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My Girlfriend Wants an Open Relationship: What do I do?


My Girlfriend Wants an Open Relationship

My Girlfriend Wants an Open Relationship

Does your girlfriend want an open relationship?  I had a guy ask me how to handle this situation.  Apparently the “love of his life” wants to still be with him, but just make this open.  As in have an open relationship where they can sleep with other people.

Why she wants an open relationship

Let’s break down the truth.  If your girlfriend was totally in love with you, she would never want an open relationship.  Women are human beings too.  If they see a hot guy they’ll be turned on.  But listen to me when I say this.  A woman would never risk an open relationship with a man she was head over heels in love with.  Only if he was the one pushing it on her, and then she might do it to keep him.

But if your girlfriend wants an open relationship?  Like she’s the one pushing for it or suggested it.  Well then, it means she’s not satisfied.

She’s not sexually satisfied

less sex in marriage

Despite all the problems you two may or may not have, a woman whose sexually satisfied with her man isn’t going to seek out an open relationship.  She may put up with it if the man tries to suggest it.  But she won’t push it onto him.

If you’re girlfriend wants an open relationship, she’s not sexually satisfied.  Period.  Women will try and water things down.  She’ll tell you you’re great in the bedroom and nothing is lacking.  She just wants to explore her sexuality.

Exploring her sexuality means she’s not feeling all that sexual in your relationship.  She can’t feel your manhood.  Your masculine energy is weak.  This girl isn’t receiving the masculine energy that she needs in her life.  She’s unsatisfied.  And she either doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, or she doesn’t even know how to express it.

You haven’t been a leader in the relationship.

If she’s not getting that dick game that she needs from you, she’s going to start fantasizing about other men, other scenarios, and come up with these big ideas in her head.  The idea of an open relationship is fun because it allows her to bring new sex from other men into her life, while keeping you there as the comforting beta for her.

If you’re woman was getting dicked down and put to sleep by you after sex, do you think she’d be sexually satisfied?  Hell yea.  She wouldn’t be wanting to explore her sexuality.  She’d already be exploring it as you make her cum over and over again.  In fact, she’d be exploring the shit out of it.

Your options

  1. Go with it, and pursue an open relationship
  2. Say no, and see how it plays out
  3. Say no, and then break things off with her, saying you two should re-evaluate things

1. Go with it, and pursue an open relationship

trying an open relationship

Your first option is to give her what she wants, an open relationship.  This means that she can “explore her sexuality”, while still getting to come home and kiss you.  Just make sure there’s no cum still left in her mouth.

This is the option that most betas pick.  Because at this point, if a girl is asking for an open relationship, she can’t feel your manhood.  And there’s usually a reason for that.  Besides being long distance, a woman can’t feel your masculine energy because you’re not fucking her right and you’re not being a leader in the relationship.

So at this point, you’re likely to just say yes, or at least consider an open relationship.  Because you’ve acted beta up until this point.  And it logically makes sense that you would.  A man with no abundance mindset, and with full on oneitis, would be extremely hurt by a girl wanting an open relationship, yet scared to deny her of it.

And thus, your first option is to simply comply and go with an open relationship.  If you say you’ll consider it, she’ll likely win you over and get her way.

2. Say no, and see how it plays out

The second option is to say no, and then see how the regular relationship plays out.  This can be a decent option, especially since you likely don’t want an open relationship with her.

You’re taking a stand and saying no.

However, most guys make the mistake of saying no, but asking the girl why she wants an open relationship in a needy manner.  You’re better off not asking a girl why she wants an open relationship and just give a solid no.

If you do feel the need to ask, then you can act offended rather than curious.  This displays value because you’re mad and offended she would even try and play you like that.  But you’re better off just saying no.

Attempts at asking her will likely result in bullshit answers, like she wants to explore her sexuality, or experiment, or just have new experiences.  She really means explore new dick, experiment with new dick, and experiencing new dick.

3. Say no, and then break things off with her, saying you two should re-evaluate things

power in relationships, man walking away from woman

The last option is to say no, and then break up with her.  You can say to her that since she wants an open relationship and you don’t, it’s better to just break things off so she can experience life.

