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Is Saturated Fat Bad? The Key Diet Principle to Maximizing Testosterone


Is Saturated Fat Bad? The Key Diet Principle to Maximizing Testosterone

Is saturated fat bad and will it hurt your health or testosterone?  Unfortunately, a lot of misconception about saturated fat, and fat in general, has led to a cultural shaming of it.

However, we need to look at reality if we want to be healthy.  For men, while testosterone isn’t the only indicator of health, having high levels of it naturally, and overall just feeling confident, happy, and healthy, is the goal.

The modern man

stop being a pussy, weak man

Men on average have lower testosterone than in the past.  In fact, it’s been declining almost 1% a year for the past 20 years.  Men on average have about 17% less testosterone than their counterparts 20 years ago.  What does that mean?  That a man whose 25 years old today, has on average, 17% less testosterone than a 25 year old 20 years ago.

This is a macro issue.  Meaning this doesn’t apply to everyone reading this individually.  You still could have healthy levels, or not.  But as a whole, men have much lower testosterone than in the past.

And even without the scientific evidence that points to it, it’s obvious to all of us.  Men are more shy, are more emotional, and act more feminine.  The modern man is more androgynous than masculine.  A big part of this is the social conditioning that has become part of the culture.

While social conditioning is powerful, there are 2 factors that are affecting the hormones of men in a negative way.  There are 2 main things that are making men weak.  2 things that are causing men to have less testosterone.  If fixed, this would lead to a raise in testosterone and manhood would be the regular way of being amongst men once again.

Porn and unhealthy diets = weak men

Those two things are:

  • Porn addiction / constant releasing of seed
  • Diet

These are the two tools that have been used to weaken men on a hormonal level.  But thankfully, at least on an individual level, we can solve this in our own lives.

I won’t spend much time in this article discussing the porn addiction that most men face.  This is way nofap has become such a big deal for many men.

The majority of men are constantly releasing their seed, which is consistently keeping their balls empty.  However, most guys aren’t having sex with a woman and reproducing.  They’re simply wasting their seed into a napkin.  Not to mention poisoning their minds with porn.

If you watch porn, you need to stop.  Ideally you stop masturbation all together, but at the very least vow to never watch porn ever.  But all of you know this already.

Unnatural diet = lower testosterone and overall health

What some of you may not know, is the destruction of the natural diet.  But even if you don’t consciously know this, subconsciously your body knows this.  That’s why it can’t product the testosterone needed for you to feel naturally confident, healthy, and happy, like a man feels when his hormones are being produced at normal levels.

In fact, most of the advice I give on being a man wouldn’t be needed if guys just retained their seed, and had the right diet.

  1. Stop masturbating
  2. Eat healthy

That’s right.  God has blessed you with the tools you need to be successful.  He gave you what you need to go out and conquer.  God wants you to win.  But when you constantly waste the power he gives you into a napkin, and you fuel yourself with low quality foods, you’re going to feel weak.  You’re going to feel like Nature has tossed you aside as one of the losers of natural selection.

But it’s not true.  It’s not natural selection that is making you weak.  It’s societal programming and societal selection of habits + diet that is making you weak.

What about saturated fat?

This is where we need to establish the importance of saturated fat.  Saturated fat, and fat in general, has been blamed for heart conditions, obesity, and of course the outward appearance of getting fat.

But this is a lie.  Or more accurately, a misrepresentation of the truth.

Saturated fat is the main source of nutrition for humans.  As humans, we’re omnivores.  We can eat flesh of animals and we can eat fruits + vegetables + nuts/legumes, you name it.

Don’t go against Nature’s Diet

However, modern vegan movements and other groups want to say that we don’t need to eat animals anymore, and therefore we shouldn’t.  The general argument is that although we evolved from monkeys (omnivores, primarily eating veggies / fruits, with some but little meat) to humans through eating saturated fat from animals, we should go back to eating high carb diets.

According to that train of logic, if the saturated fat from animals is what helped us to evolve, then trying to go against Nature doesn’t make much sense.  Nature knows what is best for you.

