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Red Pill Relationship: 5 Rules to Manage LTR’s and Maintain Masculinity


Red Pill Relationship: 5 Rules to manage your LTR’s

red pill relationship

Having a red pill relationship is possible if you want to stop being a player or if you just desire to have a girlfriend.  Many of you don’t want to just sleep with tons of women for the rest of your life as that gets old.  Some of you prefer relationships or may want to have kids in the future.  So a red pill relationship makes sense.

And when I say a red pill relationship, I don’t mean you need to tell your girlfriend you’ve taken the red pill and what it means.  It just means you’re taking red pill knowledge and applying it to the relationship.

The red pill isn’t a religion or a cult, as mainstream media would have you believe.  It’s simply using experiences from your own life and the lives of other men to see the truth about the dating game + life.

You don’t need to throw out everything you learn about hypergamy and female nature just because you want to get a girlfriend again.  It’s not like you can un-learn the truth.  You can’t be a player and then try to be a blue pilled man again.  It doesn’t work like that.  And you can’t go back on things you learned and half ass it like purple pillers.

Instead, you can have a red pill relationship.  You take the things you learned from seeing the truth about the world and you apply that to your relationships.  If you do this, you can have relationships that benefit you and your girl to the fullest extent, without reverting to your old ways and getting burned.

5 Rules for a Red Pill Relationship

  1. Be focused on your purpose
  2. Make decisions and lead
  3. Pass shit tests
  4. Keep your sexual market value high
  5. Always be selling the dream

1. Be focused on your purpose

power in a relationship, focus on purpose

The first red pill relationship rule is to be focused on your purpose.  Your purpose must come before your woman.  It comes before all else.  Because without your purpose, you’re nothing.  In fact, you don’t have a choice but to have a purpose.  And if you don’t consciously create a purpose for yourself, then you’ll end up making your girlfriend your purpose.

From there things will only go downhill as you put her on the pedestal.

Staying focused on your purpose keeps your money increasing, your ambition pointed in the right direction, and maintains your masculinity.

Women want men who have a purpose and know where they’re going in life.  Your girlfriend wants to jump aboard your ship.  Your purpose will keep you focused on greater things.  It will make her feel like she’s part of your journey.  Which in turn will make the red pill relationship work.

2. Make decisions and lead

man becoming leader in relationship

As men who’ve taken the red pill, we realize that women desire strong, masculine men.  Masculine men make decisions and lead.  We put some thought into something, but we don’t take long to choose the next step and proceed.

Beta males are always asking their girlfriends what they want to do.  They’re never firm or decisive.  And their girls end up bored of having to always lead him.  Eventually, the girl runs the relationship and the beta male wonders why he’s always being bossed around.  Even though it’s his fault for not being the leader.

Don’t be a weak man.  A red pill relationship requires you to realize that you must be the leader the majority of the time.  Take action, and be active, not reactive.

3. Pass shit tests

she likes you, complains you're a slow texter

As a man, you need to pass shit tests in relationships.   As long as you maintain your masculinity, then you should be able to pass these with no issue.  And the better you pass them, the less often they’ll appear.

But why do women shit test?  Shouldn’t they just love me?

No motherfucker.  If you’ve taken the red pill, then you should know why women shit test.  Women shit test a man to see what his value is.  If he passes her tests, then he’s of high value.  He doesn’t get bothered by the bullshit she tries.  Which in turn shows her that he is a strong mate.  A man who can pass a woman’s shit test is less likely to let other people push him around.  And he’s also more likely to stand up for her when needed.

Passing shit tests is also the same as maintaining frame in a relationship.  Having a red pill frame, or better articulated as a masculine frame, is the way to pass her tests.  Basically not getting emotional or acting like a bitch.

Meaning a man who passes shit tests is seen by the woman as a man who can protect her and her offspring.  It’s a survival instinct.  Of course there are drama queens who shit test no matter what for control.  Dump them.

A man who fails shit tests is a needy man.  He is bothered easily and is mentally weak.  Which gets her to think that me may not be able to protect her, or that he has no other sexual options other than her.  Either way, a woman is turned off by a man who can’t pass a shit test.

She’s testing you to gauge your masculinity.  High masculinity means that you’re a good mate.  Low masculinity means you’re a bad mate and should be used + discarded.

