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Respect is Necessary for Attraction: she must respect you


Respect is Necessary for Attraction: she must respect you

respect is necessary for attraction - the rock

Respect is necessary for a woman to have attraction for you.

As men we actually inherently know this.  That’s why we try to dominate our women in the bedroom.  That’s why we want our women to treat us well.  We think we value respect more than women.  We need respect from other men in order to insure we won’t be constantly challenged.

But women also need to respect us in order to have feelings for us.  Not respect as in women think we’re respectable, noble men.  Instead, respect in the sense that she can look up to you as a man.  She needs to feel that you’re of value.  Respect is when you have a feeling of admiration towards someone or something.

Why women need to respect you

Girls needs to admire and look up to you in order to want to fuck youRespect is a prerequisite for her have attraction for you.

Women want to reproduce with a man they see as valuable.  In order to see you as valuable, she needs to respect you.  That goes for men and women.  We respect people who we see as valuable.

It’s how nature programmed us – we respect other men who have some sort of power, skills, willpower, and so on.  Whether someone has achieved massive success, or has gone through some extreme hardship and push through it, we have respect for those with a will to survive.

And in terms of biological needs for reproduction, women are programmed to go after the men they think are capable.

Women feel like a man who they can respect is a man who can take care of them – not beta bucks take care, but a primal take care.  Like as in fuck her well, protect her from wild animals, and give her strong offspring.  These may or may not be true in the real world depending on the specific man she gets with.

But nature tells a woman that the men she respects have a higher chance of being able to do these things.

How to gain respect

dan bilzerian: financial freedom

If a woman sees a man that’s attractive to her walking around, she’ll naturally have respect for him.  She’ll think he’s a man who gets women and naturally will have desires towards him.  If he approaches her or if they end up  talking, his behavior will either grow this respect or blow it.  For example if he acts normal and has a conversation with her, and maybe even flirts a little, she’ll have more respect for him.  Her attraction will grow.  If he acts weak and is nervous or weird, she’ll lose respect for him and think “oh what was I thinking”.

The more a woman initially likes you or finds you attractive, the easier it is to gain respect.

However, the process of gaining respect is the same with every woman.  It’s the simple act of passing shit tests.  Or otherwise called just being a man.  It’s when you don’t enter a woman’s world.  You don’t enter her frame.  If she tries to tease you, you tease her back or deflect it.

If she’s trying to accuse you of something or get you to do something you don’t want to do, you stand up for yourself.  This is basic stuff that every man should do, but has become more rare in today’s age.

It’s about being a man.  No need for violence or anything extreme.  It’s just about staying in your zone and not putting the pussy on a pedestal.  This will cause you to act in ways that will draw her respect.

Texting example

For example, you get her number and she takes a day to text back, then you can also take a while to text back.  You’re not going to respond within 10 minutes to a woman who takes 4 hours to respond.  You have too much respect for yourself to be desperate.  Or you find yourself always texting her first with a woman you started seeing.  Instead you back off and let her text you first too.

Flirting with a girl you just met

how to flirt with women

Let’s say you just met a girl at a bar, on the street, on a dating app, or whatever.  Women will flirt with you, sometimes pushing the boundary, to see how you react.  Like maybe she’ll say that she thinks you should buy her a drink to get on her good side.  A great way lose her respect is to agree.  The right way to handle this is to throw it back in her face.  Tell her that she’s the one who should be buying you a drink to get on your good side.

This of course is done in a fun manner, you’re not being serious or acting like a robot.  You may lightly push her or smirk when you say this to her.

Girlfriend acting up

Respect is necessary for attraction at all stages of the game.  Not just for meeting new girls, but also with relationships.  If you have a girlfriend whose acting up, you need to address her bad behavior.  If you let her disrespect you then she’s going to be no fun to be with and she’ll also lose attraction.

So when she start being bitchy or rude to you, you call her out on it.  In most relationships, you’ll have to dump the girl at some point in order for her to see that you’re not going to put up with bad behavior.  This is how you get her to respect you like crazy.  Then she can come back and apologize and be more feminine than ever.

Respect doesn’t guarantee attraction

Respect doesn’t insure attraction, however it’s definitely a pre requisite.  For example, a woman could respect her father, a grandfather, uncle, or some old male celebrity.  She can also respect other women for their accomplishments, beauty, or something the’ve done.  However she may not be attracted to them in a sexual way.

But Respect is still necessary for attraction to exist

How to Maintain Attraction in a Relationship

That being said, in order for her to be attracted to a man, she must respect him.

You don’t get respect from an individual woman by worrying about if she respects you.  You should never be desperate to get respect.

This will cause you to act in weak ways and will get you anything but respect.  It’s similar to having an abundancer mindset with women.  When you are already dating / sleeping with women, you’re not desperate to get new women.  Which means new women come to you easily.  The same thing works with respect.  If you respect yourself and don’t need it from others, you’re naturally get more of it.

Don’t chase respect – that’s the same as chasing validation from others.

Instead you must be a motherfucking man.  Don’t try to “create” respect in a woman.

Just become a man whose naturally going to be respected by women and men alike.  You do this by working on your masculinity.  Not fighting everybody you see you giving off negative energy to other people.  But by harnessing the masculinity inside of you.  And by respecting yourself.  When you have a path in life and respect yourself, others will be drawn to you and will give you respect.  As a consequence of that, you’ll have more women who respect you and are attracted to you.

Women should never be the end goal with respect.  Because having the respect from other men, especially high value men, is actually more rewarding than getting more choosing signals.  Don’t worry though.  When you become the kind of man that commands respect, there will be no shortage of women who will want to fuck with you.


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