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How to Be More Masculine and Look more Masculine


How to Be More Masculine and Look more Masculine

Determining how to be more masculine and how to look more masculine will simply make you more of a man on the inside and outside.

Simply put, a masculine man has a purpose, has dating options, and has powerful masculine energy.  It takes time to become a man with true masculinity.  Most men in past times were masculine men by default if they made it to adulthood.  Just the fact of serving wars between tribes, hunting, and surviving would grow your manhood in immense ways.

But in today’s day and age, especially in the west, there are few masculine men left.  And the ones that are tend to run the world.

Why you should become a masculine man

If you’re not a masculine man, then you should want to learn how to be more masculine.  That’s if you want control over your money + a lot of it, dating options, and to actually feel like a real man.  And at the same time while working on your inner manhood, you should also be learning how to look more masculine.  It feels good to look masculine, you’ll be more attractive, and you’ll have a better chance at avoiding physical situations.

With the right father figure, becoming a strong, powerful, confident man is natural.  But without one, like many men today, you can become a full blown beta male.  Or just not as masculine as you want to be.  Even with men with fathers have become beta-ized by society.  This is why we have a lot of weak men walking around.  The good news is that if you learn how to be more masculine, then the opportunity to be successful in life is greater than ever.

When you’re a man with real balls, you can live life to the fullest.  You can live where you want, date the kinds of women you enjoy, build a successful career, and stand up for what you believe in.

This is the true nature of masculine energy at its core.  Unfortunately, most males today aren’t masculine.  They suffer from weak, needy behavior.  Long-term, this is bad for society.  However, if you’re one of the few true men out there, then it’s never been a better time to be alive.

Characteristics of a masculine man

It’s true that guys in jail and in the military tend to be masculine as fuck and will have on average the most masculine men.  However life in jail sucks ass.  Your masculinity is all you have in there.  Your life is shit.  So going to jail or prison isn’t an option.

I have all the respect in the world for men who choose to join the military.  That’s masculinity on another level.  But that’s not my path, and you can become a man without having to do that.  Nevertheless, if that’s your calling then respect and more power to you.

How to be more masculine

  1. Stands up to others when necessary
  2. Pursues his purpose and has control over his money
  3. Leads his romantic with relationships with women

1. Stands up to others when necessary

When you think of a masculine man, you think of a guy who’s tough or who’s willing to fight.  And you’re right to think that.  Because a true man will stand up to other men when he needs to.  Doesn’t mean you have to be looking for a fight or can’t keep things calm if possible.

But when other men are trying to punk you or your friends/girl/family, you step in like a true man does.  It’s about protecting people in your circle.  And it’s also about respect.  If a man tries to start shit with my friend I’ll have my friends back.

Doesn’t mean you’re going to fight everyone on the spot.  If your boss disrespects you, you’re not going to punch him in the face.  If your girlfriend talks shit to you, you’re never going to lay hands on her.  However, if you want to learn how to be more masculine then you need to be able to stick up for yourself.

You’re not going to take shit.  You work on your side business and tell your boss to fuck off when you have the financial means to quit.  You take attention away from your girlfriend when she’s disrespectful, and make it clear what you’re tolerate.

2. Pursues his purpose and has control over his money

With the above example, it’s tough to be a truly masculine, powerful man when you depend on another man for money.  Determining how to be more masculine is simply if you realize that men need a purpose.  And a true alpha male can’t spend his whole life working for another man.

You can sleep with girls, lift weights, and know how to fight.  But if you’re overweight, weak boss can still hold power over your paycheck.  If you’re in debt like most people, you have no choice but to take his shit.

That’s why you need to have full control over your money.  You do this by spending less money, making more of it, and stacking your cash.  When you have a fat savings account, you have more control over your life.  Then you drop your employee mindset and adopt an entrepreneur’s way of thinking.  Pick a way to provide value to people.

