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Money over Sex: Chase cash, not ass

Money over Sex: Why you should Chase cash, not ass

money over sex

If you’re a man of any age and you’re not a millionaire, you need to value money over sex.

And if you are a millionaire or you’re wealthy, then you’ve already learned to prioritize money over sex.

The biggest mistake men make

The biggest mistake I see young men make is chasing pussy over their money.

I’m guilty of this myself too.

My mistake in my early and mid 20s

I’m in my later 20’s now and have fucked plenty of women.

But when I was in my early twenties I valued chasing women more than I did making money.

I wasn’t broke, I still making six figures with my sales job.

But I could’ve been making more money.

And that would’ve helped me out today.

  • I could’ve had more money stacked away.
  • I also could’ve had more money to invest in other business ideas.

Why you should value money over sex

don't blow money

There’s many reasons why you should chase money over sex.

As a man, the best reasons you value the dollar over pussy:

  1. Money is flexible
  2. Money has use in the present
  3. A man with more money gets higher quality women
  4. Money can save your life
  5. More sex in the long run
  6. Freedom is obtained by having money, not sex
  7. You can spend money to get easy sex
  8. Money compounds over years, sex doesn’t

Money is flexible

You can save it, invest it in a business, put it into real estate, help out your family, travel the world.

Money can be used in so many different ways.

Sex is great when you have it.

But it’s gone afterwards.

I have some great memories of fucking attractive women.

I don’t regret any of those times.

But eventually you fuck enough women where a lot of the experiences blend together.

Money has use in the present

You should value money over sex because you can use money now.

If you’re hungry, you can go buy a hamburger.  But the sex you had last night isn’t going to feed you today.

If you have money, then you have options.

You can plan your day out and not worry about penny pinching.

When you’re broke, you still want to find ways to spend less money.

I’m not saying be a dumbass with your financial situation.

Nevertheless, when you build up your brank account, you can do things in the present without having to worry about fitting something into your budget, or skipping drinks with the boys.

A man with more money gets higher quality women

high quality women

As men, we look at women’s looks as just that… which is what they look like.

But women look at a rich man and instantly make him more attractive in their minds.

Yea there are beta bucks, alpha fucks.

But the cream of the crop guys are rich alphas.

These men have their pick of the highest quality women.

You still need to be in shape and not be fucking weird.

But combine that with money, and wardrobe that reflects this, and you’ll get higher quality women.

Money can save your life

Do you think the best hospitals, doctors, and surgeons care that you fucked over 30, 50, or even 100 women in your lifetime?

I’ll help you out… they don’t give a fuck.

But you know what they do care about?


If you have the cash, then you can get the best health care available.

That probably sounds boring as fuck to you if you’re healthy.

But look at people in your life who had something happen to their health suddenly or almost overnight.

All of their other worries go out the door.

It’s a scary thing when you’re in a health situation where you can face death.

And you’re going to want the best healthcare you can possibly get.

You get that having money.

Money over sex should be a no brainer when it comes to your health.  Most young guys don’t think about this because they’re healthy and just want to bone women.

But you have to think about your life short term and long term.

And you’re going to want to have the cash to get the best medical attention as possible when the time comes.

More sex in the long run

good sex

It’s ironic, but if you value money over sex, you’ll have the option to have more sex in the long run.

Short term, chasing money will get you less sex.  And naturally, chasing sex will get you more sex.

However, this is only up to a certain point.

If you grind for a few years and make a lot of money, you’ll be in a position where you can get more sex.

Whether it’s the clothes you wear, the more available time you have, using it directly to pay for it, or the ability to travel, money will get you sex.

Sex doesn’t hold the same value in the present

But the sex you had won’t get you more sex.

I mean, it will to a degree.  The experience you get fucking a lot of women will help you get laid more.

But when you age and get older, you’ll pull women who are closer to your age and not as attractive.

That changes though if you have money.

It’s the great equalizer.

A broke or average man in his 40s or 50s won’t be fucking with hot women in their 20s.  But if the man has money, then that’s a different situation.

Plenty of rich or just decently well off men can fuck young hot women.  And it’s not for their personalities or grey hair.

It’s because of that bank account.

Freedom is obtained by having money, not sex

freedom is amazing

Freedom is a beautiful thing.

The ability to not have a manager or boss shouldn’t be understated.  Living where you want.  Working on something you actually love to do.

Choosing how you want to spend your day, what hours you work, and who you surround yourself with.

When you have control of your money, like through becoming an entrepreneur, then this is your reality.

It’s a sad fact that money is freedom.

And you can literally buy your way out of freedom if you have enough money saved or can make your own money through a business.

We live in an economical world.  We need resources to survive and do the things we want to do.  Money is essentially access to resources.

If you hate your job then you hate your life.

That was the biggest motivator for me to make the switch and choose money over sex.

Sex was fun is still fun for me now.  But it used to be more of escape from my job.

