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Men’s Style 101: How to Dress well as a Man

Men’s Style 101: How to Dress well as a Man

how to dress well as a man

Knowing how to dress well as a man is an easy way to boost your sexual market value and feel cool.  You can easily improve your rating by a point or point and a half just by having good style.

Why style is important

Besides helping you to get women, having decent style will also help you in business and get respect from men.  Even if you don’t care about the opinions of others, it’s still beneficial for other men to respect you.  Knowing how to dress well can aid in getting more deals for your business and help with your reputation.

Plus it just feels good when you know your style is on point.  There’s no reason any man should be looking like a nerd or gross because of what he wears and how he presents himself.  All of you have the ability to get a solid wardrobe and look presentable.

There’s no excuse not to.  You can dress casual and still have a solid men’s style.

First, I’m going to cover some essentials.  Every man can learn how to dress well in his own way.  Not every style is exactly the same.  But there are some essential categories in men’s style that you should be aware of.

Then after covering the essentials, we’ll dive into the 3 basic looks, and a few sub-looks depending on your demographic.


  • fitted clothes
  • good hair
  • facial hair
  • hygiene
  • shoes
  • watches
  • earrings and accessories

Fitted clothes

Knowing how to dress well as a man requires that you have fitted clothes.  This doesn’t mean everything needs to be skin tight.  There’s some flexibility with this when it comes to jeans and pants.

But a man’s style should have clothes that fits his body.  Dress shirts and v-necks shouldn’t be too small, but they should show off your frame.  Blazers should be fitted and tailored to your body.  This is especially true if you have an athletic build.  Meaning you have wide shoulders and a smaller waist compared to the average man.  Most of you will if you’re even somewhat active in the gym, as the standards for an athletic build are low.

Wearing clothes that actually fit you is an easy thing to do, but extremely important.  It can make the difference between showing off your body and having it do unnoticed.

Good hair

So many men that suck with women and with their style in general need a few tips with hair.  If you have hair that goes in front on your forehead, do me a favor and cut that shit off.

bad hair cut man   bad hair v2    receding hair line

(Bad hair)

If you’re balding or have a receding hair line and can’t get it to grow back, just go with the bald look.  Bald men can look confident and masculine.  But men with receding hair lines are doing themselves a disservice.

Here’s some good hair examples

how to dress well as a man - good hair ryan gosling good hair as a man men's style - good hair

And even the Rock was smart to just go bald once he started losing hair

the rock - bald

You can make your hair your own.  Putting it up, to the side, or doing something with it to make it look decent will go a long way.  When in doubt, ask your hair stylist to have some fun and help you out with your new look.

Right now, you can literally go out and get yourself a good haircut for $20.  It makes a massive difference to your appearance.

Facial hair

Facial hair is like the hair on your head.  It can look good and make you more attractive.  Or it can fuck up your style if you do nothing and get lazy.

Sometimes I’m clean shaven, sometimes I grow out a beard.  But I generally keep my facial hair short with a little bit of scruff.  I’ll shave around the lips so I don’t have a mustache.  How you do your facial hair is up to you, but just make sure it looks good.

men's style facial hair   how to dress well - beard  facial hair on a good looking man

These men have facial hair that enhances their style.  The first two have short beards.  But they definitely trim them.  The third man has a little bit of scruff but keeps it fairly short.

Whether you want to have a beard, some scruff, or be completely clean shaven is up to you and your individual style.  There’s no one dominant way to learn how to dress well as a man.  Just make sure you’re keeping your facial hair in tact and fresh.


Hygiene means smelling good, brushing your teeth, taking showers regularly, and maintaining overall cleanliness.

Keeping your teeth clean is major essential.  Brush and floss everyday.  Get invisalign if you have messed up teeth.  Use teeth whiteners to keep your teeth looking healthy and give your smile a boost.

Take showers and wear deodorant.  Do laundry regularly to ensure that your clothes don’t start to smell.  Hygiene is a basic part of your style that you should already be on top of.  But if you’re not, then you must get on this asap.  Nothing is a bigger turn off then body odor, greasy hair, or bad breathe.


Shoes are a big deal when it comes to your style.  You can’t know how to dress well as a man without having decent shoes.  Good shoes can take a regular outfit and make you standout.  Bad shoes can also destroy an otherwise good style.  There’s so many different types of shoes that I can’t cover all of them in this article.  So I’ll break it down in two main categories.

  1. Dress shoes
  2. Casual shoes

Dress shoes

  • Formal shoes that you can wear for business, or out at nice events, nightclubs, bars, etc.
  • Casual shoes that you wear walking around or less formal events

There are tons of different styles of each.  For dress shoes, you can’t go wrong with a pair of allen edmonds.

how to be a player - shoes

You can pick up nice shoes during sales around $150-300.  A good pair of dress shoes can last you 5+ years and is a great return on your investment.  Casual shoes vary a lot on your style and what you’re doing.  For example, you could wear a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s.

nike air force 1

Or you can wear vans.

vans mens

It depends on your budget and personal taste.  There are tons of decent shoes that can go with your outfit.  Don’t skip out on a nice pair of shoes.  Even if you get a cheap pair of vans, casual shoes are important for a man’s style.  Dress shoes will make a difference when you’re out at night or if you’re grinding on your business.


