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Semen retention: the power of holding onto your seed

Semen retention: the power of holding onto your seed

Semen retention is when you hold back from ejaculating.  While it’s possible to orgasm without ejaculating, most men don’t know how to do this, so this generally means no orgasms either.

When you practice semen retention, you hold back your seed.  Your seed is literally the DNA you carry in your semen that’s used to create new life.  Keeping your semen in your balls is literally what semen retention is.  It’s one of the most powerful things you can practice in your life in order for you to reach new levels.

Difference between semen retention, monk mode, and nofap

Semen retention is not necessarily the same thing as monk mode and nofap, although they’re similar.  And they could be the same for you in real world practice.

Semen retention is when you don’t release your seed.  You don’t orgasm, or orgasm with no ejaculation.  However most men can’t do that, so it usually means no oragasming.  You can still have sex with semen retention, you just can’t ejaculate.

You could still technically masturbate while doing semen retention.  but I don’t recommend it unless you’re working on your ability to last long… not due to lack of self discipline.

Nofap is when you don’t masturbate and don’t watch porn.  None of you should be watching porn no matter what anyways.  That’s some negative bullshit.

And monk mode is when you’re avoiding women all together for a period of time.  Some guys expand that to alcohol, drugs, and other things as well.

You could very well do semen retention, nofap, and monk mode at the same time.  If you’re grinding on your business and need tons of energy with no distractions, it can be a powerful combination of practices.  However, even if you don’t plan on going monk mode right now and you’re sleeping with women, semen retention + nofap is still a vigorous duo that will improve the quality of your life.

The way I practice semen retention is this, as I’m also not masturbating and therefore doing nofap as well.

How long does semen retention last?

Semen retention as long as you can go without busting.  For some men that’s a few weeks and some that’s a few months.

But even if you’re only ejaculating once a week or twice a month, you’ll still see a lot of the benefits from semen retention.  It will take a few days for your body to get back up to speed each time.  But just a few days of storing your seed is way longer than 95% of men are willingly to go.  This gives you tons of positive effects that will translate into your life.

Why semen retention is so powerful

power in a relationship, focus on purpose

Semen retention is extremely powerful.  It’s the act of keeping your sexual energy inside of you.  Which at its core,  sexual desires are the most powerful of all life desires in that they’re always there.  At least the most powerful force that’s consistently there.

You could argue the will to live is more powerful, but I’d say that’s not the driving force behind everyday actions for people who aren’t battling for survival.  Sexual desire is what keeps civilizations moving and literally is the driving force behind the continuation of life.

Keeping your energy

Semen retention is so powerful in a man’s life because he’s keeping this energy inside of him.  He’s building it up without releasing.  This takes massive willpower, especially in the modern era where men have amply opportunities to pleasure ourselves with cheap masturbation or even sex if you’re meeting women.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with masturbation, but you’re doing yourself a disservice.  You’re waisting your seed and energy.  At least if you bust during sex you’re getting the extra gratification of having sex.

But as men who want to come up in life, we can benefit in huge ways if we’re able to practice semen retention.  Even if you’re masturbating – specifically edging – in order to train yourself to last longer, you don’t have to bust at the end.  You can keep your semen inside of you.

What’s the exact purpose of semen retention?  Why should you keep your balls nice and full?  Here’s a few of the main benefits of semen retention:

  1. Way more energy
  2. More focus on your purpose
  3. Stronger urges to flirt with girls in real life
  4. More choosing signals from women
  5. Motivation to build muscle
  6. Primal drive to become an alpha
  7. Positive outlook + massive increase in your ambitions

1. Way more energy

How to have more energy- thor

The biggest reason you should practice semen retention is that it gives you way more energy.  In fact every other benefit of semen retention is basically an extension of this.   When you keep your balls full, you’re literally keeping the semen inside of you.  That’s going to give you incredible amounts of raw drive and energy.

To be fair, this is more difficult to control the younger you are.  Because your hormones are screaming at you to reproduce.  But if you can successfully practice semen retention you’ll see how much more energy you have in everything.

The younger you are as well, the quicker you’ll see results.  For example, an 18 year old male will see results from not busting after just a day or 2, while a man whose 30 may take 3 or 4 days to notice.  A 50 year old man may take 7-10 days to notice the extra amounts of energy.

Every man is different, and this also depends on your physical fitness + health.  However, this won’t take months or weeks.  You’ll notice how much more energy you have within a few days in most cases.  Since most men are so used to busting their load everyday, it  doesn’t take a long time of semen retention to realize how much more energy you have.

2. More focus on your purpose

This energy you get from withholding your seed can translate into way more focus on your purpose.  You’ll be able to put in the extra 3 or 4 hours of grinding after work.  Sure you’ll still be tired.  But you’ll have the extra boost of vitality due to your balls being full.  The urge to create is still strong in you.

