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Semen Retention:  Fighting your Past Self


Semen Retention:  Fighting your Past Self

Practicing semen retention is like fighting your past self.  The man you used to be is fighting with the man you’re becoming.  This is one of the hardest battles of your life.  Because there’s nothing you can do physically to your past self.  You can’t punch him or wrestle him or trick him.

Yet he’s always popping up in your mind.  Tempting you to get off retention.  Trying to lure you into a release and be like everyone else.

Your past self let his animal instincts take over, and he wants you to do the same.  But you are not your past.  As powerful as the urges are, you have a chance to be new every moment of your life.  The natural urges to reproduce are powerful.  However, the benefits of transcending this animalistic urge, even just for a small period of a few months or a year, will drastically change your life.

The Past Self vs. The Current You

Men stuck in the animalistic cycle have goals that are important to them in their own little world.  But with some perspective, they’re usually just intellectualized versions of the same goals that a lion or chimp has.  For example, many of the goals guys have when they weren’t retaining were to sleep with x amount of women, or get back with an ex, or get an x jealous, or make 200k 3 years from now, or whatever.  Simply goals centered around getting sex, or gaining status in the world.

And it’s not that sex or success are bad.  These are natural pursuits.  But when you retain, you sense a higher calling.

When you retain, your goals may shift.  Retention starts out as a fun challenge for many of us.  For others, it’s the challenge that we need to change our lives.

At first it’s just about how many days you can do without busting a nut.  And how much success you can manifest.  A lot of guys do retention so they won’t have to do it in the future.

The Shift

But after a while, it becomes about more than that.  A shift happens.  When you start to look at some of your old goals as inconsistent with your new energy, your new outlook, and a new direction you want to head in.  Before your old goals were just based on getting more short term pleasure, or getting more money to get the car or fancy clothes.

And while pleasure isn’t evil, and neither or luxury possessions, you start to lose the raw desire just for those.

You start to see the universe mold around you.  God blesses you with immense gratitude, joy, peace, and love.  A sense of happiness and bliss is constantly with you. Yet you also feel powerful, strong, and passionate.

Opposing Paradigms

But then the desire comes back.  You see an attractive woman, or even women from your past start texting you to hang out.  Opportunities come up to possibly make more money, but you’re not sure if they resonate with what you actually want to do with your life.

This is where the battle comes in.  This is where you begin fighting with your past self.

Voices tell you

  • “This is it man, this is why you’ve been retaining, so you can get this reward.”

In reality it’s the lust for more, for your past desires, that begin to rise again

But then something else, another part of you, says

  • “wait a minute.  I like the energy I have now.  I like the peace of mind, vigor, and bliss that I carry with me.  Do I really still need to sleep with that woman, or take that job?  Do those things align with my life?”

I’m not saying to be celibate the rest of your life.  I’m not saying to not take a job that can benefit you.  But what I am saying is that when you retain, temptations come up that your past self would’ve jumped right on top of.  Now your current self has to do battle.  Except the battle isn’t a real battle.  It’s just you playing games with yourself.

Old tendencies rise up in you.  Old neurological connections are once again sparked in your brain.  Do you go back to what you did before?  Do you take the path you’ve already taken?

Or you decide to protect your energy, and deal with the situations you know are a fit for your life?  Do you decide to create new pathways in your brain, to do what you haven’t done before?  The battle isn’t about past you versus current you.  It’s really about you deciding to stay the same, or to continue your evolution and grow.

Break the Old Mold

To make the decisions on how to use your sexual energy, when to date and when to transcend your sexual energy beyond the physical, decisions to elevate your money, decisions with your lifestyle, decisions that you know are for the betterment of your life, and not just for the next few moments.

That’s the battle with your past self.  Fighting with the old energy to build the new energy.

Semen Retention causes you to face what you used to be.  And if you stay strong and battle against what’s easy, fighting against what you’ve already done, then you become strong.  You create new pathways in your brain and in your energy that allow you to rise above what you were.  Semen retention allows you to not just battle your past self.  It allows you to transcend your past self, and let go of the pattern of old habits that no longer serve you.

Retain your seed.  Focus your energy.  Break the old mold.  Become a new man.


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