It’s 2019 and we don’t really need watches to tell the time anymore.  We have smartphones for that.

However, you’d be missing out on a fashion accessory that can show you have style.  Adding a solid watch on your wrist can make it seem like you have an extra status / money boost.  And it also just feels good to have a nice watch on.  You don’t need to buy a rolex or omega to have a watch that upgrades your style.  Unless your rich, you shouldn’t be blowing thousands of dollars on a watch anyways.

That being said, there are numerous brands that offer watches in the $100-400 range.

Citizen is one of my favorites.

men's style - citizen watch

MVMT  has minimalist style watches.

MVMT watch

They’re not my personal style, but they’re popular with guys who want a minimalist watches for less than $200.  If you’re under 25 then this isn’t a bad watch to get.  But I feel for the older guys, you can afford to spend a little more on a nicer watch.

However, this is only after you’ve started to build some wealth or are making money on the side.  If you’re still a wage slave with no savings then you always need to be looking to save.


Wearing a fitted blazer will make you look like a boss.  Get a color that goes well with your skin tone.  My favorite blazers have always been dark blue.

blue blazer - player clothes

But I also have rocked a burgundy, black, and grey blazer.  Know how to dress well as a man is easy if you’re able to find a blazer that fits you well and goes well with your skin.

Dress shirts

Dress shirts are essential for both work and for partying.  You can wear a dress shirt standalone or with a blazer.  You can get dress shirts that are a solid color or get things with more designs depending on your own taste.

black dress shirt

jared lang dress shirt

There are tons of dress shirts you can get on sales at macy’s or nordstrom’s.  If you have more money and like designer clothes, the burgundy shirt above is from jared lang.  There are tons of brands like this one that have stylish shirts for men.

Other accessories 

There are countless other accessories you can add on.  Things like

  • earrings
  • piercings
  • chains
  • necklaces
  • bracelets

I don’t have any earrings, but plenty of men incorporate them well into their look.  I also don’t have any piercings in other places on my body.  Besides your eyes, you really shouldn’t have other piercings as a straight man unless you have a certain look like goth, emo, or so on.  There’s nothing wrong with them, but they can come off as feminine and lower your potentially make you look less masculine.

Some men also wear chains to show off their wealth, in a similar way to wearing a nice watch.  I don’t wear any chains, but I’ll rock a nice necklace once in a while.  One thing I do wear besides a nice watch is a bracelet.  Something similar to this picture.

men's style bracelet

I didn’t wear it to add to my style at first.  However I ended up liking it and it makes me feel more grounded.  Some men wear these on the same wrist as their watch.  But I prefer to have a bracelet on my right arm and have a watch on my left.

It can add some character and goes well on the West Coast.

Location matters

There are tons of different types of styles.  And a big factor on what you where will be your location.  Wearing a bracelet makes since when you’re in California or the West Coast.  But it wouldn’t make as much sense in New York.  In business calls in san Francisco, wearing a blazer was even too much at times.  Jeans and a regular shirt was usually the norm.

But in New York or Chicago, you better be looking professional.

Where you are in the world, and what type of event you’re going to, or what your business is determines what you should wear.  You don’t need to look like everyone else exactly.  But you should learn how to dress around the same level, but just a tad bit better.

Main styles

The main styles grown men should rock

  1. Casual
  2. Business Casual
  3. Professional

As a grown ass man, who’s on his purpose and building a business, there’s a few styles that you can go between.

Casual, business casual, and professional.

Casual is used when you’re not meeting with clients and you’re just going about town.  Generally a good pair of jeans, nice casual shoes, a nice watch, and a v-neck or stylish shirt should be your go to outfit.

Business casual is usually jeans, a nice dress shirt, dress shoes, a watch, and sometimes a blazer.  For more formal areas, a blazer goes well with business casual, and for less formal areas, a blazer can be a little too much.  In general though, a nice blazer with jeans will take you a long way.  This can be used for business in more casual areas like LA or SF, or even for a night out.

Professional is mainly going to be if you’re meeting with high level clients, or if you work in a city like New York, Chicago, or London wear people expect you to dress at a higher level.

Other styles

As an entrepreneur and a bad boy building his wealth, you have the essential styles needed to aid in your efforts.  However, if you belong to a different subculture, then you can adjust how to dress as needed.  For example, subcultures like

  1. Biker
  2. Hip hop
  3. Skater
  4. Hipster

Will each have different standards of dressing well.  A hipster in Portland is going to wear nice flannels, glasses, and have a beard.  Where as someone in hip hop culture in New York is going to have a nice pair of jordans, nice jeans, and a snapback on.

If you belong to different subcultures, then you can adjust your casual wear accordingly.

Everyone has their own style

Not all of us are going to look the same.  But unless you belong to a very specific, niche social group, you’re going to be able to follow the main principles here and look good.  From here, you can mix things up, and create your own unique style.

It’s not hard learn how to dress well as a man.  Doing so will boost your sexual market value, make you feel better, and will even help you in business.  More girls will want to sleep with you, more people will want to work with you, and it just feels good when you know you look like a boss.  If you think like a pimp, then you should realize how big the ROI of adopting these men’s style tips can be, especially for the little work it takes to buy some clothes.

There’s no excuses not to figure out your style and learn how to dress well as a man.  As you become a boss in life, make sure you look the part.


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