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Masculine Frame: How to hold yourself as a man


Masculine Frame

Developing a masculine frame is how a man creates a powerful aura.  Your masculine frame is the way you carry yourself.  And it’s not just how you walk down the street with your head high and your chest up.  A man with a masculine frame can handle situations like a man’s man ought to.

Unfortunately, most men of today lack a masculine frame.  There has been a massive decline in strong, male role models for young men to look up to.  Both in their personal lives and in media.

Need for Male Role Models

A manly father makes a huge difference in a young man’s life.  He teaches him how a man handles situations, how to hold himself, and how to take on challenges that emerge.  Even having uncles around can teach men how to be men as they grow up.

But without a strong male role model, most men lack the upbringing to become masculine.  They have no idea how a man should act.

And it’s not just neutral.  Because there’s no neutral in life.  A boy without an alpha male dad is going to grow up learning how to be a man from a woman or a beta male.  He has a huge disadvantage compared to other men with strong fathers.  The boy that has a feminine father, or just a mother, is going to pick up the traits that those people posses.

There are some men who are the outliers and take control of their lives, despite not having a father or father-like figure.  But even then, there’s usually an uncle, a cousin, a brother, or even a TV character like James Bond they can model after.  Some of these outliers become some of the most masculine men around.

A few Ultra masculine Men and an army of Betas

However, for every 1 male without a father who becomes ultra masculine due to survival, there’s another 10 that become softer than a man is supposed to be.  So the net outcome is we have a ton of males without any masculine frame.

Without any kind of strong male influence, a child has little chance of developing a masculine frame as he ages.

Which means he has testosterone and the biology of a man, but he doesn’t know how to properly channel this.   Some guys get a grandfather, uncles, cousins, or even guy in their neighborhood that can fill that role.  But if a boy has no male role model, let alone a father, then he’s usually modeling himself after a female.  That’s what kids do.  They copy the parents and other humans around them.  That’s how they learn to speak, to communicate, and how to conduct themselves.

And if there’s no man around, it’s not just a neutral situation where he models no one.  If there’s not a father, and there’s no source of masculine energy present in his life, he’s screwed.  He’s going to copy his mother or the women around him.

While great mothers are essential for children, boys modeling their mothers gives you a generation of weak men.

Why does a man need a Masculine frame?

value - ceo - businessman

Without a masculine frame, a man won’t have any control over his life.  He’ll likely be a beta, always working a job he hates, being passive, and never living up to his true potential.  If he’s able to grow his masculine energy, but have no masculine frame, then he’ll never have control of himself.  Which can lead him to prison or down other roads that ultimately will lead to his downfall.

A man with a masculine frame is able to be a man, be strong, and be powerful, yet able to handle his emotions.  He’s cool, calm, collected, and he’s extremely confident.  Women can sense his manhood and respond well to his aura.  Men either respect or hate him.  Sometimes both.  Younger men and boys will admire this man.

Having a masculine frame simply means that you’re able to walk through life as a man.  You can be calm when needed, or take aggressive action when needed.

How to hold a Dominant Masculine Frame

Learning how to hold a dominant masculine frame doesn’t mean you’re trying to dominant others.  It means that your own frame is immovable.  You have a dominant frame – meaning no one can break it.  Of course this is idealistic.  Nobody has perfect frame control all the time.  Each of us can get agitated, we’re all human.  But the key is maintaining masculine frame as consistently as possible.

To make it easy for you guys, the key to developing a dominant masculine frame is to have these 3 things:

  1. Masculine Energy
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Ability to pass shit tests

Masculine Frame Definition

Masculine Energy + Emotional Control + Ability to pass shit tests = Masculine Frame

You first harness and build your masculine energy, gain emotional intelligence, and develop the ability to pass shit tests, from both women as well as men.  With these 3 elements, you’ll have a powerful masculine frame.

Masculine Energy

Your masculine energy is your life force energy.  It’s the sexual energy you have, but in a man, or person with more masculine tendencies, it manifests as masculine energy.  Our masculine energy is a combination of the testosterone in our bodies, toughness of our will power, and the brutality of our focus towards a purpose.

