will be lower as well.  Even if you’ve been a player or have game, you’re not going to have the same confidence.  You might not be insecure.  But it’s hard to have that sex appeal and attractive confidence girls love when you’re tired.  It’s just not the same.

When you do get some action, your performance in the bedroom will undoubtedly be much worse.  Sure, you can still fuck  a girl decently when you’re tired.  But it’s a chore and you don’t enjoy it nearly as much.  It’s way better when you actually have the energy to fuck a girl how she wants you to fuck her.

Overall health

There are tons of studies that show how getting enough sleep and having consistent sleep cycles are essential to your long term health.  It’s not rocket science.  Our bodies need sleep to recover.  Give yourself the proper recovery and you’re going to last longer in life.

Why guys have terrible sleep cycles

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People can have terrible sleep cycles for a variety of reasons.  If you’re a new father and have a crying baby, then bad sleep cycles for a while might not inevitable.  But for almost everyone else, it’s not a mandatory suffering to have.  You can fix your sleep cycles by changing your habits.

Week vs weekend sleep

There’s too big of a difference between weekend and weekday sleep cycles.  Most of us go to bed at 10 or 11 during the week and wake up around 6.  At least you should be, 7 at latest.  Even if you own your own business and control when you sleep, getting up early and getting shit done will make you way more productive.

But most of you work a job.  You get up early during the week and then stay out late on the weekends.  Which means you’re going from waking up at 6 ot 7am to 9 or 10am on Saturday and Sunday.   This is like changing time zones.  It’s going to fuck you up for the week to come.  Which is always why the first half of the week is suffering for most working men and women alike.

So what’s the solution?  You want to go out and meet women, take the girlfriend out, meet up with the boys, right?

Well there’s two things you can do:

  1. Either have a similar sleep cycle
  2. Get less sleep on weekends

Similar / same sleep cycle

Having a similar sleep cycle means that you’re going to bed at the same time or near the same time on the weekends as you would the weekdays.  So if you go to bed at 11 on the weekdays, you keep that the same or push it by 1 hour to 12am, at max.

Less sleep on weekends

Or you get less sleep on the weekends.  So if you get 7 or 8 hours during the week, you might go to bed later on the weekends, but still wake up at the same time.  So you’re not getting enough sleep on the weekends, but you’ll be able to get enough sleep Sunday night and feel good Monday morning.

The first option is obviously better for your overall health, however the second option is more realistic for many of you who still go out.


  • weekday sleep cycle – 11pm-6am
  • weekend sleep cycle -12am-7am

If you stay out too late, then you eat the loss and stay on top of things by waking up early still.  Sleeping in on the weekends will fuck you up for the week.  You won’t be able to fall asleep on Sunday night, and then come Monday you’re fucked.  Especially since the majority of you work a job and aren’t financially free.  Which means you’re  on someone else’s schedule.  If you have your own business you could wake up when you wanted, although you’d be even more likely to have consistent sleep cycles because you’d be more dedicated to it.  Regardless, business ownership gives you the freedom you desire.

Stop staying out so late on the weekends

smp, crowded nightclub

Stop staying out so late.  That’s the easiest way.  You can still stay out until 12:30 and head back and get to sleep by 1am.  Getting up at 7am still gives you 6 hours of sleep, which is worth it in order to stay on your current sleep cycle.  Sleeping in will fuck it up.

Most guys sleep in after getting too drunk and then get no sleep Sunday night.  It’s better to get 5 or 6 hours on a Friday or Saturday and get 8 hours on a Sunday night than the opposite.  Getting up at approximately the same time everyday will do wonders for your productivity.  And if you manage to go out a lot less then you can consistently get 7 or  8 hours of sleep.

This will give you the maximum amount of energy combined with things like

and other things will transform your life.

Adjusting your sleep schedule

I go out dancing but I always come home by 11:30, 12, or latest by 1 every now and then.   This ensures I stay on my sleep cycle and am able to stay on my A game.  I used togo out much more, and the hung over, tired mornings just aren’t worth it.  I’m still able to meet girls when I go out, and of course can meet them in real life and dating apps.

Don’t mess up your sleep cycles over women or partying

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There’s no excuse to be fucking up your sleep cycles over chasing women, which is what most of you  are doing.  It’s one thing if you’re on vacation, but when you’re in your regular life, you need to cut that shit out.  Meet the girls you want, and then plan to meet up with them later.  Some of you are still trying to get laid from clubs and that’s cool, but it’s low percentage is and going to drain you in the long run.  You’re better off getting numbers and then getting to bed.  If you’re focused on building your net worth then that at least needs to be your goal.  Most women I’ve slept with from nightlife has been from a date we  set  up the night after as they’re always with friends.  However, vacations where you don’t need a consistent sleep cycle are the exceptions to this.

For you guys in your regular day to day lives, staying on a regular sleep cycle is vital to your energy levels, mood, and productivity.  Establish a regular sleep cycle so you are well rested and can get the things done that you need to in order to come up in life.


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