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Pimp Mentality 101: How to be a Pimp in your own life


Pimp Mentality: How to be a pimp by understanding how the world works

pimp mentality

When you understand the pimp mentality, you’ll see how the world really works.  Pimping and hoeing has been around since the beginning of civilization.  When you can learn how pimps think, then you can know how to be a pimp in your life.

I’m not talking about becoming a pimp yourself.  But learning about the pimp game will help you to see the truth about the world.  You’ll be able to take these lessons and see how society is really run and what you need to do to come out on top.

The red pill movement has opened up the eyes of many men.  While some men over use the word red pill or other terms like alpha, there is mentality to search for how the way the world works.  There’s still more truth that needs to be told that hasn’t been discovered by most men.  And that’s what you’ll learn when you look at pimping and see how you’re getting pimped.

What is pimping

Pimping is when a man gets money from a hoe, also known as a prostitute.  The hoe gives the pimp the money she makes when she’s out working.  And it’s up to the pimp how much of that money he gives back to the hoe and how much he keeps for himself.

Pimping and hoeing has been going on since the beginning of human tribes.  It’s natural for a hoe to want a pimp to feel protected and feel like she has a father figure.  The pimp and the hoe have been a common theme throughout history.

Pimp game hierarchy


how to be a pimp

The pimps are the men – and sometimes women – who get money from the hoes.

They promise protection for the women that hoe for them.  And they also sell the hoe a dream.  They use their charisma to make the hoe feel good and convince the hoe that they should give all the money to them.

The pimp mentality is one that involves persuasion and sometimes manipulation.  Pimps have to do the work to manage the hoes, get them set up to work, and deal with their complaints.  But in return, they get all the money the hoe brings in.  And then the pimp makes the decision on how to pay the hoe.  Pimps can treat their hoes good or bad, with respect or disgust.

Pimps have an incredible amount of confidence and are never shaken by what a woman does


Hoes are the women who prostitute themselves off.  They sleep with men for money.  Honey for the money.  And then they come back to the pimp and give him all of the money.

Hoes generally have damaged backgrounds.  They tend to lack a father figure or a male role model in their life.  Many of them run away from home, have drug problems, or just want strong male direction in their life.  They find the pimp mentality very attractive when they run into a man that has this.

In fact, they’re willing to give all the money they make to a pimp just to make him happy.  Hoes could make lots of money if they had financial sense and worked for themselves.  But they usually like to buy flashy things, blow all of their money, and live reckless lives.  That’s why they need a pimp to set them straight and make them feel secure.


Tricks are the ones who pay the hoe for sex.  They’re a trick because they’re giving their money for something they shouldn’t be paying for.  Yet tricks will happily pay their money to sleep with a hoe who’s fucked 1000’s of dudes just to feel better about themselves.

Tricks support the whole system.  They buy what the hoe is selling, which is really the pimp’s product.

The trick doesn’t take a second to stop and think about the decision he’s making and how dumb of a choice it is.

The oldest profession

pimping is old profession

Pimping and hoeing is the oldest profession around.  There have always been a few select men with a pimp mentality, ready to take advantage of the hoe, and get money from the trick.

The pimp and the trick never meet face to face.  Even if a hoe has a problem with the trick, the majority of pimps never actually step in.  Yet it’s the security that he will that gives the hoe a sense of comfort.

The pimp sells the hoe of a dream.  That one day they won’t have to do this anymore, that they’ll be able to live happily ever after in a nice house on the beach or on the hills.  The hoe believes this dream.  However, the pimp knows the lies he sells and he’s just looking to make himself richer.

The trick is clueless and is a victim of his own weak sexual impulses.  He has sexual desire to get laid, but either can’t due to lack of ability to laziness.  There’s always masses of tricks, plenty of hoes, and very few pimps in the game.  It’s a pyramid, with tricks at the bottom, hoes in the middle, and pimps at the top.

Applying the pimp game to life

Now you know the basics of the pimp game and about pimping and hoeing.  I’m not encouraging you to become a real life pimp.  That’s going to land you in jail and is a bad path to travel down.

But if you can adopt a pimp mentality in your own life, then you can see the pimp game everywhere around you.