4. Keep your sexual market value high

man lifting weights

A man who wants a successful red pill relationship must keep his smv high.  This means maximizing your looks, money, and status.  Doing these things will help you stay in your masculinity, as well as keep your girl in her femininity.

When you know you look good, have a solid bank account, and have status, then you know you’ll have options if the two of you ever break up.  This will keep you from acting desperate.  Which means you can avoid catching oneitis.  Maintaining high sexual market value will also keep your girl into you.

She’ll know she’ll need to be on her A game if she wants to keep you.  And therefore by just keeping your smv at a high level, you’ll be running enough dread game to keep your girl in love with you.

Money + Status

In terms of money, that should be always growing with the focus you have on your business/purpose.  Your status should grow indirectly because of that.  You can also grow your status locally be getting involved in your community, or becoming really good at something like dancing or a martial art.  But for most of you, being the CEO of your own company will raise your money + status to powerful levels.  Keep building your wealth and getting rich.


The last things to keep up with to make a red pill relationship work is your looks.  Every man gets older, so you’re not going to be the same stud at 35 or 45 as you were at 25.  Nevertheless, you can keep your body in shape.  Lift weights a few times a week to keep your athletic, muscular shape.  Eat well by avoiding heavy carbs.  Instead consume proteins, veggies, and fruits.  With your ever growing bank account, you should be able to afford a great wardrobe, a slick haircut, and solid shoes + a watch.

Doing all of these things will keep your smv at high levels.  When your girl sees every other guy as a downgrade, it’s much easier to lead her and build a red pill relationship.

5. Always be selling the dream

james bond - smirk

And the last major point for maintaining a red pill relationship is to always be selling the dream.  Selling a girl a dream goes much further than just getting her into a relationship with you.  Pimps, CEO’s, and politicians know the importance of selling dreams to people.

You also need to sell the dream to your girl.  Tell her what you two are going to do together, where you’re going to travel, and what you’re going to achieve in life.  Then once you accomplish great things and make the dreams come true, sell her on another dream.

It shouldn’t be all bullshit.  You should follow through on your word.  But half the battle is selling her on you.  You want her to feel like she’s apart of your team.  And if you do this right, your girl will do everything in her power to support, nurture, and push you towards achieving your dreams.

You need to always be selling her on the life you to have together.  Pimp your words at her.

Life is sales

And sell yourself on the dream too.  Life is sales.  It’s not just your girl you need to sell to.  It’s also yourself.  Be your own hype man.  Believe your own bullshit.  Because if you do that, then you can make your wildest dreams come true.  Then you can sell her on the dream, and sell other people in life on your dreams.  You can build a powerful network of allies.

It’s not about lying.  It’s about getting other people to believe in your ideas.  If you can make them feel like they’re a part of your story, then they’ll help you achieve you dreams, goals, and ambitions.  This applies to a red pill relationship just as much as it does to business and real world success.

Sell her on the dream of spending her life with you.  Get her wrapped up in your greatness.  Then you can build a loyal woman who is willing to do anything to make you happy and see you successful.

There’s no going back

the player mindset

You can’t go back once you take the red pill.  Because the red pill isn’t blindly believing shit you hear.  It’s looking at the world the way it really is.  When you realize that women and men both act certain ways because of evolution and survival of the fittest, things start to make sense.  You can have a red pill relationship without getting burned, cucked, or divorce raped if you follow these guidelines.

I know I’m going to get some comments about old fashioned, masculine men getting married.  In the past, most men got married.  Even the biggest alpha males usually tied the knot.

But things were different back then.  Divorce wasn’t nearly as socially acceptable or easy to get.  I’m not saying people should be forced to stay married.  However, getting divorced raped wasn’t a fear men of the past usually had to worry about.  So they could afford to get married without having a 50/50 chance of being taken to the cleaners.  Marriage isn’t an option in today’s age.

Therefore they could have a red pill relationship much easier.  It’s much easier to stay in your masculine energy hen there’s not a gun to your head.

No more of this deciding whether or not you’re going to be red pill.  If you’ve truly taken the red pill, then you’ve already seen what the world is like.  You know that it’s not a Disney movie.  These women out here get around.  The game can be completely ruthless to you.  But that’s only if you slip.  If you stay strong, stay focused on your purpose, put your manhood first, and always strive to improve your life, then you can have a red pill relationship that adds value to your life.  You can have a queen, just make sure she knows you’re the king.


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