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Redpill College Graduate Survival Guide: Surviving the Real World

Redpill College Graduate Survival Guide

Redpill College Graduate Survival Guide

This redpill college graduate survival guide is meant for men who just graduated from university and are looking for some direction in life.  Most of you are going to be 21-23 give or take.  And if you didn’t go to college but you’re done with school and are trying to figure out what to do next, this graduate survival guide still applies to you.

While the majority of my questions come from men with woman problems, I get a lot of questions about life from younger men.  Questions asking what they should do with their life, how they should navigate the real world, should they grind now and make money or fuck around and get their act together later.

Everybody needs to make their own path.  But there’s not enough clear guidance for young men who are trying to figure out what to do next.  That’s part of the reason I made Rebellious Development in the first place.  In this specific article, I’m going to advise you on what you should do now that you’re a college graduate, or otherwise “out there in the world”, as a young man.

What you need to do now

The world can be a ruthless, unforgiving place.  It can also be a wonderful experience filled with endless opportunity.

It depends on your current life situation and what you’re doing to better your life.

No matter what, you need to have a rock solid mindset that you’re going to live life for yourself.  And if you can spread positive energy to those around you, then you’re going to have an incredible life.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, it’s difficult to get to a place where you’re loving life, making good money, and where you feel like you’ve made it.

As a young man in your early 20’s, the first thing you need to figure out how you’re going to spend the next few years.  Because time is a precious resource.  In fact it’s the most precious resource we have.  If you use it wisely then your future self will thank you.  But if you waste it then you’re only creating more problems.

Two main paths that make sense to take

habits for success - analyzing yourself

In this college survival guide, there are two main paths a young man in his 20’s can take when it comes to his life direction:

  1. Have fun in the dating game now and spend time chasing women
  2. Get your business right, learn skills, and spend less time chasing women for now

Right off the bat, #2 makes the most logical sense.  And I’ll push you guys in that direction.  However, #1 can make sense for many of you guys.  Because if you haven’t dated that many women yet, then you may feel like you’re missing out.  And when things get tough on your business, you’ll let things slide and start chasing girls for validation.  Or at least that’s what a lot of young men do.  A lot of you are more focused than the average guy whose just loafing around through life.  If you value financial freedom, then you won’t be satisfied until you achieve it.

Deciding which path is best right now

So if you’ve already had fun with women in college or just in your late teens / early 20’s, then it’s much easier mentally to put dating on the back-burner for a while.  I’m not saying you need to be celibate or do nofap.  You can still go out and meet women.  But it takes a few years of grinding to build your business, especially when you have a full time job.  Which means sacrificing some fun now so you can be free for the rest of your life.

If you don’t think you have the discipline for that, then it’s better for you to have some fun.  If that’s you then read my guide on how to be a player so you can have fun.

But if you’re ready for the next step of the college graduate survival guide, then read on.  This guide is structured in a way that assumes you value freedom, controlling your life, loving your life, and experiencing the things you want to.  Which requires some upfront sacrifice.

What college graduates or any young man should do:

  1. Escape Debt
  2. Get a job and save money
  3. Create a purpose in your spare time and work on that
  4. Build your business and eventually quit your job

1. Escape Debt

avoid debt

The first thing you need to do to survive in the real world is to avoid any debt.  And if you’re in debt, you need to escape it at all costs.  Avoid getting into more debt and work to get rid of your existing debt.

Debt is the killer of dreams.  You owe money and are working to pay off what you owe.  You have a negative net worth.  Right now I’m not talking about rich people who can buy a house outright but choose to take a loan so they can get a tax deduction on the interest.  Or people who “take on debt” but could actually pay it off and are doing it to lower their overall spend.

That’s not what this article is about.  It’s about as individual avoiding situations where you owe money that you don’t have so you need to work to pay it off.

Debt sources to avoid

For many of you,  college loans will be the biggest source of debt.  Car payments are also debt.  So is a mortgage on a house or real estate.  Some people get into credit card debt for spending too much.  Only get a credit card if you will pay it off every month and can have the good credit in case of an emergency.

At this point in your life, and pretty much throughout your whole life, debt is a no-go zone.  You’ll be able to get ahead with no debt.  You’ll have way less stress.  And you’ll have  freedom to do the things you want to do.  You can’t get financially ahead when you owe money.

And while the meaning to life isn’t money, money is how you get free.  This whole redpill college survival guide is about getting freedom so you can live the life you want.  No one can fully determine that except for you.  But when I can tell you is that you’ll need to have financial independence in order to not just survive in the real world, but more importantly to thrive.

2. Get a job and save money

spend less money

The majority of you will need to get a job and save money.  It’s what I had to do and everybody I knew had to do.  If you start a business before you ever need to get a job then that’s incredible.  Pursue that my man.  You’re on top of things.

However, if that’s not you, then surviving in the real world after college means you need to get a job.  You don’t need to lover your job and be satisfied with it, although the less you hate it the better.  If you do actually like your job then that’s awesome.

I didn’t love my job as it was a sales job selling to business executives.  I actually liked to interact with the business people for the most part.  But I was selling a service that wasn’t in line with what I wanted to do.  I was selling consulting for other people.  If I was selling web design and marketing like I do now then I probably would’ve liked it.

But I had a sales number to make, deals to close, and a lot of grinding to endure.

What sales taught me

I’m still grateful I had the job though because I was able to make six figures, save most of my money, and create a freedom fund.  I also was able to develop my sales skills and learned what mattered to business executives.

If you don’t have an engineering or computer science background, then sales can be a great way to make good money and get a valuable skill.  I’m not saying you’ll like it.  You’ll probably hate it, even if you like talking to people, because you’ll have a boss whose down your throat to make a number.  But that’s the nature of the beast.  It’s still 10x better than working in a field for minimum wage or working fast food and getting paid shit.

