She Loses Respect when you give up your Discipline

She Loses Respect when you give up your Discipline

She loses respect when you give up your discipline.  This goes across all aspects of the dating game, from when first meeting a woman, to casual dating, to girlfriend, to a wife of 20 years.  The consequences are different, and the longer you’re together, the more time you have to gain back the respect.  In the beginning stages, one mistake and you could be done.

If a man gives up his discipline his woman will lose respect for him.  Knowing this is absolutely critical to the game.  Most guys instinctively know respect is important.  How much we respect other men is dependent on how much we value them.

Respect is important in life

Respect is critical to success in business and not getting picked on in this world.  It’s key to for practical things like having kids that listen to you and friends that treat you well.

Respect is also important in the dating game.  Respect is a perquisite for a woman to be attracted to you.  Just like her looks are important to you, respect is important to her.  Other things like your looks, how smooth you are, status and so on all help to attract her.

But when she loses respect for you it’s game over.  At least in the initial stages.  If you’re talking to a girl for the first time or you’re on a dating app, you gotta maintain the respect she has for you.  This is still critical in a long term relationship, however it will take much longer for her to lose respect.

Regardless, the concept remains the same.  If she loses respect for you, then she’s either out of your life or you have trouble on your plate.

You maintain discipline directly with women in your interactions, indirectly with how you pursue your purpose, and by never losing your cool.

Discipline in how you interact with her

How you start is how you finish.  This why it’s so important for you to start off like a man from day one.  You do this by

  • Being confident and pursuing without being desperate
  • Never being needy and not pandering to her
  • Reciprocity in thee relationship

As the man you’re going to have to pursue most women.  However, you should ideally be pursuing women who were choosing you.  This way you’re not chasing women who will just use you for your time.  In this way, you’re naturally going to be more confident and not as needy.

As you begin to get to know her and date her, you maintain respect if you can keep this up.  Keep up what?  You’re confidence that you had when you first met her.  Your ability to have a good time yet keep her accountable when needed.

She loses respect for you when you lose your discipline in the way you carry yourself around her.  Most guys start acting weak, get desperate for sex with their girlfriends, and eventually become a shadow of the man they were before.  When you become weak like this, you’ve lose discipline by letting her dominate and she therefore loses respect.  Lead the relationship and be the cool, confident guy you were when she met you.

Discipline in pursuing your purpose

Every man needs a purpose.  In fact, every man has a purpose.  His purpose is whatever he puts first.  The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the purpose you’ve given yourself.  The greater the purpose, the greater the life you’ve lived.

Some men make their purpose a business or their career.  Some men make their purpose taking care of their family.  Other men combine these two together, and make money, take care of themselves / their family, and also do something they love +believe in.  This is a fantastic purpose you can make for yourself.  One where you have financial freedom doing what you love and what can help the world.

Still, some men make getting drunk on the weekends their purpose.  Some make porn their purpose.  Others make their girlfriend or chasing women their purpose.  While much better than porn or drinking or watching sports, it’s still too low of a purpose.  It’s one that your girlfriend or women in your life will resent you for.

You need to pick a purpose that’s bigger than any one woman and one that’s bigger than yourself.  And once you pick that purpose, stay focused on always working towards it.  This discipline towards your purpose will attract the right people in your life, and maintain the respect they have for you.

Stay focused on your purpose by

  • Having goals you’re working toward that align with your higher purpose
  • Not sacrificing your goals just to hang out with her more

Balancing a growing relationship while maintaining discipline towards your purpose

Balancing a growing relationship can be tough.  As relationships grow, you can spend more time with your girl.  But this needs to be carefully monitored.  If you start hanging out with her too much and neglect your purpose, you’ll become less disciplined.  And even though she’ll say she wants more of your time, this is only a half truth.  Because when she actually gets it, she’ll lose interest.  Relationships are a balance between spending time with your woman, which a good woman deserves, yet also not doing too much of it.  Because you still need to have the same discipline towards your purpose that you had when you met her.

Purpose for the family man

Even having a strong family can be a purpose in of itself.  In fact this is a great purpose.  But  your girlfriend / wife isn’t the purpose in this case.  She’s part of it, and very important no doubt.  However, taking care of the family and making sure your kids are raised well is the goal.  This goal will not only give something greater  for you and your wife to strive towards, but this greater goal will build discipline in you.  Men who pedestalize their wives get weak.

But men who value having a strong family can still love their wife / girlfriend  while not bowing down to her every demand and still leading the family correctly.  This takes discipline.  Discipline can be had in long term  relationships when the man has a goal that’s bigger than just pleasing his wife.  That goal should be to take care of the family, protect, and raise the kids well.

Discipline in your masculine frame

The last area of discipline is in your masculine frame.  Masculine frame, or frame, or self control, is the ultimate form of discipline.  If you have frame, you simply are in control of the way you act, regardless of the situation.  If you have frame, then you have discipline.  Frame is discipline.

In fact, the key to life is to not be affected by the outside world but instead to have control over yourself and make the logical decisions.  If you can build up your will power, awareness of your emotions, and master your thoughts, you’ll always have frame.

Again, frame is simply remaining calm, logical, and never getting flustered.  None of us have this mastered perfectly, but the better you get at maintaining frame, the greater control you have over your life.  When you have frame, you don’t get bothered by things people or women do.  And therefore, you’ll have the discipline to make the right decisions even when you’re tested.  Holding her accountable to your terms and maintaining the integrity of the relationship will come naturally to you.  She loses respect wen you have no frame and act like her.  But when you have frame, when you’re not affected by her, when you’re actually the man, then she respects and loves you.

Maintain respect

So how to do maintain the respect?  You must maintain the discipline you have.  Discipline is your will power.  It’s when you know the right thing to do and you do it.  It’s doing what you know what works consistently.  You need discipline for yourself in order to keep her interested and maintain respect.  You need discipline for people you work with professionally to want to keep working with you and have respect.

And most importantly, you need discipline to respect yourself.

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