You develop masculine energy when you

  1. Develop principles
  2. Build Strength
  3. Create a purpose that inspires others
  4. Lead to Victory
  5. Create a legacy

Every masculine man has principles.  Your principles can vary depending on what you value.  But you must have consistent principles that you stick to no matter what.  This means saying No to some things as they come up.

Saying NO

power in relationships, man walking away from woman

When you’re able to say No to things, you really begin to plant the seeds for massive growth in your masculine energy.  The feminine is more agreeable, while the masculine more disagreeable.

You need a balance to a degree in life.  There’s benefits to growing your machiavellian / feminine energy.  But I won’t focus on that right now.  It’s much more important for the majority of men to focus on their masculine energy and their manhood.

After you develop principles, you need to grow your strength.  Physically this can be done through lifting weights and martial arts.  Mentally you do this by learning to say no to things that don’t align with your principles.

Create a purpose

The next step is to create a purpose that inspires others.  It can start off with just you.  But then you must create something that draws in other people.  A business is your purpose, but it can inspire others.  That’s how you get customers to buy from you and get employees to work for you.

A family is a purpose you set out to create, but it by nature brings other people into existence and into your purpose.  Even a gang is a purpose that inspires others.  This is an example of masculine energy but lacking emotional intelligence, at least in the non leaders, which leads down a bad path for most.

After creating a purpose that includes others, you lead your followers to victory and create a legacy.  Victory and legacy are the epitomes of masculine energy.  If you have the drive to achieve great victory and leave your mark, you’ll have an extremely powerful masculine energy.

Most men lack masculine energy.  But with it, you can become a strong man.  And by applying emotional intelligence and the ability to pass shit test, you’ll have a solid masculine frame.

Emotional Intelligence

james bond - limit alcohol

Emotional intelligence is absolutely essential for having a masculine frame.  Most men never harness their masculine energy that lies within them.  But for the ones that do, the next step is to develop emotional intelligence.

It doesn’t mean never get angry.  Emotional intelligence also doesn’t mean you become a beta, act weak, or become so understanding.

It means you know how to control your emotions and use them as you desire to get what you want.  Sometimes that means holding back your anger and keeping it cool.  Other times it means over emphasizing your anger or dissatisfaction in order to show you mean business.

You build your emotional intelligence by

  • figuring out your emotional triggers
  • practice switching emotions (happy, angry, seductive, jealous, etc.)
  • learning when to suppress emotions and when to exaggerate

Discovering your emotional triggers is critical for self awareness.  You won’t be able to maintain a masculine frame if someone brings up your ex who cheated on you or that you have no job.  Figure out what things trigger you emotionally. These can be things that make you too outwardly happy, jealous, angry, and so on.  It’s not bad to be happy, for example, but if something makes you extremely happy that’s out of your control, that can be used against you.

Like a hot girl coming over on the weekend, who could suddenly flake on you.  I get lots of emails and questions about that.  You placed all of your joy in that date / meeting, so you can’t handle it when she flakes.

Nail down your triggers.  Practice your emotions in the mirror.  This will give you the ability to feel what they’re like, and switch them, suppress them, or even expand upon them as you see fit.

Ability to pass shit tests

power of indifference: how to be indifferent

Your ability to pass shit tests will be much easier once you develop emotional intelligence.  That being said, it’s the more practical approach to dealing with situations once they come up.

You’ll get shit tests from women.  With girls you just met, with girls online, on the first date, back at your place, with girls you’re already sleeping with, and even with long time girlfriends.  And believe it or not, you’ll get shit tests from men as well.  From men trying to put you in the beta role in social situations, to customers/clients trying to lower your price, to all sorts of things.

Shit tests are when another person is testing your value.  Women do this to see if the man is worth sleeping with or worth seeing continually.  Because if you pass, your value is higher than hers, and therefore she sees you as strong and more valuable.

Men shit test too – Business example

Men act in the same way.  Clients and prospects will try to test your value.  When they complain about your price, and want to lessen what they need to pay, they’re seeing what you’re worth.  They’ll respect you more, and likely give you more future business, if you pass their shit tests and remain strong.

