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Know Where You Want To Go

Know Where You Want To Go

If you know where you want to go, then you’ll have a blessed life.

God blesses the man who picks a direction and commits himself to it. The universe guides the man who creates a purpose and devotes himself to it.  Nature evolves through the masculine drive, the yang energy that pushes the limits of what already is.  While everyone has a balance of yin – the feminine, and yang – the masculine, as a man the yang is dominant in you.

The biggest challenge a man faces in life is deciding on what he’s going to do with it.  Once he decides on the path, it’s just a matter of time before he can get to where he’s heading.  When he harnesses his life force energy, he can get there even faster.

The Glacier in your way

The world seems like a glacier, that slowly starts to melt until it’s a river, and then it simply evaporates.  It gets in your way at first, but then starts to yield, until it carries you along and then molds itself around your desire.

But this will only happen if you know where you want to go.  If you don’t know where to go, and then you’ll be endlessly hacking away at the glacier, in every which way, never making progress in any single direction.

The secret is that there isn’t just one path out of the glacier.  If you get caught up thinking there’s just one path, then at the first sign of resistance you’ll give up. After picking away just a but of ice, you’ll get tired. Then you’ll turn around and see a softer piece of ice. You’ll hack away at that thinking this is way out. Only to realize that after a few hits the ice gets hard again.

Endless Options

The reality is that you’re surrounded by ice from every direction – up, down, to the right, left, every which way you go.   The only way to make it out of the ice of life, to get through the glacier, to have it evaporate around you, is to pick a direction and stick to it.

Do you want to break out on top of the glacier?  Or on the northeastern side, or on the bottom, or the southwestern portion?  It makes no difference, once you get out and you’re on top of life, you can move about any which way.

It’s like when you start a business.  You may have a service based business in real estate.  Your success there can give you the money to open up a barbershop.  Or your personal training business can scale to the point where you develop your own supplement company, and then you sell merchandise, and from there you invest in real estate.

Once you come up in life, you’re able to maneuver as you see fit.  But in order to get to that point, you first must escape the glacier.  You must know where you want to go.  It doesn’t matter so much which way, or even that you get there. What matters is you are focused in one direction.

Life is limited

Life is a limited amount of time and energy.   The amount of time can be small or great, but even if it’s great, it’s still a brief experience. That’s why using your energy wisely while you’re alive is of the utmost importance.

If you know where you want to go then you have a direction to put your life energy into.

You have a direction.

A path is there for you to take up.

It could be a path that’s already laid out.  It could be a path that has been walked before.  Maybe it’s a similar path that others have walked but it’s a bit different.  After all, no one has ever walked exactly down your path before.  But because as similar as you are to every other human, no one has had the exact experience as you.

But your experience will be similarly insignificant to most others if you don’t use your energies wisely. If you don’t use the energy you have with the time you have it, you miss out on the potential of life.

What do you want to do with your life?

What do you want to do with your life? This can be hard fin your youth because you have so much potential. Whatever path you decide, you’re always missing out on another path. And the older you are, the less potential you have, so deciding what direction to go in can seem like an even bigger decision.

But you must decide on something.  You can’t go anywhere if you don’t decide on where you’re headed.

No matter what, there’s always other options. If you choose path A, you miss out on path B. If you choose path B, you miss out on path C. And if you choose path C, you miss out on A. Instead of worrying about the best path, realize there is no best path. All paths leads to the same area. You’ll learn the same lessons. That’s if you commit to a path.

You must decide on a direction to head in. You must just make a decision and see where it leads you. Without knowing anything, you must know where you want to go.

Make a General Plan or Direction

The path you decide on will never turn out exactly as you think it will. That’s fine. You don’t need to map out the next 10 years of your life or the next 40 years of your life step by step. But you do need to have a general direction. Do you want to own your own business? Or do you want to have a job? Are you going to stay in an industry? How are you going to spend your time?

Specifics can change. And be rest assured they will.

But you must have a Direction you want to go.

When you have Direction, you are Living

Life has constantly evolved and will continue to evolve. Just as life as evolved in the macro through billions of years into different forms and degrees of intelligence, so do you evolve in the micro from a small baby to a full sized human.

Civilization evolves from small tribes to bigger groups to villages to city states to nations.

Every year new buildings erect themselves up in the sky as a representation of man’s constant strive to grow. All life strives to evolve and progress, just to whatever capability their intelligence allows them to.  Just as ants work to find food to progress the colony they swear their life to, people work to progress in their own lives and as a society. And because of out great intelligence, we can do greater things.

The Blessing and Curse of Intelligence

But the blessing of intelligence can be a curse if not used properly.

Our cravings for food, water, safety, and sex, are all for the survival of the species. However, when our basic needs are taken care of, we need to create a greater Direction to head in. Otherwise we follow our natural inclinations towards pleasure. These desires are necessary for us to create situations in which we’re safe, can live, and can reproduce. But when we over indulge in pleasurable things like food or sex, or even worse, modern day manufactured forms of these pleasures like pornography or drugs, we stop progressing.  It’s not a moral issue, but rather one of momentum.

Sex to a degree, while it can lower your energy physically if you ejaculate, can build your ego, which can cause you to take greater risks for your benefit in business or other areas of life. Eating a fancy meal, or what it represents which is the desire for a high quality of life, can also be motivational. While these pleasures are lower forms of motivational compared to God or the greater good, they are motivational nonetheless. But when you get caught up drinking, smoking, or with porn, these perversions of natural things cause you to stagnate.

Move forward or Fall Behind

Not everyone who has no direction has negative vices.  But most of us do.  There’s little room for neutral in life. Whenever you’re not progressing, whether it’s money wise, or relationship wise, or mentally, or spiritually, it’s generally because you have some kind of unhealthy dependency on some pleasurable thing.  Even if you’re not an alcoholic, you may be drinking too much.  Even if you’re not watching porn, you may be sleeping with women that have bad energy.

And when you get rid of these things, you have the desire for a greater purpose.  Or when create a greater purpose, your desire for these things begins to become less dominate in your life.

When you have no Direction, you are dying. But when you have a Direction, you are Living.

It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you’re headed there

The exact destination doesn’t matter. Because once you get there, you want to keep on setting new goals for yourself. That’s why you see successful people start new businesses. Or parents who become grandparents help out with the grandchildren. Or a retired teacher who goes into schools to still volunteer. That’s why you see people who keep on working, keep on either making money, or giving back in some way. Because that’s the energy of life. Life is constantly striving to evolve and to grow. It’s looking to see new possibilities.

The tragedy of life is those people who never strive towards any goal. These people stay broke or stay in negative situations.   Or the rock stars who once they reach success spend all of their money on pleasures and don’t create a new goal.

It’s not about goals, it’s about Progress

It’s not that you need to be goal oriented. You can do things with no regards to the goal. I used to have goals that I strive towards.  Now I have directions I head in.  That way there’s no stopping, just continual striving towards progress. Whether you want to have a goal or not is up to you. Whether you want to get out of the ice as a goal, or you just want to hack away, if you concentrate your energies in one direction, the experience is the same and the result is the same.

But you need to be headed in a direction. Whether you have concrete goals or not isn’t the point, as long as you are headed in a direction. You need to know where you want to go.

Do you want to go in a great direction?

Or do you want to wonder around aimlessly?

Pick a direction, commit to it, and it will get you out of the glacier.  Any direction can be a great direction, as long as you stay dedicated for long enough to see the result of a magnificent possibility.


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