We’ll apply the pimp game to Business, Society, and Dating.  That way you can see the true nature of your job, society, and modern dating, so you can come out on top and not on bottom.  You’ll learn how to be a pimp, not in the literal sense, but figuratively.


corporate world

In the pimp game, you have the

  • Pimps
  • Hoes
  • Tricks

In business, you have the

  • CEO/owners
  • workers
  • customers

This isn’t to say all CEO’s are bad, all workers have bad childhoods (although you’ll see correlations), and all customers buy bad products.  But, the similarities between the positions are shockingly similar.  In fact, the game is the same.  It’s just a different arena.


owner of business, head pimp

The CEO or owners of a business are the boss.  They start the company, build it up, and make the money.  They’re usually hoes as well, because they have to do the work when they start the company.  But as it grows and they have sales, marketing, engineers, and other workers, the owners get to become the pimps of the company.

They control how the profits are divided, who gets paid what, who stays, who gets fired, who gets promoted, and who still needs to prove themselves.

Owners have a pimp mentality without even realizing it.  They try to recruit the best workers (hoes) to their company (team), and get to reap the rewards of their work.

It’s not easy being an owner.  Just like a pimp, you have to take care of your workers.  You need to give them a nice office, benefits, and some time off once in a while.  But in return the owners get to become rich off of the workers.



Workers are the equivalent in the business/working world to hoes.

They spend their hours working for the owners.  The workers get paid by what the owners choose and help to make the owners rich.  Workers may directly sell to customers, work on the product, do marketing, and so on.  But all together they work to sell to the customers and make revenue for the business.

In return, they are promised safety of employment by the owners, benefits, insurance coverage, and other things that make them feel secure.  Many workers had bigger dreams when they were younger, but for whatever reason started to think smaller. Most workers have negative self views, are in debt (student loans, mortgages, cars), and are only a few paychecks away from losing everything.

In the world of pimping and hoeing, the worker is the hoe.


customer shaking hand

Customers, those who buy the products or services from businesses, are the tricks.  They’re tricked into spending their money on a product/service from the workers that goes back to the owners.

In real life, customers aren’t always “tricked” in the sense that the product or service is always bad.  Sometimes it’s exactly what they wanted.  And other times it’s not how it was advertised.

But the advertisements on the billboards, from Facebook, and the convincing of the sales rep at the store, are all efforts to make the customer buy.  The point here isn’t to always avoid being a customer because that’s close to impossible.  But realize that the prestige associated with expensive brands is all game run on you by pimps through their hoes.



A quick reminder, in the pimp game, you have

  • Pimps
  • Hoes
  • Tricks

And with society, you have

  • Elites
  • High end execs + politicians
  • middle class and poor

The elites are pimping and hoeing the high end execs + politicians out to sell us a dream and stay in the system.  The system that makes up society is a series of moving parts that helps human beings interdepend on each other.  Yet we benefit from efficiencies and are therefore able to advance and supposedly live better lives.

Except the elites, or most powerful individuals, control most of the resources.

Elites (Pimps)

warren buffet - elite

Elites are the ultra wealthy and the mega powerful.

Again, I’m not even going to say all elites are bad.  Humans are naturally corrupt, and a powerful human is bound to be corrupt.  There some elites who may try to do good.  But the majority battle amongst themselves with competing agendas to control society.  Just like pimps are trying to out hustle other pimps and make the most money in their city.

Elites have executives from Fortune 500 companies and in the banks that take orders and execute influence for them.

They also have politicians they help to put in power in order to carry out their agendas.

With the power of giant corporations and charismatic politicians, the elites understand the pimp mentality.  They are to get the best hoes to carry out their orders and influence the masses.

High end execs + politicians (Hoes)


The high end execs and politicians are the hoes for the elites.  They are often put in power by them, and if not, quickly learn that listening to their demands is the quickest way to climb the corporate or political totem poll.

These are not the CEO’s or owners os small businesses or ones who own their companies after they’ve grown.  Rather these are the CEO’s and other high end execs who are part of publicly traded companies, or companies where they don’t have majority ownership.

A small town politician may be legit.  But once they start rising up to the higher ranks, they need the blessing of someone with a lot of influence.

However, both of of these are the hoes for their pimps.

Middle class and poor (Tricks)

middle class

The middle class and poor.  This is the vast majority of the population.  And middle class is becoming more and more poor, we’ll see the two lines blur.

Middle class and poor people are the tricks of the society.  They’re buying into the dreams the politicians sell them and buy the products/services the corporations sell them.

