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Peace of Mind makes you Powerful


Peace of Mind Makes you Powerful

Peace of Mind is what makes you powerful.

Having a mind that is peaceful is a rare gift.  Especially with all of the technology and conveniences we have, we’re constantly distracted.

Our attention is constantly pulled towards this thing or that thing, this piece of news or that piece of news, this comparison to that comparison.

In a noisy world, peace of mind seems foreign.  In fact, many don’t even want peace of mind.  So many people are so toxic, that they’re addicted to the drama.  They don’t realize they have no peace in their life, and therefore have no real joy or power.  True power comes from within.  When you see this for yourself, you’ll put greater value on your peace of mind.  Respecting your own mind, which is you – or really what you think you are – is essential to living the best life possible.

Life is a series of decisions

What we call life – or specifically our individual experience of life – is just a series of decisions.  The better decisions you make, the better your life is.  The worse decisions you make, the worse your life is.

If you want to have q good life, or a great life, or a fantastic life, you need to make good decisions, or great decisions, or fantastic decisions.

When you make good decisions consistently you end up with a good experience of life.

Knowing what “good” decision is, however can be difficult in the moment.  It’s always easy to look back on good or bad decisions you made and see how clear it was.  But that’s because you have the knowledge of how things turned out.  It’s like a reading a book for the 2nd time.  You know when a character is making a mistake because you know the ending.  But there’s nothing you can do about it.

That’s why making good decisions, as often as possible, is critical to living a good life.

In order to make good decisions – in order to use your life wisely – you must have peace of mind.

You make the best Decisions when you’re Logical

Peace of mind allows you to be logical.  When you’re logical, you can look at the information you’ve gathered as objectively as possible, and make the best decision.

Although a lot of people, especially men, pride themselves on being logical, it’s shocking how emotional we really are.  I’ve done lots of coaching calls with men.  Especially introverted, more focused men.  And many of these men were seemingly logical in most of their life… yet they’d have 1 or 2 major areas where they completely throw logic at the door.  Which led to bad decision after bad decision.

When I point it out, they agree they’re being emotional, but say “I know you’re right, but I just feel…” or “I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but it just feels..”

And they’re stuck because they’re emotionally wrapped up in something.  This has happened to all of us with something.  It’s obvious when it’s someone else’s life.  But it’s difficult to address in your own life.

Yet you must do it.  Making decisions – and especially not making decisions – because you’re emotional, is how you get into a rut in life.

Being ruled by your emotions is how you destroy your logic.  Letting emotions dominant you is how you ruin your peace of mind.  It’s the invitation for drama to seduce you into its addicting cycles of ups and downs.

Internal peace leads to calmness and quality decisions

Confidence vs Arrogance - Leonardo Dicaprio

This is why there must be a concentration towards peace of mind.  When you strive for peace of mind, you invite logic, reasoning, and wisdom into your life.

A man with peace of mind is powerful because he can consistently make quality decisions.  He’s not addicted to the drama in his head.  He’s not a slave to his emotional whims or a short lived situation in his life.  Instead, he has an internal peace that is always present.

He’s powerful because he’s able to put himself in the best position as possible due to clear decision making.

When you have peace of mind, you don’t need anything or anyone.  You still enjoy great situations and great people, but you’re not blinded by a desperation.  And therefore, you can act from a place of rational thought, a place of power.

Removes Distraction to obtain Peace of Mind

Peace of mind takes effort to get, but not in the same way as other things you desire.  Because peace of mind isn’t a “thing” you get it’s a state that you’re in.  Due to all of the distractions of the society we live in, we have to put in an extra intention to have a peaceful mind.  However, it’s not the same kind of force you put into building a business, achieving financial freedom, or going hard in the gym.

Instead, peace of mind occurs when you remove distractions and clutter from your mind.

Remove or greatly reduce things like social media, news, celebrity gossip.  Porn should be out of the equation all together.

Attention Span

Essentially, spend less time on your phone and computer.  You can use them for work, and you can actually even use them for hours at a time.  The key is your attention span.

If you spend 1 hour dedicated to 1 task, where you’re producing, that’s good.  The bad thing about the screen isn’t the screen itself.  But it’s the shorter attention span most people develop.  Checking a social media post on 1 account, then a 2nd account, and then all of a sudden you looked at 20 accounts within 20 minutes, destroys your attention span.

Ultimately, a shorter attention span in a human (not animals or babies) is going against your nature, which leads to drama filled mind.

Declutter your Mind

turning phone off

In order to have peace of mind you must be able to declutter your mind.

Get out into Nature, workout, eat healthy, meditate, and read.

When you do consume content – reading is better than video because your brain must actively work.  Whether you’re reading a book, a blog, etc., don’t skim.  Take your time to read and understand.

Stop using apps that are designed to keep you addicted.  If you’re going to watch YouTube to consume content that gives value (productive consumption), then watch it at the end of your day or during a lunch break, and limit it to 30-45 minutes.

Decluttering your mind will destroy the drama that’s being induced by stimuli after stimuli after stimuli.

Reduce the constant stimuli to your mind, and your natural peace of mind will appear.  Then you’ll be a powerful man.  A man whose able to be present in each moment, and who can make the best decisions with the information at hand.


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