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Never Beg for Sex: Stop Begging for Sex and what to do instead


Never Beg for Sex

Never beg for sex: Stop begging for sex

Never beg for sex from a woman.  This article is inspired by an email I got from a man.  He was discussing how in his relationships he gets less and less sex until it feels like he’s begging for sex.  I figured there are plenty of other guys in relationships who feel the same way.

It puts you in the weakest position as possible in a relationship.  Whether you have a wife, a girlfriend, or even a consistent fuckbuddy, never beg for sex.  If you even feel the need to beg for sex then you’re already in a bad position.

Relationships go up and down.   Even in solid relationships there can be less sex happening over time.  Maintaining her attraction through keeping your value strong and your sex skills on point will ensure you never beg for sex.

Begging for sex will get you none

I’m telling you guys to never beg for sex because it doesn’t work.  Begging for sex means you’re putting the pussy on a pedestal.  It’s a total turn off.  Begging for sex will get you none.

It demonstrates that you need to fuck her.  Wanting to fuck a woman is fine.  You can smooth and seductive when you want to fuck a woman.  But when you feel like you need to have sex with her… you’re screwed.  Because she can sense that desperation on you.  And it’s gross.

Women fuck men that turn them on

james bond - smirk

Women want to fuck men that turn them on.  Men that are high value, confident, and can be sexually aggressive yet fun.  Begging for sex isn’t fun.  It drys a woman all up.  She can’t get with that kind of program.

She wants a man whose going to turn her on.  A man who looks good and has something going for him.  She wants to fuck a guy whose almost too busy to talk to her.  But just has a little bit of extra time so they can meet up and get something going.  She wants a masculine man.  A man who has options.

That’s why I tell you guys to become players.  When you date and sleep with multiple women, you understand how they work.  Don’t pump and dump every girl you fuck.  If they’re attractive and you like them then keep them around.  This way it’s like you’re having mini-relationships with tons of women.  Which will boost your ability to handle shit that comes up in relationships.

You’ll be a much more effective leader in relationships because you’ll know how women are.  It’s one thing to hear that women want a strong, decisive man.  But when you fuck a lot of them and then see how they react to what you do, it becomes that much clearer.

While you don’t need to fuck 40 or 50 or 100 women to have decent game in relationships, you should at least get to 15 or 20.  This will give you a basis of knowing how women work.  You’ll be able to see signs that a girl is losing interest, which means you’ll be begging for sex soon, and you can reverse it by pulling back.

Loss of Attraction

When your girlfriend/wife/girl you see doesn’t want to fuck, she’s lost attraction.

When your woman doesn’t want to fuck you it’s because you don’t turn her on like before.  She’s lost attraction to the man you once were.  You’ve failed shit tests that she’s given you to test your value.  And you’ve probably lost some of your cool confidence you once had.  If you would’ve passed all the shit tests, then you’d still be fucking or you would have kicked her to the curb.

That’s why you need to get this back.  And it starts with passing shit tests.   These are things women do to see if you put them on a pedestal or not.  It’s important to never beg for sex because this is the ultimate failure of a shit test.  A woman is seeing if you need her for sex and you’re without a doubt proving that you do.

Pass her shit tests.  When she is telling you to do something, disrespecting you, or otherwise testing your value, make sure you pass with flying colors.

Every once in a while, calmly let firmly tell her to fuck off when she pisses you off.  Most of the time you should ignore her when she shows bad behavior and let her chase your attention.

Don’t beg for sex

pussy on pedestal

Never beg for sex from this woman or any woman.  If you feel the need to beg for sex it’s  because you feel that you’re lesser than her.  If she was lesser than you, you’d be getting sex.  And if still felt that way but you weren’t getting sex, you’d dump her ass right away.

So if you’re in the position fo begging for sex, you need to raise your value and your confidence.

Raise your value + confidence

This isn’t rocket science.  You’re going to raise your value and confidence by

  • improving your looks – lift weights, diet, style
  • work on your purpose
  • make her chase you for sex

Improving your looks – lift weights, diet, style

Improving your looks will make you feel more valuable.  And it will make you act more valuable.  It feels good when you know you look good.  Your confidence rises to new levels.

The best ways to improve your looks are to lift weights, have a killer diet, and up your style.

Lifting weights puts muscle on your body.  Combine that with a steak and eggs diet (limited to no heavy carbs), and you have a strong lean body that women will want to touch.

Upping your style is also important.  A nice watch, shoes, haircut, and clothes will help you to feel amazing.  If you have a lean, muscular body then v-necks or well fitted shirts will look great on you.  And the haircut is also super underrated.  A solid haircut will have you looking clean and feeling fresh.  It makes a big difference.

When you look great you start to ask yourself why are you begging for sex in the first place.  Any woman would be lucky to have you.  She should beg for sex from you.

That’s the kind of confidence you want to get.

Work on your purpose

how to be successful in business

The next thing you want to do is work on your purpose.  This is a business doing something you love, something you’re good at, and something you can make money with.  Your purpose is what’s going to bring you financial freedom.  Which means it will give you control over your life.

When you’re working on a business that builds wealth and gives you to get the car you want, apartment/house you want, ability to travel, and freedom from wage slavery, it’s a powerful thing.  You feel like a motherfuckin’ boss.  And that’s because you are one.

Working your purpose will give you a massive feeling of self fulfillment as well.

All of this will raise your real world value (money + status) as well as your own internal value (confidence).  You will never beg for sex because you know that energy is best used on your business.  You don’t need to ask your purpose if you can work on it.  It’s always ready for you to put in that work.

Make her chase you for sex

Make her chase you for sex.  Let her initiate sex and come on to you.

When you’re improving your value, working on your business, you’re going to have less time for her bullshit.  Which means she’s going to feel you drift away.  And not only that, but you’re going to be getting better.  She’ll notice.

You’re essentially run dread game on her without even trying to.  Because an authentic, massive focus on yourself is how you really run dread game.  She’s going to need to use sex to get your attention or she’s going to lose you to hotter women.  You should never beg for sex from a woman when you’re rising up in value and she’s staying the same.

Break up with her

leading in a relationship, don draper walking away

If a girl simply doesn’t have the sexual appetite, you need to break up with her.  Move on.  You can allow her to come back in the next few days if she puts out and has all kinds of sex with you.  Sometimes when need you to break up or threaten a break up in order to see your masculinity again.

After building up your value you should be confident in really breaking up with her.  Destroy your oneitis and take power back by dumping her.  Let her beg for you back.  And then fuck her well like a boss and lead the relationship or move on.  But whatever you do, never beg for sex from a woman.  It’s a weak move that will lead to less sex and make you feel like a little boy.


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3 years ago

Amazing article. It saved me. Thanks

Reply to  Rebellious Development
3 years ago

Hi Rebel, I feel low on self esteem and I am been lineant enough to drag myself down to this level. Can we connect over skype/watsapp? You can send me the contact number/id in my email.

No one
No one
3 years ago

How long till you even clasify this as an issue. Im just an addict cuz i was a player and after day 2 im kinda begging .. well ig more or less asling once or twice. But not exactly like puuleezzz.

2 years ago

Im married and i have to beg for sex from my husband and he tells me why should i sleep with you by me nagging at him for sex. Now is that okay for a husband to treat a wife like that. Plus i havent had an orgasm with him either. Cause he never want to satisfy my needs. Is this a marriage to be with someone like this and stay too.

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