Transmuting this energy, which Napoleon Hill calls sexual transmutation, is what successful men have done throughout human history.  Since you’re not busting everyday, you actually have the energy that your ancestors had.  If they weren’t having sex, there’s a low chance they were spending most days beating off.  Instead they were focused on survival.  And they needed every bit of energy for that.

While practicing semen retention, you’ll have this same energy that a man naturally has.  You can focus this on your purpose in order to achieve great things and reach your goals in business.

3. Stronger urges to flirt with girls in real life

flirting, facing her, eye contact

A lot of men are too afraid to flirt with girls in real life.

One of the benefits of semen retention is that you have way stronger urges to flirt with girls in real life.  Your sexual urges will be way more powerful and potent than ever.   You’ll force yourself to go talk to the girls you want because your body will be screaming at you to do so.

It doesn’t mean your game will be perfect or that you’ll never be a little nervous.  But semen retention builds up the sexual energy that gives you that extra edge.

4. More choosing signals from women

woman choosing

And it doesn’t just work one way with you taking action to talk to more + hotter  girls.  Semen retention will also cause you to get more choosing signals from women.  When you keep your balls full, you give off pheromones.  Women pick up on this – even if they don’t know what it is.

There’s nothing magical about it.  When your balls are full, your body produces more testosterone and sexual energy.  There’s a certain scent that you give off.  Women pick up on this – because men with the most semen have a higher chance of getting her pregnant.

While that’s probably not your objective, the result is that more girls will show interest in you.  Of course you still need to be in great shape and have normal social skills.  Add in semen retention, and before long you’ll realize that more girls are checking you out.

You’ll also be more in tune with sexual dynamics and you’ll pick up on other girls checking you out that you might’ve not noticed before.  Women will give you subtle looks or clues they look you.  Generally eye contact, however girls you see socially may do other small things.  Semen retention will put you in tune with your primal man.  You’ll get more choosing signals and pick up on ones that you might’ve missed before.

5. Motivation to build muscle

man working out, increasing smv

Another dynamic benefit of semen retention is that it will give you more motivation to lift weights.  You’ll have more energy to get your ass up and get to the gym.   Once you get to the gym, you’ll have more drive to actually go hard under the sweet iron.

But having your balls full will not just give you more physical energy.  You’ll feel more motivated to build muscle.  Semen retention causes your body to want to become the strongest it can be.  It unlocks the beast within you.

6. Primal drive to become an alpha

Which brings us to this point.  Part of building muscle, but beyond that, is the primal drive to become alpha.  Our ancestors weren’t thinking the word “alpha” in their head, but that’s what they wanted to become.  They wanted to become the man who had all the girls in the tribe, or at the best ones.  They wanted to have other men respect them.

We all have the drive to want to become the best man we can be.  We want to make the most money, feel fulfilled, and have the best quality of lives as possible.

Holding onto our seed for extended periods of time allows us to tap into that inner drive to rise up.  When you release your semen too often, you drain yourself.  The primal instinct is always there.  But you weaken it and dampen it’s fire when you bust.  It rebuilds but then you drain it again every single day.   Except then you don’t.

When you practice semen retention, you allow this energy to build back up.   You grant access to your primal drive to finally build up.  This drive will push you to go all out in everything you do, which will make accomplishing your goals a natural by-product.  You just need to have specific goals when you do semen retention and the alpha drive you develop will propel you in the right direction.

7. Positive outlook + massive increase in your ambitions

positive self talk

With all of this extra energy and momentum, you’re going to feel better.  One of the best benefits of semen retention is that it gives you a better outlook on life.  You become more positive because now you can see how much more you can do.   Ambitions you had before will see a massive increase in the scope of what you previously were reaching for.

You’re going to feel better about what you can do because semen retention allows you to do more right now.  This will develop a much better attitude for how you view your future.

As men, the reason we need a purpose is to give us something to look forward to and strive towards.  It’s much easier to have a purpose and expand upon it when your outlook changes.  Practicing semen retention will give  you a better outlook for the future and will amplify the ambitions you already had before you decided to keep your balls full.

Every man should try semen retention

semen retention - holding your seed

Every man will benefit from semen retention.  When you hold onto your seed, you’ll have more energy for the rest of life.

Whether you decide to go strict  on your retention and do it for months straight, or let yourself bust once a month, you’ll still see massive results from keeping your balls full most of the time.  You’ll be able to get way more done with your business, in the gym, with making bold moves with girls, and with your vision for your life.

It’s easy to see why you’re going to get ahead of the majority of men.  Most guys just waste their precious seed everyday into a napkin or down a shower drain.  But when you can develop with the will power to hold onto it with semen retention, you’re going to see a huge shift in your life for the better.


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