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Your Long Distance Relationship won’t work… and here’s why


Your Long Distance Relationship won’t work

Long distance relationship

If you’re in a long distance relationship or considering being in one, let me just stop you right there.

I’m here to break the sad news that your long distance relationship probably won’t work out.

They very rarely do.

And when they do, it’s only because there’s a timeframe on how long the couple is apart, like one is traveling for 6 months, gone for 3 months here, etc.

If you think you’re going to make a long distance relationship work that’s indefinitely long distance (or at least for over 6 months), then you’re going to be in for a rude awakening.

There’s a lot of reasons why it won’t work out.

Here’s just a few.

Lack of support

lack of support

There’s a lot less you can do to support someone when you’re not physically there for them.

And women need to feel like you’re there to support them.

The “long distance” part of the long distance relationship will keep you from giving her the support she feel she needs, even if you do everything else right.

Plus, part of the fun of having a girlfriend is having someone who will always be there to support you.

Your girlfriend can’t help celebrate your victories or do things for you if she’s far away.

She’ll feel like you’re neglecting her, and you’ll be frustrated because you’re not there in person and it’s out of your control.

Terrible and unresolved fights

unresolved fights

All couples fight.

Some fight way too much or worse than others, which is already a red flag.

But then there are couples who are normal… until they get into a long distance relationship.

Fights can have the potential to get a lot worse when you’re long distance.

You can’t do physical things like give the other person a hug or get up and leave like you can in real life.

You can hang up the phone.

But this will have a much worse outcome then walking out the door and going for a walk when you’re in person.

Fights will feel unresolved, even if the two of you apologize and seem to be on good terms.

Eventually, the fights and lack of physical support will build resentment in your long distance relationship.

If you don’t break up from a shitty fight, the attraction from one or both of you will eventually fade as you start to hate each other.

Less sex

less sex long distance relationship

There’s no doubt that a long distance relationship will leave you with less sex.

You’re not physically able to fuck very often.

When you do meet up, the two of you should be fucking like rabbits.

And this should be happening at least once a month.

If you’re seeing each other less, or the sex isn’t there when you do meet up, then all signs are looking bad.

But even if you do fuck a lot when the two of you are reunited, you’re still going to be having much less sex than if you’re girlfriend lived near you.


thoughts of cheating

Cheating is bound to happen in many relationships in the modern era.  Period.

Now if we are just talking about the typical long distance relationship, it’s probably 90-95%.

Especially if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s.

The desire to have sex is strong.

The temptation to stay loyal when there are so many options is low.

Your girlfriend can cheat on you with 10 dudes and you would never even know it, especially if she lives in a different city.

Do you really want to be worrying if your precious woman is out fucking and sucking someone else while you’re waiting for her to get home so you can call her?

I doubt it.

And as a young man living in a city, you’re going to want to fuck often too.

Especially if you were a former player or have your shit together.

If you lift weights, have good style, and are good with women, you’re going to realize that you’re missing out on tons of ass because you’re in a long distance relationship.

Constant texting and calling

texting back

You don’t have time to be texting your girlfriend all day and calling her every night.

Soon you’ll realize that you’re less productive putting in all that time on your phone with her than you were when you weren’t apart.

The constant texting and calling is a waste of your precious time.

You could be using that time to text or call potential clients for your business.

You could be building that business and growing your wealth.

Do you think every successful role model you have spent their nights calling their long distance relationship girlfriend?

No, they were grinding all day and night to make it happen.

You need to get shit done.

There’s just no time for that.

Less time with your boys

less time with the boys

As a man, you have to learn to be alone and not have a ton of close friends.

So it’s good to have a few close friends that you can kick it with, talk about life, go out, and bounce business ideas off of.

Chances are, your long distance relationship is going to suck up your free time with all the calling and texting.

You’ll likely loose to diminish the friendships you have.

It’s important for a man to have a few close comrades.

Because real friends will have your back throughout your life.  Your girlfriend is just a passing person who’s there this moment and gone the next.

Weakening of your abundance mindset

weakening of abundance mindset

Your abundance mindset can break or grow in a relationship.

It will usually dip after a break up, unless you’re an experienced player who can jump right back in the game.

But as a normal guy in a relationship, it can be high if the relationship is good, or bad is the relationship isn’t.

It’s tough for your abundance mindset to be high when your girl is ling distance and you know she can get any with fucking around.

It’s different when she’s local and you can be constantly fucking her.

You can pick up on her energy better and while you’ll never know for sure, can have much her certainty.

But in a long distance relationship, your abundance mindset can decline.

This is one of the worst things that can happen.

You always want to have a mentality of abundance in life.

With a girl who’s far away and out of your reach, you have little of that in your love life.

Distraction from your purpose

distraction from your purpose

No matter what, the biggest focus in your life should be your purpose.

My purpose is to help men lead better lives through real, applicable strategies.

That’s more important to me than any woman, let alone a ling distance relationship with one.

However, so many guys give up their purpose, or even things they like to do, in the hopes of making it work.

This is a huge mistake.

Your long distance relationship will probably fail.

And even if it doesn’t, you never know what will become of it.

You don’t always get what you put in when it comes to relationships, especially if you don’t fully understand women.

But with your purpose, you always reap what you sow.

Whether you’ve fucked 100 girls or 1, whether you are a stud or a nerd, your purpose will always give back to you.

It takes massive effort, but you’ll get a massive reward.

You won’t get this same guarantee with a long distance relationship.

As a businessman, why would you put effort into something that’s not a sure thing?

Especially when you have an alternative option that will grant you the success you want given you put in the effort.

Apply the same logic that you would to getting legally married as you would to long distance relationships.

Of course, marriage has far worst consequences.  But they both offer little return on investment even if they do work out.

Long distance is tough and will hold you back

Long distance is tough

Spending too much time with a girlfriend, like living with her, can cause you to break up.

Spending too much time away from a girlfriend, like a long distance relationship, will definitely cause you to break up.

It’s better to break it off if you’re going to go long distance then to suffer through the likely break up.

Unless you just want to tell people you have a girlfriend, or the “long distance”, is very temporary, you should’t be in a long distance relationship as a man that’s trying to get ahead in life.

It will stop you from being a producer, and you’ll regret the time you wasted trying to make it work.


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