Every four years they’re told new stories about how things will change and they believe the politicians every time.  The problem is they believe the game that’s being run on them and don’t see it for what is is.

Trapped and tricked into debt

They’ll believe that the $50,000 Mercedes is the better option than the $5,000 used Toyota Camry.  Yet they have to make payments on the Mercedes and can barely afford it, while the Camry would’ve been a better option.

They’ll believe the politicians when they promise that they’re going to make the city safer, bring jobs, and help the middle class + poor to rise up.  Yet healthcare premiums stay expensive, jobs are being outsourced, and the middle class + poor fall into deeper debt.

The middle class and poor will argue amongst themselves over political parties who care nothing about them.  They’ll fight for politicians who will never know them and who have no interest in doing so.  Surely they are tricks in the biggest ways.

They’re tricked into getting caught up in pointless political dramas, massive debt from buying things they can’t afford, and dead end jobs that leave them unfulfilled.

How to be a pimp

value - ceo - businessman

But you don’t want that to be you.  You want to know how to be a pimp in your own life.

You want to know the psychology of pimps and adopt a pimp mentality so you can avoid being pimped yourself.  Then you’ve come to the right place.

Psychology of pimps

The pimp mentality is ruthless.  It’s pimp or be pimped.

In a society where the masses are controlled by the elites, you realize that being a trick isn’t for you.  You need to have some of this pimp game for yourself so you can avoid the pimp techniques that have been deployed on you.

Some pimp game quotes so you can understand the psychology of pimps on a better level.

How a pimp sees life

Son, there is no reason except a stupid one for anybody to project on that screen anything that will worry him or dull that vital edge. After all, we are the absolute bosses of that whole theatre and show in our minds. We even write the script. So always write positive, dynamic scripts and show only the best movies for you on that screen whether you are pimp or priest.

  • Iceberg Slim

This quote is probably one of the best pimp game quotes you’ll find.  Because it’s about more than just pimp techniques or general pimp advice.  It’s about breaking down the pimp game and life.

He’s talking about how pimps see that people can be their own bosses of their life experience, which is the theatre in our minds.  And he says to write positive scripts for the best movies, whether you’re a pimp or something else.

So in essence, he’s talking about the pimp mentality but applied to outlook on life.  You don’t have to learn how to be a pimp in the streets to know what pimps know.  You just need to realize you control your own life.  Make it the way you want it and don’t let others control you.

Yin and Yang

  • Priests need nuns, doctors need nurses. So ho’s need pimps.
  • C-Note

C-Note is talking about pimping and hoeing in the context that it’s meant to be.  Hoes need pimps just like other things in life.  There will always be someone in the pimp position, the hoe position, and the trick position.  You want to be in the pimp position.


Pussy gon’ sell when cotton and corn won’t.

And this one is obvious.  Pussy sells, and they will always be tricks that are willing to pay for some.  But it also reveals the pimp mentality.  There will always be tricks, customers, buyers, and so on.  If what you’re selling is valuable enough, someone will buy it.

Run your own life by owning a business


The best way to adopt a pimp mentality is to make life what you want.  And do truly do that, you need to run your own life by owning a business.  The owner position is the best one to be in.

You can work hard and have the ability to become rich.  Business ownership is pimping but in the work world.

You may be doing a lot of the work yourself, so you can argue that you’re also your own hoe.  But better that then be someone else’s hoe.  Since you have the ability to make all the profits, you’re still the pimp.

Become an entrepreneur 

And if pimps weren’t pimps, they’d be business owners.  If you want to know how to be a pimp in your own life, then look no further than owning a business.  That means if you have a boss right now, you’re a worker, aka a hoe.  You need to work on a plan to quit your job and escape wage slavery.

It doesn’t have to be a massive corporation, it can just be you.  You can expand to add the people later on or not depending on your growth and how you want to run the business.

But you need to start a business if you want to be a pimp in your own life.  A pimp has an entrepreneurs mindset, not that of an employee.

Selling to customers

women want a leader

Even though customers are the “tricks” in this situation, you don’t have to be unethical or sell a bad product or service.  You can give customers a great product/service, have them be satisfied, and make a good life for yourself.

Being a customer

And you’ll have to be a “trick” as well when you’re buying products or services.  Unless you decide to go off-grid, you’re apart of the system and will have to buy things.  While there are plenty of low quality things to get tricked into buying, there are also high quality products + services that will add real value to your life.