And you do this by pursuing your passions and purpose.  Learning how to be more masculine will be a by product of having a purpose in the form of a business.  He creates his own purpose.  If you want to be masculine, you need to find something you like and get good at it.  Men are ambitious by nature.

3. Be a leader in your romantic with relationships with women

Whether you’re dating different women or have a girlfriend or wife, you need to be a leader in your romantic relationships if you want to know how to be more masculine.

The easiest way to do this?  dealing with women who have high interest and will naturally be more feminine around you.  However, it’s still up to you to maintain your manhood in relationships.  You don’t need to overthink being macho.  If you do a few simply things, you’ll be able to have healthy relationships with women and also lead.

  1. Date high quality women
  2. Set terms for relationships with any woman you get exclusive with
  3. Keep her accountable to your terms
  4. Make decisions and stop being indecisive
  5. Be willing to walk away

If you can do these things then you’ll be a leader in your relationships with women.  Even if you’re dating women and not in a committed relationship, it’s still best to deal with high quality women.  These are women you find attractive and also enjoy their company.

If you get a girlfriend or wife, then you need to have clear terms, keep accountability for these terms, make decisions, and be willing to walk away.  If you do this things, then chances are low that you’ll ever need to walk away.  You’ll also know how to be more masculine in other areas of your life because you’re masculine in your relationships with women.  This transfers over to how you carry yourself with others.

How to look more masculine

Learning how to be more masculine on the inside is the most important, however it’s still beneficial to know how to look more masculine.  This is being masculine on the outside.  Your muscles, ability to handle yourself, and how you look.

  1. Life weights
  2. Dress like a man and groom yourself

1. Lift weights

Lifting weights will build muscle and make you look + feel more masculine.  People will treat you with more respect and you’ll feel more able to handle yourself in physical confrontation.

Determining how to look more masculine can be done simply by lifting weights and eating right.  Lift 3-4 times a week and eat healthy foods.  If you want to add some cardio you can do that as well.  This can help you to be extra lean add sex appeal.

Learn how to fight

Every man should learn how to fight.  Whether it’s boxing, bjj, wrestling, muay thai, or combining it and doing mma.  Learning a real martial art will allow you to defend yourself and others when need be.

You don’t need to be a pro fighter but you need to be able to defend yourself.  When you’re able to handle yourself physically you’re going to have the ability will make your presence more masculine.  Women will be attracted to it and men will respect it.  If shit happens and you need to fight, you’ll have training to at least hold your own.

It’s also the best cardio you can do.

2. Dress like a man and groom yourself

Evaluating how to look more masculine can be as easy as looking in the mirror.  Are you wearing clothes that make you look like solid man?  A good pair of shoes, jeans, and a sport shirt will make you look sharp.  If you want to wear a regular t-shirt or v-neck and be more casual than you can still look masculine.  This is where the body game comes in.  When your body is right, and your clothes are fitted to you – meaning they’re the right size – you’re going to look masculine.  Get your body right and wear decent clothes.

Make sure your hair is on point too.  A haircut can make your face more masculine depending on the shape of you face.  Some men look good with buzz cuts, others with a bit of hair on top then fades on the sides, others look more manly bald.  It just depends on what face you already have.

Do what you believe in to be more Masculine

If you want to know how to be more masculine and how to look more masculine then start doing what you believe in.  You know you want to be strong so you not only look more masculine but can also build discipline and handle yourself physically.

Owning a business will allow you to do what you believe in.  It will give you money, resources, and it will also allow you to carry yourself in a masculine way.  when you’re on your purpose, you learn how to be more masculine because you carry yourself like a man.  It takes a man to be independent and make it on his own.

Most men are too afraid to pursue their dreams, stand up for themselves, and just take on the world.  But if you can do those things, you’ll live an incredible life.  You can do the things like lifting weights and grooming yourself right to know how look more masculine.  If you work towards your purpose, develop values you stand by, and do what you believe in, then you’ll have figured out how to be more masculine as well.


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