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King Energy: Rediscovering your True Power


King Energy: Rediscovering your True Power


Retention activates your king energy.

Most men lose their energy constantly due to ejaculation, and therefore never fully embrace their true potential.  The king energy is inside all of us.

Look at Nature

In a group of gorilla’s, 1 male gorilla gets to sleep with all of the females.  The other gorilla’s get nothing.  The polygynous structure of gorilla’s can be seen as very similar to how humans operate.  A small percentage of men get most of the women.  This is because women want the men at the top and are willing to share the kings amongst men.

Back to the gorillas for a moment.  The other gorillas could be classified as betas.  They’re technically subordinate to the alpha.  But are they good for nothing, weak little pieces of nothing?  No.  In fact, all of the male gorillas have the king energy inside of them.  Gorillas step up and battle the alpha for the top spot.

If any weakness is sensed in the king, another gorilla will step up and challenge him for the throne.

“Beta” doesn’t mean he’s good for nothing, that he has no masculinity.  In this case, beta just means his king energy is dormant.  Waiting for the right opportunity to rise.

Because he’s not reproducing, and he’s not waisting his seed, his power grows.  And when the moment is right, he’ll challenge the current alpha for the position as king.

No desire for Greatness

Many men could learn a thing or two from studying our primate friends.  The “betas” or common males just don’t give up.  They’re willing to fight if they have the opportunity to become king.  If they were constantly releasing their seed to ape porn, they would never have the hunger to rise up and establish a kingdom of their own.

Yet many men today are not working to activate their king energy.  The desire for power, to become a ruler, to spread your seed, is natural and righteous.  But due to the conveniences in our modern society, most men have become soft.  “Beta” used to just be a position in which one was waiting to become the alpha.   Now “beta” means a weak man with no ambition, no purpose, no desire for greatness.

Little Competition to be King

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to be a king.  Why?  Because 80% of men are essentially not playing the game of life.  They’re slaves to the matrix of porn, the internet, and pleasure.  They haven’t earned the luxury of indulging in pleasure like the King has.  And so they’re essentially checked out.

Sure, they go to their normal job, make money to pay the bills, and end up married to a woman who may or may not really like them.  Hopefully they enjoy their life.  I wish no harm on them.  But most have no meaning to their life other then what their family wants for them.  They don’t decide on what they want for themselves.  They drain themselves constantly – many are even “lucky” to end up in that position where they have a family of their own.  Most are lonely their whole life, only getting a woman years past her prime after she’s already had children with the man who she really liked.

That doesn’t need to be you.  In fact, if you have just an ounce of ambition, of dormant king energy, that you’re willing to use, you can become a great man in an error of weaklings.

Only the top 20% of men are even trying to do anything meaningful to them.  Only the top 10% are even an okay option to be a leader amongst men or a mate amongst women.

The standard for being a top dog has dropped.  Is is top at the 5% and above zone in terms of men competing?  Yes.  But once you’re in that league, you’re already getting the spoils of war – in terms of money, status, and access to the highest quality of women.

At almost any point in history, you had to compete with tons of ruthless men around you.  But because men today have become so weak, the competition is lackluster up until the very top levels.

Retaining as a Lifestyle

This is where having a few core habits, like seed retention, makes a massive difference.  You can do long term retention (monk mode) or you can do short term retention (relaxed retention).

Monk Mode is perfect for younger men who are single and have a low rank in society.  Taking 6 months, a year, or even 2 years out of the dating game to transmute your sexual energy will put you in a league way beyond your peers.  This will make rising to the top 5% of men very easy.

Once you’re in the top 5%, or at least top 10%, you can enter short term retention (aka relaxed retention aka nofap).  You still don’t beat off during this stage, however you allow yourself to ejaculate during sex.  Just be sure not to over indulge in ejaculation, as this will make it easier for those below you to come for your thrown.  You can still have sex and bust occasionally.  At this point, you’ve already done the work to rise up.  Now it’s about continuing to grind and also have a bit more time for dating or building a family.

Cultivate your King Energy

By retaining your seed (long term or short term), and working to better your life, you’re activating the king energy within you.  Your seed is literally the essence that makes more of you.  It’s nature’s way of recreating and expanding itself.  Instead of waisting it excessively like the modern man does, learn to redirect it towards more fruitful endeavors.  In this way, you can have a blessed life.  The life, that deep down, your king energy is pushing you to achieve.


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