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Positive Affirmations can Change your Life (w/ short Guided Meditation)


Positive Affirmations can Change your Life (w/ short Guided Meditation)


Positive affirmations can change your life if you implement them correctly, and in this article you’re going to get the easiest, simplest positive affirmations that you can use starting today.  If you actually follow them and stay consistent, your life will change.

What about taking action?

Whenever positive affirmations are brought up, some people think that means just saying nice words then do nothing.  No, you still need to take action.  However, the positive affirmations aren’t just to inspire you to take action.  They will do that and that’s great.

But more importantly, they leverage your positive feelings in order to pull toward you what you want.  The affirmations in this article will be easy, simple, and general, so you don’t need to have your life figured out in order to benefit from them.

However, it’s not just saying the affirmation once.  You must say them multiple times and with conviction.  If you don’t believe them, then they have no power.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to believe them at first.  In fact you may have a negative voice that calls you on your bs every time you utter a positive affirmation.

That’s okay, just keep on saying them.

What are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are phrases you repeat in order to raise your mood on a chemical level, your outlook on a mental level, and your vibration on a spiritual level.

In essence, positive affirmations help you to reprogram your subconscious mind.  If you combine them with semen retention (to be discussed below on the massive importance), then  you can reap rewards much faster in the material realm.

Why Positive Affirmations are needed?

Positive affirmations aren’t needed for everyone.  If you’re already always happy and have a great life, then you’re already vibrating at a high level consistently.  So they’re not needed for everyone.

But if you’re not always at your best, or if you’re not where you want to be, or if you ever have stress, worry, or feel like you “need” something else to complete you, then positive affirmations will change your life.

Most of us have:

  • Bad programming
  • Constant negative affirmations

Common negative affirmations

  • I don’t have enough time
  • I don’t have enough energy
  • I’m not where I want to be
  • I don’t have enough experience
  • I keep on relapsing
  • I haven’t been with enough women
  • I don’t know if I can keep her / get her back
  • The world is fucked up
  • I’m not sure what to do

These are common examples I get from guys on coaching calls, comments, etc.  Some of these are specific to men and some apply to all people.  And it’s not that they’re unfounded.  There are situations where it’s actually neutral, and the guy is choosing to have a negative outlook.  But most of the time, these negative affirmations are the result of real experience.

A guy who keeps on relapsing is logically going to say “I keep on relapsing”

The guy whose dating the most attractive woman he’s ever dated is going to say “I don’t know if I can keep her / get her back”

The guy whose not getting enough sleep, has a bad diet, and hates is job, is going to say “I’m not where I want to be, I don’t have enough energy, and I don’t have enough time”.

Logic is Great, Most of the Time

Logically, these make sense.  However, while logic is an incredible tool, and it should be our primary tool, it’s not our only tool to navigate the world.  If it is, then you’re stuck in the physical realm.  You’re just looking at the world in a purely rational, physical, materialistic viewpoint.  If that’s how you want to live life, then that’s your choice.  But it’s going to result in a limited viewpoint and limited results.

If you want to feel better, and actually get better results in the real world, then it’s important to leverage the non-physical (or spiritual) perspective as well.  Spiritual is really just less physical, or less dense.  Just like the physical world, if you zoom in on it, actually isn’t so dense.

The difference is scale.

If you punch a steel wall, you’ll break your hand.

But if you scale down, that steel wall is made up of millions of atoms that each have more space in between them.  Even the atoms themselves are largely just empty space.

The point here is that things are not always as they seem.

Combine Logic and Feeling 

If you understood this, then you’d realize it’s not logical to feel negativity and therefore attract more negativity into your life.  You’d realize that if you use positive affirmations then you can change the actual outcomes in your life.

You can massively change your life if you change the way you talk to yourself.  You already talk to yourself with your thoughts.  Everyday you have thousands of thoughts.  Many of them, at least for most people, are negative thoughts.  These negative thoughts causes your brain to attract negative situations and take negative actions.

These negative thoughts, or negative affirmations, are constantly pulling the things you don’t want in your life.  Even some affirmations you think are positive are often negative.

