Unbreakable Confidence

Unbreakable Confidence - ebook cover


Want to be Confident and have High Self Esteem?

Want to never depend on others for validation?

Want to feel great about yourself and have the balls to get what you want in life?

Unbreakable Confidence is for you.  

You'll get the breakdown on confidence and self esteem, why you don't have it, and how to build true confidence that lasts.  

Get Focused

Get focused - ebook cover


Are you on your game and 100% Focused?

Do you feel like you're lacking clear direction?

Are you confused about the core areas every man should have down?  Do you need to build discipline?

Get Focused is for you.  

You'll understand the characteristics every man needs, why each core area is important, what to focus on, and how to build the perfect schedule.  


$150 for 30 minutes or $250 for 1 hour

1 on 1 coaching to work through a specific situation or develop a strategy to achieve your desired goal.