Sales massively boosts your ability to flirt and read people

Working in sales will also massively boost your game and ability to flirt with women + develop friendships with men.  I’m introverted by nature, but sales really gave me the ability to make friends wherever I go.  Combine that with learning how to dance, and your connection + ability to read people will jump levels.

3. Create a purpose in your spare time and work on that

man figuring out purpose

So I rambled for a little bit.  But the point was that surviving post college requires you need to get rid of debt and get a job that pays well.  While you don’t need to be an all-out minimalist, you need to save most of your money for now.

And in your spare time you need to work on your purpose.  This is the most important step that most college graduates think abut but never fully commit to.

Your purpose is something you make for yourself.  This is the one thing I wish I could ingrain into the college graduates and young men who read my content.  You make your own purpose.  If you don’t, you’ll  end up following someone else’s.  Your purpose is when you combine something you love, something you’re good at, and something you can make money with.

Generally this is a business.

It’s a business you own, doing something you love + are skilled at, and something that you can provide value to other people with.  You can sell a service, a product, or both.  I advise you guys to sell a service, and then you can always branch out into products.  Service based businesses require a lot less initial money, just time.  And right now you have no money but a lot of time.

Starting a business

My first business (which I still have) was a service based business.  It was doing web design and marketing.  I enjoyed it, but I actually didn’t wake up everyday excited about web design.  However, I loved having my own business, definitely still thought it was fun, and was able to sell my services to many business owners who were looking for what I offered.

You need to come up with your own business.  If you don’t know what you like, try out some courses on udemy and see if anything peaks your interest.  Doing a service that you can do from your laptop is awesome because that means you’re location independent.  But if you like being physical, then jobs like personal training or landscaping could be for you.

4. Build your business and eventually quit your job

how to be successful in business

This is the fun part of the college graduate survival guide.

You’re set up through the current system to become a work drone.  You’re taught to shut up and listen in class as a kid, in college, and then at your job.  But now you’re rebelling against that programming.

Surviving in the real world means you’re breaking free from a barely survivable existence as a wage slave.  Once you build out your business to the point it can financially take care of you, generally 1-3 years down the road, then you can quit your job.

Ideally you have 50-100k in the bank, along with consistent money from your business.  That way you won’t need to go back to your job or another one like it.

It takes an extra 20-40 hours a week on your side business to finally break free.  That’s on top of your regular 40-60 hour a week job.  But that’s what it takes.  A few years of crazy grinding.  Then you can quit your day job, focus on your purpose full time, and have the energy to have a social life and dating life.

The reason I tell you guys you’re going to sacrifice your dating life isn’t to scare you.  In fact it’s like an investment because it will be even better in the future when you have more money, status, and confidence as a business owner.  But your dating life suffers in  the short term because you’re working 2 full time jobs- your regular job and your side business.

How to still be in the game when you’re grinding?

You won’t be sleeping with as many women when you’re building your business.  You just won’t have the time to go out and always chat up new girls or message a million girls on tinder.  The money, freedom, travel capability, and extreme confidence you get form building your business will help you get laid a lot in the future.

But when you’re in the dirt, it’s just a fact that you’ll surrounded with less women.

Social circle game

One way I compensated with this is relying more heavily on my social circle.  I was more active in reaching out to old friends and getting a beer for an hour after work with them before I worked on my business.  In return I got invited to parties where I knew the people, had social proof, and was able to do better with women with less effort.  Instead of going out solo like I usually would, I’d also hit up girls I knew and go out with them.  That way other girls would see me with women and this would boost my smv.

I actually went out and partied much less, but I made sure that my social value was high when I did so.  Meaning I was able to meet girls much easier.

I prefer not to get girls through my social circle, because I don’t like it when everyone knows who I’m fucking.  But when I was building my business, that was by far the most efficient way to still have a dating life.

Have a dope life and post about it

How to use Instagram to get girls

I also was a dancer.  During this period I decided to ask people to get more pictures of me dancing (and with girls), and used that on social media.  In my spare time from working on my business I would spend a few minutes each day working on getting more followers.  And then I’d post once a week or so.  So when I met girls in real life and added them on Instagram, they could see my social value.  Every time I post something that’s cool / high value it’s like I’m gaming all of those girls.

So basically I focused on raising my value in the eyes of women.  And even doing all of those things made me more likable by guys friends, who wanted me to go out with them.

To be clear, I went out less as a college graduate.  But I made the times I went out and interacted much more effective through social game, if you want to call it that.  I just call it being a cool guy with good energy.

Survive and thrive

Surviving in the real world after college can seem daunting as a young man.  You’re thrown into the world and now you need to decide on what your life will be like.

If you haven’t been a player, then have your job and have some fun in your dating life.  Then you’ll be able to grind on your business later when you have de-valued pussy in your own mind.

If you’ve already dated a fair amount of women or it’s just not a focus for you, then you’re in the best position.  You can work on your own business and create a vehicle for freedom.  Because surviving in the real world after college is all about taking control of your life.  This is the opportunity where you can finally fully control your life.  Yet most people become more slaves to their surroundings than ever before.

Don’t just go with the flow and wander around life.  Decide on how you’re going to spend your next few years.  Commit to the game or to your business.  Most people don’t create their own path so they get sucked down the path of charismatic psychopaths.

Create your own purpose.  Surviving as a college graduate is about taking control of your life so you can spend your time how you choose.


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3 years ago

I am 21 years old. I was in boys hostel for my whole life. I never flirted with girl, never even talked too much with girls. I really feel like I am missing out as I live in small town in my parent’s house. I am trying to build business & got 2 sales for my web design agency but I can’t focus on my business due to fear of missing out on dating life

Should I just keep grinding or move to a big city & start dating?

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