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The Producer Mindset: Make the shift from consuming to producing


Producer mindset

Having a producer mindset means you’re always looking to be a producer.  That means you’re looking to create things.  The opposite is being a consumer, when you just consume food, content, instructions, etc.

If you want true success in this life than you need to adopt the producer mindset.

Why become a producer?

Those who produce provide value to those who consume, and therefore put themselves (the producers) in a better position.

It’s absolutely essential to produce things if you want to live your life’s purpose and achieve fulfillment.  And becoming a producer will make you happier each day.

Sitting around and just consuming all day long seems easier than taking action.  After all, creating takes a lot of effort.  And technically, it’s easier just to consume.

However, you’ll be much less happy consuming what other people produce and never producing things for yourself.

If you’re reading this then you’re likely a producer at heart.  This means you’ll never be happy doing what the other 95% of other people do.  Other people will be fine consuming Reality TV shows, watching porn, smoking weed and not doing shit, taking whatever job they can get, and so on.

They just consume all day long.

I doubt that’s you if you’re reading self improvement.  You’re technically consuming right now, but you’re doing it to learn and to help you produce.

Are success and fulfillment things you want?  Do you want people to remember you when you’re gone?  Then you need to be a man of action, a creator.  You can’t do shit for yourself or those around you if you’re just a consumer and wait for life to hand you things.

Producer’s are always looking to create

producer's create

Once you’ve developed your meaning in life you need to apply a producer mindset towards fulfilling your purpose.  Getting shit done will make you more money, get you higher quality women, and will make you successful.

There’s a reason why successful people are always busy and just keep on being innovative.  It’s because they’re producers.

They have the producer mindset, always looking for the next opportunity to create and add value.

Developing the producer mindset

How to exactly develop the producer mindset?

  1. Create your purpose, ideally a business
  2. Master your schedule and build your business everyday
  3. Limit consumption to automating tasks (like buying food) and productive learning

Work on building your business everyday.  Your business should be something you love that uses your strengths and ultimately build wealth for yourself.

Almost everything you do needs to revolve around building your business. Doing this will naturally cause you to create a schedule that makes you a producer.

A producer’s schedule may look like:

  • 6am, lifting weights then eat
  • 8am-6pm, work on your business (eat lunch in the middle)
  • 6pm, eat dinner
  • 7pm, productive consuming
  • 9pm – free time, enjoy a woman’s company, meet up with a friend, etc.

You don’t have to be a producer 24/7

At the end of the day, we all want to have fun with girls and hangout with our friends or family.

There’s still time to enjoy life, but it’s only after a hard day’s work.  That’s why becoming a producer involves having a strict schedule with the focus of growing your business, which is ultimately linked to the purpose you created for yourself.

Learn when to be a consumer

learn when to consume

You can’t be a producer in every aspect of you life.

If you were, you’d be growing your own food and creating every product you use in your daily routine.  It’s not practical to literally produce everything.

They key is to be a consumer when it makes more sense for you to do so.

Reading self improvement, and then taking action, is consumption that will help you become a better producer.  Buying healthy foods is consuming, yet helpful to your overall lifestyle and aiding you in producing.

The same with paying rent for a nice apartment and so on.

You have to set aside tasks and time that’s meant for consumption.  After a day’s work of producing you might have an hour at the end of the day to read or watch content that’s relevant to your goals.

It could be my blog, a video about allocating your money better, or a new skill that will help you with your business.

That being said, this needs to be valuable consumption.  Just ask yourself, “will this activity help me get more productive shit done?”  If this answer is yes, then it’s valuable consumption.  If it’s no, then it’s just wasting time.

Creating value for others is what a producer does best

Like anything, it takes practice to become a producer.  If you’re lazy and don’t get much done then you need to work on producing more each day.  Producing is something you need to make a habit, and then a lifestyle.

Producers are always looking to create more, build greater things, and make life better. Don’t be a lazy consumer and waste away your life.  Develop a producer mindset and make life better for yourself and those around you.



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