I would live for the weekend or for my meet up with a hot girl.  Because I hated the majority of my life which was my job.

It’s still fun now when I invite girls over or meet new ones.  It’s different though.

For me it’s like icing on the cake to a great day of building my business and creating wealth.

When I was younger, it was my escape that I used to motivate me to get through the day.

The mentality now is totally different.

And it’s much better having the freedom I have now.

I focused on money and now I have freedom.

You can spend money to get easy sex

Another reason to value money over sex is simply that you can use money to get sex.

Now, I don’t really advise this for guys 18-30, or even up to 35/40.

You’re young enough where you don’t need to pay for sex to fuck attractive women.  And you should be focusing on storing up that money.

But if you’re getting into your later 30s, 40s, or 50s, and you have a lot fo money, then you can use a small amount to get easy sex.

The hottest women in a city, the 9s and 10s, will fuck the top alphas and rich guys who pay them.

If you’re older and have money, you can fuck the hottest women in your city for $1000 or so.

“Sugar babies”

money over sex, sugar baby example

I know this because one of the hottest girls I ever fucked had a sugar daddy who paid her this much just for sex, each time they met up.

Basically semi-pro (like a prostitute but isn’t fucking 5 gives a night).

It would blow my mind and I thought the guy was a dumbass.

She was hot as fuck… but someone would spend that much on pussy?

However, now I can see how it might be worth it.

$1000 isn’t a lot of money to a wealthy guy.

And if you’re an old man, the young hot girls aren’t ever going to fuck you for free.

But they’ll definitely do it for money.

If you’re busy with business meetings, make a shit ton of money, and want to fuck young attractive women, then it makes sense.

Again, I don’t advise a guy in his 20s to use his savings to fuck a 9 or 10.

That’s stupid as fuck.

Save your cash.

But if you build up your wealth by chasing money over sex, then when you’re older you can use that money to fuck beautiful women.

Ideally, you fuck enough women when you’re young that you don’t feel the need to do this. But if you think you’re going to be an old horny bastard, then you better save up.

Money compounds over years, sex doesn’t

money compounds over time

Money, if invested right, will compound over time.

The $1000 you have in savings when you’re 25 can be $10,000, $30,000, or $200,000 by the time you’re 45 if you invest it in a business.

The more money you make means the more value you’ll compound over time.

Sex doesn’t compound over time.

You have it when it’s there.

But the sex you have now won’t mean that much to you in 10 years.

There’s those girls who deep throated you that you’ll smile about from time to time.  So there’s a little bit of value in the sex you’ll have.

That being said, it comes nowhere close to the value your money will bring you.

With compound interest, the good money you make when you’re young can be amazing money in 10-20 years from now.

How to make the mindset shift

  1. Fuck 10 to 20 women
  2. Develop your purpose
  3. Adopt an Entrepreneur’s and Producer’s Mindset
  4. Make a schedule for yourself
  5. Learn the power of value
  6. Create a 5 year and 10 year plan

1. Fuck 10 to 20 women

This whole post is telling you to value money over sex, so fucking 10 to 20 women may seem like a weird first step.

But it’s hard to focus solely on money when you’re horny and feel like you’re completely missing out.

Fuck at least 10 to 20 women (total lifetime number of girls you slept with) so you know you can at least get laid.

This way you’ll have some decent sex experiences as well.

The average man only sleeps with 7 or 8 women in his entire lifetime.  So if you fuck 10-20, you’re above average.

Of course you’re here to be more than just average.

But use this as a mental strategy to get over putting the pussy on a pedestal and instead chase money over sex.

If you’ve already slept with 20+ women, then you need to stop focusing so much on sex.

Realize that the vast majority of guys sleep with nowhere near the amount of women as you.  If I tell you I slept with over 100 women, it makes your 20 seem small.  But 20 women is still a lot of women.

Even 12 or 13 is pretty good.

First step if to get your lifetime notch count to at least 10 or so.

2. Develop your purpose

how to find your purpose

Alright, so you have some experience with women.

You’re not a virgin, and you’ve slept with at least 10-20 women.

Know you need to put women on the back burner.  You can still fuck if the opportunity arises.

But you’re not chasing women anymore.

Instead, you’re developing your purpose.

Your purpose is something that you are

  • good at
  • love / enjoy doing
  • can make money with

Ideally, your purpose is a business.

And you need to become married to your purpose.  Never cheat on it, because when you do, you’re cheating on yourself.

3. Adopt an Entrepreneur’s and Producer’s Mindset

Once you develop your purpose, you’re going to need to turn it into a business.

And to do that, you’re going to have some changes in the way you think.

You’re going to have to make the shift from thinking like an

Employee to entrepreneur

entrepreneur vs employee mindset

You’re going to need to learn about ownership.  No longer just showing up to work and clocking in and out.

Your business is your baby.  It’s your responsibility completely.

