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My Wife Hates Sex with me: Less sex in marriages


My Wife Hates Sex

wife hates sex

If your wife hates sex with you, then you’re in a rough spot.  You are only supposed to be having sex with one person, and she doesn’t even want to have sex with you.

This article comes from a man asking me as question about his situation.  He’s married and has a one year old child.  He says his wife hates having sex with him.  She’s emotionless during it and sounds like it’s just a chore for her.

He also states that he suffers from premature ejaculation.

Need to be good at sex

If any of you are in this situation, then the most obvious thing you need to first work on is your sex game.  Premature ejaculation sucks.  But you should have the intelligence to know that you aren’t good at sex.  If you can’t last long then you can never get good at sex.

For my man who wrote me this email, I’d first recommend learning how to do reverse kegels and then learn how to fuck a girl properly.

Because you need to be at least decent at sex so your wife enjoys it.  If you have premature ejaculation then you can’t do anything for her with your dick.  It’s no wonder your wife hates sex.  She barely gets any.  You can’t make her feel amazing.  And you can’t even give her the chance to submit to your masculinity in its most raw form.  You seriously need to up your sex game asap if you want to avoid divorce rape or getting cheated on.

Less sex in marriages

less sex in marriage

Many, many men suffer from less sex in marriages.

I tell you guys not to get legally married in general.  But besides the point, it’s extremely common to have less sex in marriages, especially after you just had a kid.  Now, this guy clearly needs to work on his sex game.  And I advise all of you in marriages or long term relationships to work on your sex game.  Even if you don’t have premature ejaculation, you still need to be on top of it.  If you can make your girl cum over and over again during sex, then you’re going to get sex easier.

Because your wife / girlfriend still has sexual urges.  And if your sex game is always on point, then you’ll still fuck at least once a week.  Not ideal, but still much better than many marriages.

And definitely better than this guys marriage.

Loss of attraction

But let’s say you get a good sex game.  I’m going to guess it’s not on point for many of the men reading this.  But let’s just assume it is.

You still will have less sex in marriages in the majority of cases.  This is because when you’re living with a woman and always around her, she gets bored.  You become more alike.  And the attraction fades.  Since you always want sex and you’re always available, your wife becomes less and less attracted to you.

Once in a while you’ll get a maintenance fuck from her.  But your wife hates sex because she’s lost attraction for you.

If you want to get more sex and affection from her, you need to raise her attraction to you.  Which means you need to raise up your masculinity.

Run Dread Game

dread game

Start running dread game.  This means you’re raising your sexual market value.  And it also means you’re separating yourself from your wife.  You don’t need to actually go out and cheat on her.  You just need to improve your life and become the man she wants.

By running dread game effectively, she’ll become attracted to you and also feel like you’re becoming out of her league.  Which will cause her to want to chase you.  And getting sex won’t become an issue.

How to run dread game when your wife hates sex?  Same as any man running dread game.  You need to:

  • Work more on your purpose
  • Lift weights
  • Don’t pursue sex as much

Work more on your purpose

power in a relationship, focus on purpose

You need to work on your motherfuckin’ purpose.  If you’ve lost your path then you need to get back on it.  It’s normal that you haven’t been as focused on it lately.  You’re married and you have a baby.  It probably takes a ton of energy to care for a baby, wake up during the night to take care of it, and in general be stressful as you adapt to fatherhood.

But your baby is a year old now.  Which means you need to get back in the game.  Just because you have a baby with a woman doesn’t mean she’s going to stay attracted to you.

You need to get back on your purpose.  Which is a business you own.  If you’re not a business owner then you don’t have control over your life.  So that means you need to start a business.  This will take tons of effort and work at first, but the fulfillment, happiness, and also increase in money + status will pay out in the long haul.

Ideally you started a business before you ever had your kid and got married.   But if you didn’t, then now you need to start.  Your purpose will help to give you your abundance mentality.  Because you don’t have other girls to fuck.  So you need to fuck something else so your wife gets jealous and wants to steal you back.  That will be your purpose. Obviously you need to take care of your kid.  But when you’re not doing that, you’re working on your business.

This will also keep you busy so even if your wife hates sex, she’ll use it to get your attention.

Lift weights

Become physical.  Many guys start to put on weight when they have a baby.  Whether they are stressed about their child, lack of sleep, or start to mirror their wife who gained weight, it’s all too common with new dads.

You need to say fuck that.  Less sex in marriages happen because the women choose not to have sex.  And it’s often correlated with their man becoming fatter.

Counter this by lifting weights and staying in shape.  If you need to have a gym in your garage because you’re a new father then that’s what you need to do.  Lift weights, do cardio, eat well, and have the body of a stud.  This will cause your wife to become more physically attracted to you.  And she’ll also start to think that you might be working out for someone else.  Getting her worried like this is a great way to turn her on and get her to want to fuck.

Don’t pursue sex as much

Stop pursuing sex as much for now.  If you need to beat off after a long day of working on your purpose and working out then do that.  You need to let her build up sexual desire.  If you always push for sex then she will know she can get it whenever she wants.

This is contrary to a first date where you’re trying to get laid.  When you first meet a girl, it’s fine to flirt with her and pursue sex.  That’s what men do.

But when you’re in a relationship, especially a marriage, and your wife hates sex with you, you need to switch things up.  By becoming more attractive, becoming more busy, and not needing sex, you become higher value.  You’re taking your power back.

As a man, sex is usually the main thing you want.  If you don’t need it anymore, then a woman has no power over you.  And if you have less sex in marriages or relationships, then by avoiding your wife and not pursuing sex anymore, you’re going to get her thinking.  This is dread game.  She’s going to dread what other options you have.

If she doesn’t have the power of the pussy over you, then she’s going to get desperate.  Which mean sooner or later she’s going to initiate sex with you in order to try and win back your attention and affection.

Be good as fuck at sex

sex tips for men

Then once she starts pursuing sex, you need to be good as fuck at it.  You’re not going to go from premature ejaculation loser to sex god over night.  But if you practice your kegels and read my article on how to fuck a girl properly, you can become great in a matter of weeks or months.

The improvement will be noticed by your wife.  Which means your wife won’t hate sex with you.  And if you can actually make her cum and submit to you, she’ll fall in love with you.  Marriage doesn’t mean love.  If you want a woman to become so in love and attached to you then you need to be a high value masculine man who can also lay it down

Building back your masculinity

All of this comes back to building your masculinity.  Your wife hates sex because you’re not good at it and she doesn’t look up to you.

You’ve become too similar and weak.

Break away from being a weak beta male.  Grow your masculinity, turn your wife the fuck on, and let her chase you.  If you become the man women want, then your wife will take notice.  And you’ll start to get way more sex and affection from her.


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