But even if you try to go against Nature, it doesn’t work out well.

There is often a link to dental health and overall health.  That’s because what you eat, goes into your gut, affects the whole body and mind.

Weston Price and his findings

weston price - nutrition

Weston Price was a dentist who traveled the world in the 1920s and 1930s.  More or less 100 years ago he studied the dental health, and overall health and wellness, of “primitive” and “modernized” people.  Basically, he studied the parents / elders of societies who grew up with natural diets, versus their children or younger generation that had been introduced to more western diets.

He visited Europeans, Native Americans, Polynesians, Africans, and tons of different groups of people throughout thee world.

His findings were that the healthiest people, not just in terms of dental health, jaw structure, but in overall vitality and vigor, were people who had natural diets.  These diets varied depending on the culture, but virtually all were high in saturated animal fat.  Some people ate fish and fruit, others had dairy and meat, others full grains + dairy, and so on.

But a lack of processed sugar – and a surplus of saturated fat – was the common factor for health amongst virtually all people.  Specific diets varied greatly, but these 2 common factors were evident.

Saturated fat was in surplus amongst the healthy people, and processed sugar wasn’t.

The younger people who still ate what their parents ate – all natural foods, with lots of saturated fat, were by and large very healthy.  The younger people who are the new western diets – with cereals, and white bread, rice, etc. had more dental problems and were more likely to have diseases.  Those of the population that had adopted the new western diet (lots of bread, cereals, other processed carbs / sugars) had weaker jaws, smaller mouths, and suffered from diseases at much higher rates.

For reference, Price’s is book is called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.  Check it out for yourself.

Resurgence of Keto /Paleo

paleo / keto diet

However, many people today want to point to how unhealthy saturated fat is.  This is simply a lie.

While Keto and Paleo diets aren’t exactly the same as what Weston Price recommends, they’re better than the standard western diet.  They focus on meat / fruits / veggies, little to no processed sugar.  They have been plenty of people who have switched to a keto diet (meat / fruits / veggies, no bread, no rice, no pasta) and have talked about losing weight and feeling better.

However, while this is better than a carb heavy diet, I’ve found that many of these diets focus on high carb / protein and still low fat.

This is what a professional body builder might eat.  Think chicken and rice.

However, while this might work for a body builder whose injecting himself with tons of steroids, this is terrible for a natural man.  A man who wants to be healthy – and a big part of health is normal hormone production – needs to be eating saturated fat.

This is why I like the idea of Keto, but not its execution.  Most people I see on keto diets are eating veggies and egg whites.  But leaving out butter and egg yolk (the fat), which are the most beneficial parts.

The main thing you need in your diet is saturated fat.  This is the main component that will keep you healthy.  It’s the main component that is going to keep your hormones in healthy production, and therefore give you the testosterone you need to feel like a man.

Why has saturated fat been demonized?

Saturated fat has been demonized for a number of reasons.  Many people want to save animals, and in their sympathy for other sentient beings, they mistakingly think they can outsmart nature.

Also, many people who eat lots of animal products also eat fast food.  It’s not like most meat eaters are eating only grass-fed, all nature meat from a local rancher.  It’s not like most people are getting cage free eggs or fish from the coast.

Most people who eat animal products are eating low quality, factory farmed foods from animals who had terrible lives.  And then they’re combining this with processed + refined carbs.

Hamburgers.  Hot dogs.  McDonalds.  Asking ” is saturated fat bad?” while experiencing poor health from these foods is a dumb question.  How about ask “is eating natural food like bread and factory farmed meat bad?”  That would be an outstanding yes.

However saturated fat has been demonized because it’s an easy culprit.  If certain people want to keep men weak, it makes sense to to demonize the very thing that is the basis of his natural production of testosterone.  But it’s not the saturated fat that’s bad.  In fact you need to eat more foods with saturated fat.  It’s the low quality, unnatural foods that are bad for you.

Low quality meat + combined with processed carbs is going to lead to health problems.  With the carbs like bread being the main culprit.

