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Semen Retention and the Law of Attraction: Transmute your Energy


Semen Retention and the Law of Attraction

Using semen retention and the law of attraction can cause you to get what you want much quicker.  This practice is also called sexual transmutation.  It’s the act of consciously deciding to retain your seed.  And then you can redirect this energy towards bringing what you want into reality.

Semen retention

Semen retention is what it sounds like.  It’s when you keep your semen inside of you.  Many men associate this with nofap or monk mode.  While these are often the same depending on the practice, they don’t necessarily need to be.

For example, a man who retains his seed could also have sex, but just not ejaculate.  A man who does nofap doesn’t masturbate, and therefore usually does semen retention, but may or may not ejaculate during sex.

And a man who is in monk mode generally is out of the dating game.  Most men who do monk mode are also practicing semen retention during this time, although they technically wouldn’t need to.  However, it’s  a shame if you’re going to do monk mode and still beat off.  Most men use a monk mode as a period to practice semen retention and transmute their energy to get what they want.

Law of Attraction in practical terms

The Law of Attraction is your intention.  What you intend to get, you get.  You may want something and intend to get it.  However, you could also not want something, but still intend to get it.  In both cases, you’re using the Law of attraction to pull to you what you intend to get.

This is why it’s critical you control your thoughts and emotions.  Then you can choose what you intend to get and what you don’t.

Many people mess  up with the Law of attraction.  They intend to make money one day, then the next day they think they’re not good enough to make money, and therefore don’t intend to make money.

Basically, most people aren’t consistent with their intentions.  So they’re constantly using the Law of Attraction on one thing, and then the opposite, then back again in circles.

Because they’re not consistent, their intention in any 1 direction is weak, and then can never really pull what they want into reality.

Semen Retention increases your Intention

You shouldn't try to retire early: A man needs to work

Semen retention massively increases your intention.  Therefore by practicing semen retention, your own law of attraction (your intention) becomes much more powerful.  You just need to be focused on what you want or desire, combined with your increased intention to get it, and then it will appear.

Intention for you to actually get things done

In a practical sense, semen retention gives you more energy.

You’re able to work more, be more focused when you work, and stay consistent.  In a real world, practical sense, your intention to get what you want is much more powerful.

Intention you send out to the universe

In a more spiritual sense, your intention is also more powerful. Besides actually doing more work towards your goals, which is necessary, you actually send a more powerful intention out to the universe.  When you retain your seed, your energy is much higher.  Your emotional energy, your feelings, can also be stronger.

You may be more calm and controlled.  However, you can also consistently focus on what you want and vibrate at a much higher level.  These higher vibrations go  out into the the universe.  Your intention then can draw to you what you want much faster because your ability to pull things towards yourself is much higher.

How long do I need to retain my seed before the LoA works?

man focused loa

The Law of Attraction works regardless.  It’s already working.  The problem is your intention, the ability to pull things towards you, is weak.

You still have intention a day after you bust a nut.  It’s just that your intention is much weaker.  The frequency you vibrate is much lower.  The longer you retain your seed, the more powerful your intention is.

Which means the higher rate you vibrate, and the more powerful your intention is.  Meaning your Law of Attraction, or ability to demand or pull from the universe, will be much more powerful.

But how long do you need to be doing semen retention for to attract the things you want in life?  This depends on your current intention, how big or small the desire is, and how old you are.  For example, if your intention is to make an extra $20 a week, this will take little to no semen retention.  Because your  intention needs to be just barely above what it is right now.  However, if you want to make an extra $1000 a week, and you currently only make $1000 a  week, you’d be doubling your income.

Retain for at least a few weeks at a time

Retaining your seed for weeks or a month at a time before releasing would be a good place to start.  Because after even just 2 or 3 weeks, let alone a month 1 month, you get to high level of intention.  If you bust once a month, versus busting a few times a week, you’ll get to your goals much faster.

Retain Long Term

However, the most optimal would be never busting at all.  At least not until you make massive progress.

If you were to retain for 3 months, your power would compound and it’d be much greater than just 1 month of semen retention at 3 different times.  Likewise, the longer you go, and the younger you are, the stronger your life force is, and the more you can use the law of attraction.

Energy starts over every time you bust

Because when you release your seed, you start over.  You still have intention towards your goal, and have already built a lot in the period where your balls were full.  But now you need to build up again to have the law of attraction work.

Consistent Retention Builds Stronger Intention

cultivating your power, bane

If you were to go months without releasing your seed, your intention would be so high, that you could increase your income within a year, give or take.  This isn’t an exact science.  But if you didn’t bust for 1 year, you could likely double or triple your income during this year.  Where if you busted every few days, this might take you 5 or 6 years.

The Power of Youth

Age is also a big factor.  Younger guys, especially 18 and 19 year old guys have crazy high levels of testosterone.  If you’re a young guy and practice semen retention, you can get to the same level of intention in a week that might take a 30 year old man 3 or 4 weeks, and might take a 50 year old man 2 months.

Unfortunately, most young guys don’t know what they want and they constantly release their seed.  So while an 18 year or 19 year old could accomplishment a ton if they knew what they wanted and practiced semen retention, this is rarely the case in the real world.  Most younger guys constantly beat off, and some of the top tier ones have sex regularly.  Either way, they’re generally draining their balls and wasting their incredible powers.  And as mentioned, most of them don’t have a clear intention.  On Monday entrepreneurship seems cool, and by Wednesday working at a Big 4 accounting firm seems like the move.

However, if you’re young, don’t be offended by what I’m saying.  If you practice semen retention and decide on a focus, you can develop a crazy powerful intention.  You can use the law of attraction with semen retention to get what you want much quicker than your older self will be able to.  It’s just that most men don’t have the discipline to retain their seed or decide on what hey want until they’re older.

Semen Retention grows your Intention

semen retention, goku

The longer you practice semen retention, the more powerful your Intention grows.  Think about it like this.

Day 1 – Intention Level = 1

Day 2 – Intention Level = 2

Day 7 – Intention Level = 20

Day 21 – Intention Level = 100

(Just example numbers, not based on any data.  Illustrating the growing power of your Intention with Semen Retention)

If you bust after 3 weeks, then you got a good level of intention towards your goals.  But then you start over.  If you retain your seed continually, your intention keeps on growing.  You can therefore use semen retention to grow your intention and therefore leverage the law of attraction to get what you want much  faster.

Can you use the law of attraction to get what you want without using semen retention?  Yes, but this will only happen quickly if whatever you want doesn’t require much intention.  If you’re going after a big goal, you’ll need all of the intention you can muster up.  Do that by practicing semen retention and focusing on your goals.  You can get what you want much faster if you rise above your impulses and stop being a slave to ejaculation.


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2 years ago

This is very good information.

Ahmed Amr Hassan
Ahmed Amr Hassan
1 year ago

Wow I’ve always thought the exact same thing! But i thought it’s all in my head. Ive also found out, on longer streaks when your intention is very high you can also attract negative things just by talking about them!

1 year ago

Thanks! Great information good videos on your YouTube channel also

1 year ago

Of u believe it the universe will create it,think I’m present tense

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