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Instant Abundance Mindset: Never Have Scarcity with Women Again


Instant Abundance Mindset

Can you develop an abundance mindset instantly?

Yes.  With 1 simple, easy change in your perspective, you can develop an instant abundance mindset.

It won’t be permanent at first.  Like every other bad programming, it takes time to make the new program in your mind permanent.

However – whenever you start to feel scarcity, you can simply implement this strategy and have an instant abundance mindset.  Do what I’m about to tell you  over time and it will become apart of your character.

Why men have scarcity when it comes to women?

First, let’s lay out why men have scarcity when it comes to women.

Especially in the early stages of dating, but this applies to long term relationships as well.  Why do you ever have scarcity?

Let’s give a few scenarios.  You get a date with an attractive woman, you don’t want to “mess it up” because she’s really attractive.  Then a day before or day of you get nervous about her flaking.  And then she flakes or the date doesn’t go so great.

Or a woman comes over to your place.  You want to have sex with her so badly that you don’t even make a move.

Or you’re in a relationship.  You just had sex last night and this morning, but now you’re trying to push your woman for sex again.

All of these scenarios involve a need for sex.  Why do you need the woman to show up for the date?  Is it because you want to have an incredible date?  No, it’s because you want the next step to escalate towards sex.

Why are you too scared to make a move with a new woman?  Is it because you want to take your time?  No, if that was the case you’d have a cool, relaxed energy.  It’s because you want to “lock in” getting sex.  You value it so much beyond, that you want to “make sure” it happens.

Why are you always trying to fuck your girlfriend?  Is it because you’re still in the same mode of mentally thinking you need sex.

Mentally needing sex makes you weak

This is why for many of you, your woman or the woman you’re with never gets to make a move.  She never gets to wonder about you, build desire for you.  Because you’re always making a move, or you’re too nervous about making a move.  The energy is the same regardless of the opposite actions.

Needing sex from a woman makes you weak.  If you don’t get it you feel like you lost out, and if you do get it then you do everything to make sure you keep on getting it.

If you want to have the instant abundance mindset, you need to realize this way of approaching relationships with women is weak.  Always needing sex mentally puts her on a pedestal and lowers your value.

Sex is a physical desire we have, and having a healthy sex drive is normal.  I’ve said before that as a man, you’re the pursuer of sex, at least at first.  And this is true.

But – this must be a physical thing.  If you make your desire for sex mental, that’s why problems come up.  That’s why scarcity comes from.  You must realize that your desire for sex is physical and must stay physical.  Think of it like your desire for a cookie.  You can see a cookie and want it.  You can make a move to go to try and eat it.  And you’ll either succeed in getting the cookie or you won’t.  But either way, it shouldn’t make that big of a difference.  If you get the cookie, then you enjoy it and move on.  If you don’t get it, then you forget about it and move on.

That’s the difference between wanting and needing.

Men have scarcity – or the feeling of lack – because they need something.  They need something from the woman.  Or at least mentally in their head, men start to think they need something.  And that something men think they must have is sex.

Ironically, thinking you need sex is what causes women to not want to have sex with you.

Developing abundance instantly 

So what to do?  As the man, you’re generally pursuing the woman, at least at first.  Never chasing, you’re dealing with women who like you.  Yet still, you’re the masculine one whose pushing things along.  But at the same time, you don’t want to have scarcity.  No man wants to have scarcity, yet most live like that.

How can you develop an instant abundance mindset?

You don’t need to get rid of your desire for sex.

Instead, you just need to limit the amount of women you want to have sex with.

And for guys in relationships, you want to limit the amount of sex / busting of nuts.

This is going to seem backwards to almost all of you.  And it should.  Because if you have a scarcity mindset, then all of a sudden having the opposite goal should give you an instant abundance mindset.

Think about it like this.  Most men live in scarcity because they mentally think they need sex.  But the man who has instant abundance is a man who thinks he can do without.

When you realize and accept that you can do without sex, then you’ll always have abundance with women.

“My relationship isn’t just about sex”

I’ll have men say this to me, and it’s true.  I’ll bring up sex and guys will say “well it’s not all about sex”.  True, your relationship isn’t just about sex.  But sex is what makes your relationship with a woman – whether casual or committed – a relationship.  If you two didn’t have sex, then it would just be a friendship (or non-existent).  All romantic / sexual relationships with women revolve around sex.

That’s a fact that many people want to rise above.  But it’s a fact.  Sex is what brings us to reproduce.  Sexual relationships are a big deal.

And whenever a guy is acting weak with a woman – (with the exception of fathers fearing not seeing their children) – it’s always because his desire for sex.  He thinks his supply is going to be cut off.

And that’s why not needing sex – still desiring it – but not needing it gives you abundance.  And if you take it further like I recommend, you’ll have an instant abundance mindset.

For single men – limit the amount of women you have sex with

If you’re a single man, this line of thinking will give you the instant abundance mindset.  Single men are generally always chasing women.  Whether you’re a stud that beds 20+ women or year, or you’re getting close to no action at all.  Most men are constantly trying to sleep with a bunch of women.

I’m not telling you to stop pursue sex.  But just limit the amount of women you’ll have sex with.  Instead of saying “I want to sleep with at least 10n (or 20, 30, etc.) women this year”, say “I will only sleep with 5 women this year, maximum”.

The 1st mindset will cause you to value getting sex over everything else.  If you’re successful you’ll get addicted to trying bed more and more women, which then causes you to be dependent on tons of valuation.  If you’re unsuccessful, then you feel you have no worth.

The 2nd way will give you an instant abundance mindset.  You’re not placing your worth on how many women you get or don’t get.  Instead, you’re just giving yourself a limit to the amount of women you can engage with.

Remind yourself of this whenever you feel needy.  Instantly, you’ll feel a sense a calmness.  You may even laugh or smirk at how desperate you were feeling a few moments prior.  You don’t need to try and sleep with a ton of women.  Because you value your seed and your energy.  As a man of real value, what you need to do is limit the amount of women in your life.  Value is relative.  If you decide to value yourself, you automatically become more valuable to those around you.

You’ll see how cooler you are on dates, how much more nonchalant you are with women.  Because while you still physically desire sex and can escalate, you don’t need it.

For relationship men – limit the amount of nuts you bust

The instant abundance mindset is for sure easier for single men.  At least in my experience, trying to limit the amount of women I get with gives me a sense of abundance instantly.  However, a man in a relationship can do a similar approach.

Instead however, you’re going to try to limit the amount of nuts you bust.  You don’t need to limit the amount of sex directly.  As a man whose retaining in shorter cycles, you can still bust during sex with your woman, but the goal is to do it less.  This will naturally lead you to not be so mentally needy for sex.

You can still pursue sex with your woman.  But because you don’t have the mental desire to release your seed so often, you’ll carry yourself as a man who has abundance.

In fact, this mindset will cause your woman to try to have sex with you more often.  Since you’re not in scarcity, because you’re trying to hold onto your seed, she’ll actually have a chance to make moves towards sex as well.

Instant abundance

Instant abundance comes to all of us when we see that we already have everything we need.  When what’s left is simple desire, you can indulge or refrain as the situation calls for.

When you value your life energy, and limit how much you give it away, you’re no longer in scarcity.  The instant abundance mindset is really just you realizing your intrinsic value as a man.  When you limit the amount of women you want to have sex with or try to keep busting nuts to a minimum, you become valuable because you realize you’re already all good.


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