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Monk Mode Morning Routine


Monk Mode Morning Routine

Having a morning routine for monk mode ensures you’re maximizing your time.  After all, the whole point of retaining your seed long term and taking time away from the world is to grow.  You will make much greater strides if you have a routine that will lay the foundation for the rest of your day.

Recap of Monk Mode

The purpose of monk mode is to gather your energy and dedicate time to yourself.

Monk mode is the final step in the nofap and semen retention path.  First comes nofap, where a man decides to stop masturbating.  However, he still may have sex and release his seed in that event.  Then comes semen retention, where a man is abstaining from masturbation and sex, or in some cases has sex but is not ejaculating.  Then comes monk mode.  Many men do monk mode by default when they do semen retention because they’re abstaining from sex.

Long term retention is necessary for monk mode.  But monk mode isn’t just retaining your seed.  Long term semen retention is the foundation for monk mode.  It’s the tool you use to enter monk mode.  However, it’s not the end all be all.  It simply allows you to walk into the path of the monk.  Monk mode is about cultivating your energy, and then using it for a higher purpose.

This purpose is up to you

It can be purely for gain in the physical world or a purely spiritual endeavor.  For example, a man could enter monk mode while he’s in medical school or residency to aid him on becoming a doctor.  Another man could enter monk mode by literally becoming a monk.

However, most men will find that monk mode is a path that’s advantageous to both your physical and spiritual aspects.

The physical and spiritual aren’t so separate.  It’s just that the physical is more dense, and appears more real.  While the spiritual is less dense, and takes more awareness to grasp hold of.  But both work with each other.

How long should Monk Mode last?

This is completely up to you.  Some men will enter monk mode for a few months, others a few years, and others for life.

For most men, 3-18 months is about the average.  I’d recommend you do at least 3 months in a monk mode.  And if you can set apart 6 months, 1 year, or even 2 years, then this will catapult you ahead massively in life.

Even if you don’t obtain large amounts of money, complete financial freedom, or deep spiritual insight by the time it’s done doing 1 year of monk mode will snowball.  Meaning you’ll build tons of momentum that might not manifest until a few years after your monk mode is done.

And even more importantly is the mental strength, peace of mind, clarity, and independence you develop on monk mode.  You learn to value your own energy, time, and actually develop happiness all alone.

This will give you a sense of abundance and will allow you to enter into relationships correctly in the future.  A man who can do 1 year of monk mode is a man who develops the discernment to tell whether someone is a good fit for his life.

The Importance of a Morning Routine

Now let’s discuss having a morning routine.

Your morning routine is absolutely critical.  While you can have an unproductive morning and turn the day around, this is a massive uphill battle.  It’s so much easier to start off the day right.

Having a morning routine for monk mode will make your time much more useful.

Successful people all have morning routines

  • Doctors have morning routines
  • CEO’s have morning routines
  • Farmers have morning routines
  • Buddhist monks have morning routines
  • Yogi’s have morning routines

So you too should have a morning routine.

Life force energy must be properly managed

While retaining you can get away with not being as organized because your spiritual energy is so powerful.  However, not establishing a routine can also allow the sexual energy to take over and take you down a path of relapse.  It’s important never to get too cocky and think that lust is defeated.  At a certain point, lust can vanish, but this is (generally) over a year into retaining.

Embrace the confidence, just be aware that the same life force energy that gives you this massive confidence is the same life force that wants to replicate itself.  It’s up to you to be aware that your own energy can be overwhelming if you aren’t diligent.

By establishing a morning routine, you start off the day right.  You accomplish tasks early on, which builds momentum for the day.  It’s much easier to have the will power to do what’s needed (and avoid what you must) when you have momentum.  Because you feel accomplished.

When you haven’t done anything, it’s much easier to give into temptation and get off of monk mode.

Morning Routine Examples

I’ll give a few variations of a morning routine depending on your temperament and goals.  There are some of you who are using monk mode for future material success, others for spiritual growth, and most are hybrids.  So the examples will follow suit.  These are by no way meant to be the “only” way to conduct yourself.  The best morning routine is one that you can stick to, which is going to be one that is in alignment with your values.

You can copy any of these directly, alter them, adjust slightly, or do something else that’s in line with your goals.

Variation 1 (Balanced):

  • Go to bed at 10pm
  • Wake up at 5am
  • Gratitude 5-5:05am
  • Mediate or yoga – 5:05-5:30am
  • Qigong – 5:30-6am
  • Workout – 6-7am
  • Shower / eat – 7-7:30am (Kegels, Affirmations, and Jaw Exercises before / during shower)
  • Read – 7:30-8am
  • Work – 8am onwards

Variation 2 (Physical / Financial):

  • Go to bed at 10pm
  • Wake up at 5am
  • Affirmations and Gratitude for success – 5-5:30am
  • Workout – 5:30-6:30am
  • Shower / eat – 6:30-7am (Kegels, Affirmations, and Jaw Exercises before / during shower)
  • Read – 7-7:30am
  • Work – is 7:30am onwards

Variation 3 (Spiritual):

  • Go to bed at 10pm
  • Wake up at 5am
  • Vipassana Mediation – 5-5:30am
  • Metta Meditation – 5:30-5:45am
  • Gratitude / prayer / devotion / worship – 5:45-6am
  • Yoga – 6-7am
  • Shower / eat – 7-7:30am (Kegels, Affirmations, and Jaw Exercises before / during shower)
  • Read – 7:30-8am
  • Work – 8am onwards

Create your own Monk Mode Morning Routine

All of these examples included breakfast, assuming you’re on a two meal day schedule, with breakfast and dinner being your two meals.  I generally eat my dinner around 3 or 4pm in monk mode, so by the time it’s 7am Ive been on a 15 or 16 hour fast.

However, you may also eat two meals a day, but eat dinner at 6 or 7 pm.  In that case, you might adjust this schedule and break your fast at 11 or 12 with “lunch”, or a late breakfast.

Some of you also just may do OMAD (one meal a day).  I’ve done OMAD before and it’s a great to use during certain periods of life.

You also may go to bed earlier at 9 or 9:30, and wake up at 4:30.

So you can make the necessary adjustments as needed.  But if you want a template for a monk mode morning routine based off your goals, feel free to use from the above.

Whatever your routine is, creating a foundation at the beginning of each day will ensure that you stay on track and get the results that monk mode is meant to give.  Put in the work, stay consistent, and you will reap the rewards.


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