Many of you probably won’t do this, especially if you’re attached to your girl.  But if you have the balls to do this, then it just might work out for you.  If you’re relationship used to be hot and heavy, but things have died down, then it should definitely work.  If you’ve always just been a weak beta, then it still could work, or could not.

Best chance

But it’s your best chance of keeping her.

Since you’re the own breaking up with her, you’re the one with the power.  Which means she’ll feel a sense of loss without you.  She’ll see you as more valuable since she can’t have you anymore.

She still has some attachment for you if she wants an open relationship, because she doesn’t want to get rid of you right away.  With an open relationship, she’ll be able to get alpha cock on the side and build attachment to other men.  Then she’ll get rid of you.

However, for the time being, assuming she’s not taking alpha dick and cheating on you, she still has some love for you.

You mean business

Breaking up with her will show her that you mean business.  You can tell her that you “don’t want to be with someone who’s not 100% dedicated to you, and that if things ever change, you can give me a call”.  It’s likely that she’ll try and convince you that she’s 100% dedicated to you, but “blah blah blah”.  Trust me player, a woman who’s a ride or die isn’t about to request an open relationship.

You need to have the masculinity to pull this off.  You must mean it.  Because if you don’t, and you come begging for her back a few days later, she’ll definitely be hopping on another dick in no time at all.

Breaking up with her can transfer the power back to you.  You tell her that when her attitude is right and she’s actually ready to show you respect and never bring up an open relationship again, she can call you to apologize and try to win you back.

A real man can say that to a woman and mean it.  Ironically, if you  were a strong masculine man, it probably wouldn’t have gotten to this point.  It’s too late to fix your past mistakes.  Take back control and establish yourself as the alpha male.

Open relationship 

And open relationship gets her alpha fucks, while you provide beta bucks.  If you were sexually alpha in her mind, she wouldn’t want an open relationship with you.  The thought of sharing you with another woman would make her sick.  Some women do open relationships with alpha men, but usually they’re not happy about it.  They put up with it because they want to keep the man.

She needs a dominant man

don draper - wife

But since your girl is the one pushing for an open relationship, she’s in need of alpha cock.  Which you’re not providing.  Learn how to fuck a girl properly so you can get her addicted to you.  And then pull back like crazy.  You pulling back will cause her attraction to increase to you in the short term.  Use that scarcity to get some sex.  And make sure she cums a lot, cums hard, and you’re dominant in the bedroom.  Then pull back hard afterwards.  Let her think about if she really wants an open relationship.

If you do this right, she’ll come back to you apologizing.  She should announce her love for you and come up with some excuse for wanting an open relationship, but that she doesn’t want that anymore.

Women are hypergamous.  You can’t blame the girl for wanting an open relationship.  It’s much better than cheating on you.  It’s basically like she gave you a chance to tell you that she’s not happy and wants some alpha dick, but wants to make sure you’re okay with it.  At least she is telling you her intentions.

Counter that by delivering the alpha cock she needs, then disappearing for a while.  Then she’ll realize that you had what she was looking for all along.

If she’s already seeing someone, the dump her

However, if you feel that she’s already been cheating on you, or you have evidence that she has been, it’s time to dump her and never get back with her.  Some women will bring up wanting an open relationship when they already have another man on the side they’re seeing.  If that’s the case, she’s just trying to cover her tracks.

Become the leader she needs or leave and never look back

red pill relationship

Either way, you know your options.  You can’t be a masculine man and be okay with your girl smashing other dudes.  It’s one thing to have a pimp mentality and not care about what any girl does.  But when you’re in a committed relationship with a girl, and she wants an open relationship?  Hell no.  A pimp doesn’t kiss his hoes, he takes their money.  And since you’re not an actual pimp, you’re going to be kissing a girl that’s sucking off other men?  Fuck that.

I teach you guys to be players and be masculine in relationships.  Dating multiple women is fine.  But to give an open relationship because the girl wants to be more promiscuous, not happening.

If you wanted the open relationship, then that’s your decision.  Because you’d be the man wanting more sexual options.  That’s not the case here.  If your girlfriend wants an open relationship, she’s not getting what she needs.  Either step up your game and become the leader she needs – both in the bedroom and in the relationship – or leave her before you end up doing something stupid in a jealous fit of rage down the road.


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