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Don’t be a Nice Guy, Stop Finishing Last


Nice Guy’s Finish Last: Stop trying to be one

nice guy

It’s true what they say about being a nice guy.

Nice guys finish last.

If you’re a self proclaimed nice guy, or even labeled as a nice guy, then you need to change yourself if you want to become a winner.

The path of a nice guy is bad for you.

And it’s bad for the people around you.

What being a nice guy will get you

In fact, being a nice guy will get you

  1. No women
  2. No respect from other men
  3. Bullied in business

No women

women don't like nerds

Women don’t like nice guys.

They like alpha males and bad boys.

You can be an alpha without being a total dick to everyone, but there’s no way you can be a “nice” to everyone.

Nice guys are fake.

They’re weak.

They try to be nice to women in an attempt to get at them.

Women like when men can show confidence and go boldly after what they want.

They like guys who try to get laid the first time they meet and guys who make them feel all different emotions

Nice guys pedestalize the pussy too much.

They’re too afraid to offend women to have the balls to get them.

If you’re a nice guy, then you’re probably scaring away women in your life.

It’s like you’re a repellent.

No respect from other men

Men respect other men.

They don’t respect nice guys.

A nice guy will let another man walk over him and disrespect him.

He’ll let another guy take his food, his place in line, or even his girlfriend if he lucks up on some girl.

A nice guy, at his core, doesn’t respect himself.

Therefore, other people, and especially other men, will show little to no respect for him.

To be successful in this world, you need to navigate not just women, but other men.

It’s important to have respect from men in social settings, business, and out in the world.

A man who doesn’t respect you can become a physical threat.

Nice guys actually open themselves up to more harm because of their nature.

Bullied in business

nice guys get bullied

You can’t succeed in business if you’re a nice guy.

Even nerds like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill gates are ruthless businessmen who stand up for themselves in their respective settings.

A nice guy can become a programmer or engineer and get paid well.

But he still will be disrespected and opened up to the chance of being bullied at work.

And those are the successful nice guys.

Most nice guys are guys with a dead end job who suck with women, have no ambition in life, and who still live at home with their mom.

They usually work at McDonalds or KFC, and have a shitty outlook on life.

What you should become instead

women want a man with status

You should learn how to become a real man.

I don’t mean what women say a real man is, when a guy gets married or becomes a cuck.

I mean a man who takes charge of his life.

An alpha male in every sense of the word.

It doesn’t mean you have to look like the model in the picture above.  And a man doesn’t have to be cruel to people.

You can show respect and kindness.

But nice guys are weak.

They look for validation in women and in all areas of their life.

You need to become a man who is about his shit.

Your body, your health, your business, your game, your confidence.

How to be a man and stop being a nice guy

nerd studying

Although it will take some time, here’s a few things you can do that will help destroy your inner nice guy.

Lift weights

more energy for workout

There are many, many benefits to lifting weights.

Hit the gym 2-4 times a week and watch the results come in.

Adding extra muscle will make you more attractive to women.

You’ll feel more masculine.

Your own self respect will grow.

Other men will respect you.

Sleep with more women

Sleeping with more women will make you feel more manly.

It will also help to kill any oneitis you may have over a particular women.

The abundance mindset will start to kick in.

You’ll realize you don’t have to be a nice guy to get laid.

In fact, if you’re just a cool guy, who’s in shape and not overly nice, you’ll have a fair amount of women who are into you.

There’s a point in time where sleeping with more and more women will have diminishing returns.

But sleeping with at least 10-20 women in total should help to kill your nice guy persona.

Fucking more will help as well, but the point is to show yourself you can get laid.

You can start off with a few ehh / ugly chicks if that’s all you can get.

Then work your way up to higher quality women.

And once you fuck enough women, you’ll swallow the red pill and realize these women are nothing to glorify.

You’ll stop being so nice to them once you learn all the freaky shit they do.

Create a purpose / Start a business

how to be a man

A man has his own sense of self respect.

A man creates a purpose in his life and follows that relentlessly.

If you create a purpose for yourself, then you’re bound to kill the nice guy in you.

You can’t be nice and be following your life’s mission.

There will be obstacles and you’ll be forced to become tougher.

When people give you shit, you’ll learn not to take it.

Especially if you become an entrepreneur.

A lot of the nice guy syndrome is formed out of training kids to take orders since childhood.

From your parents, to teachers, then to bosses.

Children are taught to follow and listen, but never to lead.

Starting your own business will put you in a position where you’re the boss.

Nobody is telling you that to do anymore.

And that’s a powerful thing.

Don’t be the nice guy

don't be the nice guy

Lift weights, fuck more women, and starting a business.

Easier said then done.

But one will help lead to another.

You can start lifting weights today.

That will help with fucking more women.

And then there’s starting a business.

It’s not necessary for breaking your nice guy habits, but it will definitely help you to do so and make your more powerful.

You’ll never regret building wealth as young as possible.

However, by realizing how women operate and getting more experience with them, you’ll figure out that your past life as a nice guy was a huge mistake.

You might laugh at yourself or might even be embarrassed.

But now you know that being a nice guy won’t help you in any area of your life.

This doesn’t mean you have to be cruel to people.

It means you’re not acting nice just to try and get at women.

Instead, you’re bold with what you want in life.

You show respect to others and stand up for yourself.

You break free from the bullshit of having to stick to a script and be the man you’ve always wanted to be.


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