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Oneitis Cure: Full Guide on How to Stop Obsessing over any Girl


Oneitis cure

curing oneitis

Finding a oneitis cure is necessary if you want to get over any girl you can’t stop thinking about.  Oneitis is what is referred to as obsession over a particular girl.  Having oneitis is terrible, and will lead to a huge downfall if you’re not careful.

Being obsessed over a girl is one of the worst things a man can do.

It will kill your manhood.

Oneitis can turn an alpha male into a beta, ball-less bitch and completely demoralize him.  If you’re suffering from oneitis right now then this post is written for you.  You have to be willing to admit that you’ve let one particular woman overtake your mind and that you want to break free.

What causes oneitis

Oneitis is caused by you becoming obsessed with a woman to the point where you think she’s more special than any other girl in the world.  Many guys get extreme oneitis while they’re dating a girl or after a break up.  But they are cases where guys get a oneitis crush over a girl they’ve see casually a few times.  This usually happens to younger guys when they meet or bang a really hot girl.

But either way, you’re in desperate need of a oneitis cure when start to put a girl on a pedestal.  You start imagining your life together and think she’s this amazing person.

It’s caused by you investing too much time and mental energy into thinking about her.  We all have a void that we search to fill.  If you have a purpose then this takes care of this.

But when you only have one girl you’re talking to and you build her up in your head, then you start to become obsessed with her.  You can learn how to stop oneitis ahead of time if you realize that you’re what’s valuable in your own life.  And that you have big goals to reach that are more important than any girl.

However, since you’re reading this you’re probably already working in curing oneitis rather than preventing it.

Oneitis signs

You likely already know if you need to find a oneitis cure.  It’s not difficult to take a step back and realize you’re obsessed with a girl.  But in case you’re unsure, a few common oneitis symptoms:

  • You call or text her more than she does to you
  • Depression at the thought of life without her
  • Extreme jealousy when you see her talk to other men
  • Accepting bad or disrespectful behavior from her
  • The thought of sleeping with attractive women other than her isn’t appealing
  • You’re willing to lose half your net worth to marry her
  • You’d take her back if she cheated on you
  • She makes you happier than anything else in life

If you have any or all of these symptoms, it’s more than likely you need a oneitis cure.

Am I saying to do nothing?   No.  In fact, let’s say you say your girlfriend flirting with another man.  It’s at least worthy of being pointed out so you can check her on that behavior.  Maybe there was a misunderstanding, or maybe she was testing your strength.  Or maybe this is a red flag and you need to break up with her.

However just getting mad in your own head but never doing anything or addressing the problem won’t solve the issue.

Curing oneitis 

If you’re willing to admit that you messed up then you can cure oneitis.

But if you’re putting a girl on a pedestal and you’re not willing to admit then you can’t be helped.  Just stop reading. Assuming you can admit you have oneitis is the first step towards curing it.  And instead of finding a oneitis cure, the real way to destroy it is through a process.  I’ve developed a game plan you can follow step by step to finally get over this girl.  Let’s dive into the gameplan.

The Game Plan to a Oneitis Cure

  1. Accept that no woman is more important than you
  2. Start new Hobbies
  3. Reconnect with your bros
  4. Travel
  5. Create and pursue your Purpose

1. Accept that no woman is more important than you

get over past break ups

If you can accept that no woman is more important than you then your oneitis will be cured.

Sounds easy right?  Well, obviously easier said then done.  You need to get over any recent or past break ups that you haven’t dealt with yet.  If you’re in a relationship and it’s going down hill, then you should address the problems with your girlfriend and work things out or break up.

For the rest of you who have oneitis over an ex or just a girl you like, take a step back.

Your oneitis means you’re glorifying one girl.  You get rid of it by taking her off the pedestal.  That can’t happen if you’re not over an ex girlfriend or a crush.  You need to do everything in your power to get over her.  That means

  • Accepting that she’s not special
  • Accepting what you had is over now
  • Getting rid of any pictures or anything that reminds you of her
  • Living your life again – getting out of the house and going out

Doing the next 4 steps will further help you not just intellectually know, but experience that no woman is more important in your life than you.  Because without you, you have no life.

2. Start new Hobbies

Curing oneitis is about doing more things to replace the void you’re feeling.  It’s the absolute best time to start new hobbies you always wanted to try.

Lifting weights is one of the best things you can do.   And you’ll raise your testosterone, which you need as much a possible right now.  If you’re already lifting weights, then add in a new hobby.

Martial arts

Do a combat martial art, like boxing, muay thai, or brazilian jiu jitsu.  You’ll get in fantastic shape, meet new male friends, and be part of a community.  This is essential in getting over your ex.

You’ll also gain a new sense of confidence.  Knowing you can fight and defend yourself if the situation every arises will give you a sense of power of haven’t felt if you’ve never trained before.

3.  Destroy obsession by reconnecting with your bros

The reason girls move on so much easier than guys is because they have a support system.