Don’t get caught up in the pimp mentality the wrong way by thinking you never have to buy anything.  Just buy what’s necessary and things that will add real value to your life.

Don’t have investors / elites that can control you

The one thing you have to watch out for with business ownership is maintaining it.

If your company starts to grow organically and you don’t give up control, then your pimp game is still strong.  But if you take massive amounts of investing money and lose control of your company, then you can quickly become a hoe for your overlord elite pimps.


the player mindset

When it comes to the dating game, you can have a pimp mentality or you can be a square.  Of clurse because you’re dating women you’re technically a square to a real pimp.  Again I’m not telling you guys to be real pimps.  But instead be a man with a pimp mentality.

With women, if you wife up every girl you see then you’re a square.  If you’re a beta who doesn’t get laid or struggles with women then you’re at the bottom.

But while you can’t become a chad overnight, you can make yourself better, learn game, and become a leader in your relationships.

A man with a pimp mentality will have an abundance mindset.  He knows there are plenty of beautiful women who want to be with him.  Whether he’s dating women casually, has a girlfriend, or has a wife.  He can enjoy the relaitonships with women, but never become too emotional or lose frame.  If she wants to leave his life, she can, and he will let her go.  In this way, she’ll want to cling on tighter.

Pimps, Macks, and Players

Pimps, macks, and players are the main stages to the game.  You have pimps at the very top, with very few at all, then macks in the middle, and then players.  Players are the regular alpha males you see do well with women.  Below players you have regular guys, who are the upper tier and decent betas.  And then you have the low betas and incels.

As you know by now, pimps make money from hoes who sleep with tricks.

Macks are men who get money from women, but not from hoes.  These can be women that make their own money that buy the mack cars, clothes, vacations, and just money in his bank account.  And no, you’re not a mack because your girlfriend of five years got you nice clothes.  But when you have a team of girls and they all give you money, then you’re a mack.

I don’t claim to be a mack.  Instead I say it’s best to be a player.  Whether you’re single or you have a girlfriend.  This doesn’t mean lie to women or cheat on your girlfriend.  Instead it means to have options when you’re single, and to have self control in a relationship.  A real pimp never loses his cool and his always aware of his own emotions and that of his woman.  A man can adapt a pimp’s mentality to a relationship by looking at what can a woman provide to his life.  It’s not about being abusive or mean to your girlfriend.  I always recommend you treat people with respect.

Be a player or a mack, not a real pimp

The goal of this article was to give you some red pill truth about how the world really works.  For you to see the pimp game that’s been used on you in the bigger picture.  And for you to adopt a pimp mentality in your own life.

But when it comes to actually applying this stuff, don’t try to become a real pimp.  You should learn how to be a pimp in your own life.  Which means get control of your finances, your dating life, and your lifestyle.  Make the movie a positive one and control the scenes so it plays out how you want.

How to be a successful pimp – Control your life

man up like the rock

When it comes down to it, pimps have control over their lives.  They care deeply about control and do whatever they can to establish it over the hoes.

I’m not saying you should apply that directly and want to control every person in your life.  But you should be the pimp of your own life.  You should be very controlling when it comes to your experience of life, who you spend time with, and how you pursue what you want to do.

In relationships you also need to have the control.  You don’t need to control everything that girls do, but you need to be a strong leader.  You’re the man.  Make the decisions, lead the relationship, and be ready to end things when necessary.

Pimps also have control over themselves.  Even though they’re cold hearted and cruel, they have emotional intelligence greater than females.  Which is rare for a straight man to have.  But the pimp mentality forces them to control everything they can so they can be kings in their lives.

Pimp mentality – don’t be played

Adopt a pimp mentality.  Don’t be played.  The massive debt by the mortgage is a game the bank runs on you.  Marriage is a contract disguised as a Disney fantasy that society + women run on you.  See how the dating game works with hypergamy and how women choose men.  Pimps see the game and don’t complain about it.  They use it to their advantage.

Do the same thing.  Learn how to be a pimp in your life by seeing the game that’s be used on you and reverse it.  Start to see pimping and hoeing in the real world.  Figure out how to quit your job, work for yourself, and be in charge of your own destiny.  A man with a pimp mentality is a man that will never be played.


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Thank you for this article. I made it into a Hip-Hop song:

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Blake J Thompson
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Nice keep that pimp hand strong y’all y

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