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Reasons for Leaving a Job: 6 points you Need to Consider


6 Reasons for Leaving a Job

Reasons for Leaving a Job

There’s many reasons for leaving a job.

If you have a job right now, then you probably hate it.

Jobs suck because they require us to do shit we don’t like in order to make a living and survive.

They wouldn’t be called jobs if they were enjoyable.

In this post I’m going to discuss some of main reasons for leaving a job, and why you should consider turning in the towel.

1. You can’t get rich at a job

build wealth in your 20's

Building wealth and getting rich should be your main priority right now.

Especially if you’re 20-40 years old.

You can’t get rich at a job.

Only doctors, lawyers, and engineers can make real money working for someone else, and all of these professionals can make much more if they open their own practice or start a business.

Business ownership is the key to creating wealth.

The richest people in the world made their money from building or investing in a business.

In either case, they owned businesses.

Working a job means you take home a little bit in order to make the owners rich.

Instead, you want to flip the script.

Dodge debt that all your co-workers are falling into and figure out how you can become a business owner.

2. No Boss

boss yelling at employee

Out of all the reasons for leaving a job, this was the most motivational one for me.

Now it would be to get rich.

But when I hated having a boss.

Hated being told what to do and having to take shit from another man.

Even though I always killed it in Sales by bringing in over 1 Million in revenue a year, I still had to deal with a pushy, in my face boss.

Now, my boss wasn’t a terrible guy when he wasn’t at work.

Overall he was a great guy, and en ethical person.

But at work he was my boss, and I had to do what he said.

And I hated that.

If you have a boss, you literally have someone who is in charge of the majority of you during your waking hours.

It’s the 21st century.

You shouldn’t a master that controls how much you make and the means to your income.

3. Better job security

gary vee

Entrepreneurs will always find a way to make money.

When you own a business, you can grind and make revenue appear with enough effort.

Especially if you’re selling a service.

Nobody can automate you out of a job when you’re your own boss.

But if you work at a corporate job then you’re at the mercy of the company, the market, and future technology.

Corporate jobs can do major lay off to increase profitability.

The market can change and your product or service can lose demand.

Technology is automating more jobs, and you never know if yours will be next.  Especially if it’s low skilled and doesn’t require a ton of creativity.

But you can protect yourself if you own your own business.

Business failure

It’s true that 50% of small businesses fail in the first year and 95% fail in the first 5 years.

But most of those failures are done by people who didn’t do proper research and didn’t stick to it.

They sold a product or service that wasn’t in demand or they just didn’t put in the effort.

More than likely they started a product that failed.

Probably because they took a guess on demand for their product and were wrong.  Or they rain out of money.

If you start a service business, your initial financial investment is close to zero.

You can choose to sell website services, SEO, accounting or tax services, etc.

You’ll have a very hard time failing if you pick a proven market and grind with sales.

There’s more job security in a business like this than a 9-5.

Not everybody is cut out to be an entrepreneur, but if you are, you’ll never be out of a job.

4.  Location Independence

Location independence - working from a coffee shop

When you work a job, you have to be where the job requires you to be.

But one of the best reasons for leaving a job is so you can live where you want.

Whether you want to live in a city in your home country, move to another continent, enjoy a better climate, or just be closer to your family, living where you want is always a good thing.

One of the biggest reasons for leaving a job is to be independent.  And where you live is a big part of that.

I still like to have a desk and office to get my work done.

However, I like having my office where I choose.

It’s up to me whether I want it in a high-rise in Bangkok or San Francisco.

I recommend printing out images of where you want to live.

Look at the pictures everyday to plant the seed in your head.

5. No love for your slave job

man hating job

You don’t love your job.

If you did you wouldn’t be looking up reasons for leaving a job.

You’re looking to get out of it.

And I don’t blame you.

It’s hard to love a job you’re forced to take.

You need income to pay rent, to eat, to go out with friends.

You definitely need a job if you want to be a player and have your own place in the city.

However, you can’t deny you have no love for what you do.

People generally don’t like their boring office jobs.

It’s not rocket science.

You’re stuck doing shit you hate, that’s why you’re getting paid to be there.

And while you’ll have to grind and do shit your whole life, you shouldn’t slave away at a job you hate forever.

6. Greatness

greatness - steve jobs

Name someone who’s famous or great from being an employee?

I can’t think of anyone.

On the other hand there’s plenty of entrepreneurs I can name.

I have respect for people who do the shitty jobs in order to take care of their families and survive.

But that won’t be me.

I want to achieve greatness and have a legacy.

I want to develop power and control over my own life.

And chances are you want the same.

Especially if you’re trying to make yourself the best you can possibly be.

You can’t be great working for another man.

And in fact, the quickest way you can develop your manhood to is start your own business and become independent.  This is the only way you can become truly free.

You can only grab ahold of real greatness when you’re your own boss and take control of your life.

What to do

Quitting - Reasons for Leaving a Job

So should you just quit your job tomorrow?

If you’re not rich and don’t have other income coming in then don’t quit yet.

I know it sucks ass, but you need to have a plan.

You can’t just leave yet.

Otherwise you’ll end up having to get another job you hate.

Instead, use these reasons for leaving a job to motivate you to get your side income up.

Start a business

You do that by starting a business.

Work on your business when your boss isn’t working and breathing over your neck.

Then come home and spend a few hours on it each work day.

Put more time in on the weekends.



It takes a shit ton of effort to start a side business while you have a full time job.

In fact it’s way too difficult for the majority of people to be able to handle it.

But if you want the great things in life, you can’t be like most people.

You need to adopt the Producer Mindset.

You have to grind to get out of the wage slavery you’re currently trapped in.

And it’s not about working harder.

It is hard to do, but just think of it as working more.

You work, get home, and work more, but on your own business.

Then once you’ve built up your side business up enough you can quit.

You build up the revenue, spend less money and save, and then you can quit your slavery job.

It will be worth it

Avoid the traps like buying a fancy car or blowing your cash on expensive dates.

Before you know it you’ll be in a much better place compared to quitting with your business not yet started.

The blood, sweat, and tears will all be worth it.

Your journey to financial independence needs to start today.

Use these reasons for leaving a job to remind yourself how much you want to escape it.

With enough hatred for the current state of things, you can push through the barriers of change and become an independent motherfucker.

Develop your purpose and let it deliver you from the hell of your day job.


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