Less (but still) Negative Affirmations

Examples are usually based around what you want but they come from a place of lack.  For example:

  • I want to make more money
  • I want to be better with women
  • I really want to be able to retain my seed
  • I hope that this works out

And so on.  These are better than the previous negative affirmations, but still are coming from a place of lack.

When you say “I want more money”, what you’re going to attract to you is more of “wanting money”.  The want of money means you still don’t have money.

When you say “I want to do better with women”, what you’re pulling towards you is more lack of competence with women.

Saying these negative affirmations can be enough to make you take massive action and eventually get what you want.  But you’re making it much harder than it needs to be.  Instead, you want to use positive affirmations that are in the present tense.  These will help you to “feel” like you have what you want.


Feeling is what powers your affirmations.  The more you “feel” or “believe” in the affirmation, the more power it has.  This is the same exact idea with prayer.  You’ll have religions from all of the world, whether it be Christians, Muslims, or any faith based religion, and they’ll all tell you the power of “faith”.

This sounds weak to the logical mind.

But in reality, “faith” actually is the feeling that manifests what you desire.  That’s why when you believe God has your back, or the universe has your back, things tend to workout.

Of course we still live in a physical world.  If you have faith that you’re going to turn into godzilla, that’s not going to happen.  Your faith itself wouldn’t be strong because you know that’s not going to happen.

So your prayers, or your affirmations, still need to be based in reality.  Just make them the best version of reality, while getting rid of negative thoughts.

Destroy negative thoughts

We’ll dive into some easy positive affirmations that you can use now.  But before we do so, it’s important to get rid of negative thoughts, or at least negate their effects.  Because these negative affirmations, if you feel strongly about them, will lead to your lack of success.

The 2 ways to reduce the power of existing (or spontaneous) negative affirmations are to

  1. Counter with positive affirmations
  2. Practice detachment

We’re going to focus on positive affirmations in this article.  However, detachment from negativity is a great method as well.  This can be done through extensive mediation, yoga, cleaning up your diet, and gaining awareness that you are not your thoughts.  However, this deserves an entire article by itself, and so that will be touched on at some point in the future.

How Spiritual Masters have used Positive affirmations

One last thing before we dive into the affirmations.  These will work if you repeat them everyday and stick to them.  However, you will manifest these much faster if you’re practicing semen retention.  This is because your law of attraction (or simply your intention) is much stronger when you’re retaining.  So if you believe something, anf feel strongly about it, you will create it in your life much quicker.

The longer you’ve been retaining, the more powerful your law of attraction is.

It’s not necessary to retain to do this, but it will make the results much quicker.

And it’s also not necessary to be super specific.  Some people choose to have specific affirmations.  However, you may limit what God or the universe can do for you in this way unless you are extremely well disciplined.  For example, Jesus would give gratitude or give thanks (positive affirmation) before the miracle before he completed it.  However, he had absolute mastery over his spiritual energies.  Brahmachari‘s can also do the same thing.  Have a specific vision and manifest it in the real world.

Positive Affirmations must be backed by Faith

But if you’re not that advanced, then there’s no need to be that specific.  You can be if you want, but you might lose your “faith” or strong positive feeling when it doesn’t appear in your reality the way you wanted.

This is why I like to keep positive affirmations simple and general for most guys.  This will allow you to keep your “faith” strong because you won’t lose your belief if a specific situation (with business, job, a woman) etc. seems like it’s not working out.

Here are the general positive affirmations for well being, happiness, and success.  You can use all of them, 2 of them, 3 of them, etc.  Just make sure to commit to saying each affirmation 100 times for 30 days.

Easy Positive Affirmations you can use Today

  • I am whole and complete
  • I accept myself
  • God has blessed me with health, wealth, and happiness
  • God has blessed me with shelter, food, water, air, and life
  • God has blessed me with peace, love, joy, and wisdom
  • I am blessed.
  • I’m in a great place in life.
  • The right things are in my life.
  • Things are always working out for me

The last one in particular

  • Things are always working out for me

I’ve found to be particularly useful.  It’s general enough that it can apply to almost anything, which makes it extremely easy to believe and ave faith in.  It also gives God or the universe tons of creative room to do great things in your life for you.


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