When I was in sales, I “lost” many deals because I wouldn’t go lower than a certain price.  But then 2 or 3 months later, the prospect would come back around after they “found” budget.  They were testing to see if I was desperate or not.  If I was, then the value of the services I provided would be seen as less in their eyes.  And I would’ve always been fighting to get paid a little for doing a lot of work.

But my ability to pass the shit test by not budging and not being desperate got me more business than I would’ve thought if you told me that on the first day of the job.  I could negotiate if it was a sizable deal, but I’m not going to fight for craps or devalue what I bring to the table.

I made six figures at a sales job because I knew the value my company brought and wouldn’t get desperate.  I had an abundance mindset, just like with women.

Same with women

You handle shit test from women the same way.  You don’t budge when they’re being unreasonable.  If a woman is making a light shit test, like joking with you, then you can joke with her back.  Because she can be flirting with you and lightly testing you at the same time.  Effectively passing her shit tests will help you get laid and avoid the friendzone.

Bigger shit tests are when a woman gives an ultimatum to be together or threatens to break up with you if you don’t do what she wants.

You handle these by being calm and tell her you’re on a purpose, you’re doing what you want to in life, and she can either hop onboard or fuck off.

James Bond has a strong frame

james bond trying to get laid

James Bond is a great example of a man with a masculine frame.  He’s not always the strongest, biggest guy in the room.  But he’s still athletic, capable, confident of his abilities, and never folds under pressure.

We admire James Bond because he always saves the day, kills the bad guy, and sleeps with the girl.  He’s the ultimate player / anti-hero.

And while you may not be able to be a secret agent, speak tons of languages, be a master martial artist, etc., you can learn a lot from James Bond, or another hero/anti-hero  of your choice.  Because it’s not all of his abilities that makes him admirable, although it doesn’t hurt.  It’s because he never loses frame.  Even when he faces certain death or is going to get his balls chopped off.  He always remains a man.

Always maintaining frame

It’s his ability to maintain a masculine frame no matter what.  Even with the threat of death, he’s still calm, witty, and suave.  He doesn’t let anyone else control his state of being.  Bond is masculine, yet not an uncontrollable, wild canyon.  He’s always in full control of how he feels and how he reacts.

He  clearly has masculine energy, emotional intelligence, and the ability to pass shit tests like no other.  In fact, nothing is even a shit test for Bond.  It’s a chance for him to be clever or indifferent.

Just by watching characters like James Bond, Don Draper, or whatever, you can learn a ton about masculine frame.  When you don’t have a male role model, you need to get one or become one.  YouTube search some scenes of James Bond or Don Draper handling situations like bosses.

Or even look at real life men like the Rock.  He maintains his frame in every situation he’s in.

It will not only inspire you.  It will train your brain to act differently.  I had a strong father to learn how to be a man from, but I still learn a ton from watching these characters at their peak.  Even if the actors might be feminine or not in real life, their portrayal of the masculine frame are great materials to study and adopt.

Built on each other

All of these are built on each other.  You first need to harness your masculine energy.  Then develop your emotional intelligence, and then pass shit tests.  You can still pass shit tests in the short term by knowing what to do in certain situations, but you’ll need to masculine energy and intelligence to pass shit tests that you haven’t thought about ahead of time.

Harness and grow your masculine energy.  Combined with your ability to not just have control over himself, but also pass shit tests, you’ll be able to have a masculine frame.

A masculine frame isn’t something you use in a scenario or a way you act once.

It’s the way you carry yourself.  You develop a masculine frame and make it part of who you are as a man.  If you follow the steps and build your masculine frame, then you’ll live life on a higher level, not having to take shit from other people.  Because you’re a motherfucking man.  And with a masculine frame, you’ll feel like it, act like it, and become it.

Don’t be affected by other people

Masculine traits - the rock

If you forget everything else, the key to having a strong, masculine frame is to simply never be rocked by what other people do or say.  If you can remain emotionally unaffected, or at least conduct yourself in a manner where you don’t give an emotional response to what other people do, then you’ll naturally maintain your own frame.


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