For the first few years, it’s about grinding, grinding and grinding.  Working more than everyone else.  And just staying in the game.

An entrepreneur has a long-term vision for their success.

They look at the market consistently.  Who are your competitors, what are they doing, how can you win in the market?

These are questions the entrepreneur asks himself.

Chasing money over sex means you’re chasing the revenue.  Employees don’t have to care about this.  They focus on what they get and when their vacation is coming up.

You need to change this and make your business your life.

Consumer to Producer

The other mental strategy you need to focus on is shifting your way of thinking from a consumer to a producer.

Instead of finding joy from buying things, spending money, and pleasure, learn to find joy from creating.

A producer is always looking at additional ways to create value.

If you make creating value for your audience  your main focus, then you will naturally value money over sex.

Sex is something that is a nice break from your grind.

But producing content or value for your customers is what drives you.

Its feels great to get shit done.

Start with small wins, like getting your first client, getting a logo for your brand, etc.

Eventually, the momentum adds up and you’ll become addicted to producing instead of consuming.

4. Make a schedule for yourself

Thinking like an entrepreneur and a producer requires you to have a tight schedule.

Successful men can’t afford to waste time.

And you’re trying to be a successful man.

Develop a schedule that works best for you.

For example, if you still work a job

  • 6am, lift weights or workout
  • 8am-5pm, work at your day job
  • 6pm, eat dinner
  • 7pm-11pm, work on your side business (aka your purpose)
  • once or twice a week, work with while eating dinner 6-9pm), then 9pm – free time, go get drinks with a woman, meet up with a friend, etc.

If you have your own business

  • 6am, lifting weights or workout
  • 8am-6pm, work on your business
  • 6pm, eat dinner
  • 7pm, productive consuming, like reading a book, looking up SEO, listening to thought leaders in your niche, reading up on sales/marketing
  • 9pm – free time, get drinks with a woman or have a regular over, meet up with a friend, etc.

You can see the schedule for a man who’s still working a full-time job is much more hectic.

It takes a lot of effort to put those extra hours in after work.

You can still have a date or fuck a regular girl once or twice a week.  But you need to keep track of your schedule like it’s a religion.

When you’re first starting out, you really have to go the extra mile to put money over sex.

And nailing down a solid schedule will help you do that in a big way.

5. Learn the power of value

fair value

Everything comes down to value.

You need to take some time to study what other people find valuable, and then give that to them.

If you do this, then you’ll succeed in business and with women.

You’ll pay attention to what your customers want.  And then you can deliver that to them.

In return for providing value, they’ll reward you by paying you.

With women, you’ll see the truth in that they want the highest possible catch of a guy they can land.

You’ll realize that chasing money over sex will add to your value, not subtract from it.

Your fitness, style, ability to talk to people, and your finances will all improve.  Your confidence will elevate to all time high levels.

And in truth, your dating options will expand.

6. Create a 5 year and 10 year plan

man creating 5 year plan

Part of having that long term vision we touched on easier is having a game plan.

I’m talking about a 5 year and 10 year game plan.

You have your purpose nailed down.  And you’ve created a business out of it.

Now you need to not only stay dedicated to it, but you need to grow it.

And in order to do this, you need to have a plan.

The real results might be a little different than how you originally imagine it.

However, you still need to come up with goals for where you want to be in 5 years from now and 10 years from now.

This will help you get to where you want to be.

If you want big things, then you need to plan to make it happen.

Maybe you see yourself making 200k a year in a  downtown apartment 5 years from now.

That may be a big goal for you to have.  But it’s still realistic and achievable.

Maybe 10 years form now you want to have a big house in a foreign country?

It’s definitely possible.

People tend to give themselves massive goals that they fail at in a year’s time frame.

On the flip side, they send to doubt what they can do in a longer time frame of 5 or 10 years.

Create goals for what you want and develop a strategy to get there.

Then putting money over sex will fall into place naturally.

Chasing the one night stands will fall down the priority list compared to that condo by the beach or beautiful apartment in your dream city.

Money over sex

Chasing money over sex will bring you so much more happiness in the long run.

You’ll get more sex with higher quality women, you’ll have freedom, and you’ll have an asset you can actually use in the future.

Even Drake agrees to choose money over sex in lyrics during I’m Upset.

I’m saying not saying that sex is bad or that you can’t ever have fun.

I still recommend every guy fucks at least 10-20 girls so he gets some experience.

But it shouldn’t be your first priority.

It should be definitely be after money.

Your financial independence is #1.

Followed by your

  • health
  • relationships with friends/family
  • hobbies/interests
  • and then sex

Once you get some beginner experience with women, then prioritize your life like this.

So chase ass for a little bit to get it out of your system.  But not for that long.  After 10-20 fucks, it’s time to chase money over sex.

If you prioritize your life like this, you’ll be much happier.  And you’ll get higher quality ass.


cash, cash not ass, chase money, chase money over sex, money, money over sex, sex

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