Getting back to saturated Fat

What we need to do is get back to saturated fat, but without the refined carbs.  This is what’s going to put your testosterone at healthy levels.

If you aren’t going to read Weston Price’s book, you can still look at modern studies.

Men with low levels of saturated fat tend to have lower testosterone.  From this study the concluded hypothesize was that

  • “We hypothesized that men who restrict their dietary fat intake may be at increased risk for decreased serum T, a steroid hormone with cholesterol precursors.”

This is because fat is needed for hormone levels.  You need all natural, saturated fat to have healthy hormones, and as a man, I’m talking about your testosterone.

Different types of Diets

If you’re not convinced, try it for yourself.  Try eating a diet with all natural fat for a month.


This difficult for a vegan, but vegetarians can still make it work.  Even if you’re vegetarian, you can eat vegetables with lots of butter, eat eggs with the yolk.  In fact, plenty of vegetarians who avoid bread, rice, and just add a lot of butter to their diet will see a massive difference in how they feel.


If you’re pescatarian, you can eat fish, eggs, butter, and then eat veggies + fruits.  This is a great diet for a man who is spiritual and trying to avoid eating the flesh of mammals, yet also get the proper nutrition to have healthy levels of testosterone.  You can spend more money to get your dairy from farms which treat their cows / goats well and don’t give them hormones.  This is better from a moral and health standpoint.

Eating meat

And of course if you eat meat, then make sure to eat meat that’s from animals who had plenty of open space, lived a good life, and had a quick death.  Again, this will ensure the food is better from a moral and health standpoint.

Foods with Saturated Fat

There are plenty of foods with saturated fat, primarily animal products.  Common foods with saturated fat are:

  • Butter / Ghee
  • Cheese
  • Creem
  • Milk
  • Meat (especially the fatty parts of beef)
  • Coconut milk

I know many of you are vegetarian or are trying to be for spiritual practice.  That’s fine.  You can still incorporate dairy like butter and cheese into your diet so you’re getting the saturated fat you need.  While you’re not going to find butter in the wild like bread or pasta, it’s the similar to getting the fat from an animal without having to take a life.

Just try it

Try it out.  Just like with semen retention, what do you have to lose?

With the links I’ve provided above, I’m sure you could find some to prove the opposite.

But there are people who try and say that porn is good and that men should masturbate.  All of us know that is some bullshit.  We know from doing semen retention – which there is little scientific evidence on (wonder why?) – that our testosterone goes up.

We know from retaining our natural energy that we’re able to have healthy levels of testosterone.  Any of us who has retained his seed for even a week knows the power it has.  Yet it’s looked down upon in the mainstream or seen as weird.  But you know what’s actually weird to me – wasting your life force energy into a napkin or into a low quality woman whose not going to do anything but have sex.

Try a Natural diet with Saturated Fat

So if we apply that same logic – why not try a diet that’s focused on natural, high saturated fat?

Think about it.  Is saturated fat bad or have we been programmed to think it’s bad so we have less testosterone and become more passive?

If this is how we evolved and developed the brains we have, doesn’t it make sense to at least try it?

If virtually all people’s across the world ate natural foods, including saturated fat and organic fruits + veggies, then doesn’t it make sense to eat this as well.

The Answer is Right in Front of you

Look at the world around you. What would you eat if you were in Nature?  Would you go hunting for bread or rice?  No, because it doesn’t exist in Nature.

You know what does?  Fish, buffalo, mangoes, vegetables.  Hell, even most of our fruits and veggies are genetically modified to look vastly different from what’s out there.

But that’s real food.  You could go out and eat berries, fish, a bison, and some plants.  A diet that’s naturally rich in saturated fat, and varying degrees of protein and unprocessed carbs/sugars.

So it only makes sense to me to try and eat the natural way.  Eating the natural way makes it easy for your body to function  naturally, which for a man means healthy levels of testosterone, and an overall feeling of great health.  Don’t get involved with virtual sex, and don’t eat unnatural foods.  Do what is natural, and you will not only have high levels of testosterone, as that’s what’s natural for a man, but you’ll feel better and you’ll be healthy.


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