Besides just finding new guys, they have friends to talk to and comfort.  Men try to be tough, but break ups can be devastating.  We’re social creatures.  Even if we’re introverted and don’t mind being alone, we all enjoy being close to someone at some level.

And after a break up or getting divorced, most men have no one to turn to.  Curing oneitis is much easier if you have a tight group of bro’s to turn to.

Don’t complain, just bond with your boys

You don’t have to complain and talk about your problems.  But having friends to go out with, have a few drinks with, workout with, and so on will make getting over this girl much easier.

If you’re in a slump, you can ride off the positive energy of your bros to make you feel better.  Chances are that you neglected your bros while you had oneitis.  If so, then reach back out to them and stop neglecting your friends.

And if you have no friends, then get some.  Go to a martial arts gym, or somewhere where you can find likeminded men.  Create some friends and do shit with them.

4. Travel and explore the world

This one only applies if you can afford it.  But if you have the funds, then traveling can be one of the best ways to jumpstart your perspective.

The world is a big place.  But with modern technology, you can be on a plane in a different continent by tomorrow.

If you ever wanted to travel, this is the perfect time to do it.  Going on that trip to Thailand or France that you always wanted to.  You’ll get to see a new part of the world, experience a new culture, and maybe even meet new people.

Just one girl

You’ll be reminded that the one girl you were obsessed with is just one person in an incredible planet we live on.  There are 7.6 Billion people on the planet, have of those are girls.  And a fair amount of those girls are your age give or take.

And the traveling isn’t just about meeting new women from other countries.  It’s about moving.  Getting out of your city and becoming inspired by what is out there for you.  It’s about stirring up your imagination of what’s out there and what the future holds for you.

Better yet, travel to somewhere you’d consider moving to.  This trip can give you the motivation to create a new life for yourself.  Nomadlist.com is a great place to start.

5. Create and pursue your Purpose

how to find your purpose

The most important long-term strategy to a oneitis cure is to create your own purpose in life.

Becoming a true man means you put your purpose before any girl.

If you don’t have a purpose you need to

  • Find something you love/enjoy
  • Make sure you can make $ doing it
  • Get good at it

And then start a business.  Your purpose, in the form of a business, needs to be your #1 priority in life.

It will give you money, success, and fulfillment.  Three things that you’ll never get from the girl your obsessing over. And ironically, those three things will get you her or a multitude of other women.  It will give you something to focus on while you’re getting over her.

Your purpose will always give back to you when you give your energy to it.  You can’t say the same for the girl you have oneitis over.  If anything, you should pedestalize your purpose, your business, above everything else.

Pedestalize building your wealth.  You’ll be rewarded for this in time.

Oneitis vs love

I’ve gotten questions asking what’s the difference with oneitis vs love.  So let’s break that down.

Love is misunderstood.  Love is something you feel.  It’s a state in which you feel extremely happy and positive.  You can feel love for yourself, for your family, for your favorite ice cream, for a hobby, for a pet, or for a woman.  Love is an emotion you feel, and things can bring out that feeling or make it go away.

You don’t love a woman.  You feel love for her.  Love is a state you experience.

Oneitis is when you’re obsessed with a woman.  Severe oneitis is when you think one specific girl is not only special, but she’s the only girl for you.  You can learn how to beat oneitis.  But you must understand that it’s different than love.

And if you understand that love isn’t bound to one girl, but it’s a feeling you experience, then you can be assured that you can indeed get over her.

The biggest mistake Men make Curing Oneitis

biggest mistake, being lazy

The biggest mistake men make is simply not trying to move on from this girl, whether she was a girlfriend, a lover, or just some girl they obsessed about.

Most guys wallow in self pity and lay around doing nothing.  If you try, and the effort in, you’ll get over her.  You need to accept that she’s gone.  And you’re better without her.  Even if you could get her back, it wouldn’t be the same relatioship.  It’d be differentt because now you’re different people.

Overcoming oneitis takes time.  But it will happen.  However, you have to be willing to out in the effort.  Developing a oneitis cure comes down to taking action to live your life for yourself and not someone else.

Too many guys will read the steps I listed above and just not do anything.  They’ll think their situation is different, because this girl is different.  I’m sure she’s great… but there are plenty of other great girls and things you can spend your time on.  No one should have the kind of power over you that oneitis can make you feel.

Just put the work in

If you follow the steps above, you’ll know how to stop oneitis have once and for all.  It’s up to you to actually do it.  Accept that you fucked up by obsessing over one girl.  Then get your life on track.

Make changes and kick yourself into action

Force yourself to get out of the house.  Create your purpose and grow yourself as a man.  Master your time management and become a producer.  Focus on bigger and better things.

Then you’ll have so many options that you’ll have an abundance mindset.  Finding a oneitis cure just takes a refocusing of your masculine energy into your purpose, other women, and your hobbies.  And when you ever do get in another relationship, keep your purpose first, and be the alpha leader she wants you to be.


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