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Rising up and Becoming a High Value Man: SMV + Social Value


Rising up and Becoming a High Value Man

Rising up and becoming a high value man is not as hard as it seems.  It takes work, no doubt, but many men make the mistake of creating mental barriers into what a high value man is.

If you want to be an A list celebrity, then yes you’re in for one hell of a longshot, with little hope for success.

But that doesn’t need to be what a high value man is.  Not everyone can be a high value man, but anyone can if they put the work.  Meaning every man has the potential, but due to “high value” being comparison to other men, there can only be so many.  It’s a lump sum game.

That being said, you need to understand that while being a top 1% man is ideal, that’s not your only option.  If you make it to the top 20% of men, you’re just cracking the high value man bubble.  It’s the 80/20 rule.  If you make it into that top 20%, then your life in regards to others (sexual market value + social value) is dramatically better.

Stop comparing yourself to the Top 1% of Dudes

You don’t have to compete at that level.  You can if you want, but that’s not what’s needed to do well.  If you want to be a high value man, in the sexual market place and socially, you just need to be in the top 20%.

More is better.  If you’re a top 1% man, more power to you.  This is in now way to hate on successful men or discourage you from becoming one.  If you want to be a billionaire, be famous, or reach that top threshold of success, go for it.  That’s great

What is a High value man?

However, you don’t need to get to that level to be a high value man.

High value is simply your position in how the world views you.  While it’s definitely not everything, the more valuable you are to others, the more of a high value man you are, the easier your life is in terms of dating options, business connections, and having a social life.  If any of those matter to you, then being a high value man is worth pursuing.

Luckily for you, becoming a high value man isn’t insanely difficult.  The caveat is that there can only be so many high value men.

Not everybody can be high value.  Because being a high value man is only even a concept because there are average and low value men.  If everyone was a high value man, we’d all just be equal, and “high value” would be a useless, feel good term.  Which it often it is today.

A high value man, at the bare minimum, is a man in the top 20% of men.  Making it to his level is easy, and would barely be considered truly high value.  However, it’s relatively easy to do and there’s still great benefits to it.

Unfortunately there’s tons of overweight, porn addicted, anti-social men.  Or at least it’s unfortunate for them.

If you happen to be in good shape, have a good haircut, have a job, have normal or even decent social skills, then chances are you’re in the top 20% of men or at least not far off.

How to Tell if you’re a High Value Man?

There’s no exact wya to calculate this, anyone who develops a specific SMV or social value calculator is leading you astray.  It’s relative to where you are.  For example, if you’re in great shape, good looking, and make 6 figures, you might be an 8 or 9 in New York City.  But if you go to a rural town full of farmers you’re a solid 9 or more.  And if you go somewhere like Bangkok or Medellin as an American (whose good looking, making six figures in USD), then you’re basically a 10.

For your sexual market value, it will depend on the women.  Some women will see you as a 6, some an 8, and some a 9 or 10.  However, you can get a general idea by seeing how you’re treated over time.  The same goes for your social value.

You can tell where you stand as a high value man by the way people treat you.  The better you’re treated on average, the more of a high value man you are.  Of course the counter to this is that high value men also get hate.  Generally, you’ll get more attention than an average guy in general.

Top 20% 

Top 20% – Relatively Doable

The more valuable you are, the more extreme it will be.  For example, if you just made the cutoff for a high value man, like you’re in the top 20%, you won’t notice a big difference.  You’ll have the occasional girl give you choosing signals but that’s it.

Top 10%

Top 10% – Difficult, but Doable with 3-8 years of work

But when you’re in the top 10%, you’ll get way more choosing signals from women, you’ll notice men will size you up more, and staff at stores will generally pay more attention to you.

Top 5%

Top 5% – Exceptional, Generally requires a Big Advantage (Looks, Status) or Becoming a Full Blown Renaissance Man 

If you’re in the top 5% or higher, then you’re working with status in your area and will definitely more overt love (and hate) for just showing up.

As human beings, we can size people up very well.  And we can size up ourselves in a group.  We know when we’re the best out of a group, we know when we’re middle of the pack, and we know when we’re at the bottom.  It’s easy to tell.  It’s part of our DNA.

Your specific value will change depending on who you’re surrounded by.  After all, being a high value man in the way it’s being described in this article, is strictly about your sexual and social perception.

In a room full of dweebs you’ll be that top 5 or 1%.  In a room of NFL athletes, you’re bottom of the barrel.

Thankfully as mentioned in the beginning, there’s no need to compare yourself to the top 1% in society, as you’re not regularly competing with them.  And you shouldn’t compare yourself to the lowest level guys, as that isn’t going to give you the motivation to improve.

Compare you to you

Compare yourself to where you were yesterday.

That ensures there’s always room to improve, while still allowing you to reflect back on the success you’ve had.  As you begin to focus on your own life and yourself, you’ll naturally do the right things financially, mentally, physically, and even socially to elevate yourself.

Within a few years you can become a top 15-5% guy in your area, depending on where you are now and what you were given naturally.  You’re 6’4”, good looking, and working on getting a good job?  You can easily get to that top 5% of your local area in 3-5 years.  But if you’re 5’7”, decent looking, and still trying to figure out what you want to do?  Well you can get to that top 10%, but it might take 6-8 years and more of a grind to increase status.  Or maybe it takes you 3-4 years to get to that top 15% and you’re happy with that.

Only you know what is going to be worth it to you.

But if you find something you love to do, keep your fitness + health a priority, then you can easily become a high value man in due time.  Add in some fine tuning with relationship management, leadership, and social skills, and you’ll not only be able to be perceived as a high value man, but you’ll be able to conduct yourself like one as well.

There are natural advantages and disadvantages, the world isn’t fair.  Don’t worry about that.  Stay focused on the good path and you will be placed in the position that you deserve.


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