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She said she needs space: What to do when she wants a break?


She said she needs space: What to do when she wants a break?

she said she needs space

She said she needs space?  Your girlfriend wants space?  The best way to handle this is quite simple.  Don’t beg.  Don’t plead.  Whatever you do, do not try her to convince her to be with you.  It’s time to give her exactly what she wants.

Give her the space

If you’re on the phone when she said she needs space, it’s time to give it to her.  Say “okay, you can have your space.”  Hang up, and leave her alone.  Be cold and short, but don’t be angry, sad, or emotional.

Just be stone cold.

If you’re in person, you can say the same thing and get up and walk away.  This is more difficult if you live together.  If that’s the case, then do whatever you can to come home late, spend nights out, or sleep away from her.  Ideally you can leave the apartment / house all together.  Even if you’re both living and sleeping there, do whatever you can to have no or minimal contact with her.

And if you don’t live together then you’re in a much better position.  Completely remove her from your life.

This sounds cold to many of you.  But this is what’s needed if you are to move on as a man or get her back into a feminine state.  We’ll get to why you need to be so cold and precise in a second.  Always be willing to walk away from a woman.  Especially when she said she wants space or to take time apart.

First let’s discuss why she  wants space.

Why she wants space

she said she wants space

She said she needs space because in reality she doesn’t want to be with you anymore.  She’s either trying to be nice to you about it and let you off easy, or she’s juggling her options right now.  Most likely a combination of the two.

Less likely, but still possible, is that she wants you to beg so she can get the power.  Most women will let beg, feel validated, and then dump you hard or strong you along.  However some women just want to control you longer before dumping you for good.

Treat it like a major shit test.  And you pass it by going cold.

Lost attraction and respect for you

Your girl, or ex-girl now, has lost attraction and respect for you.  If she was still attracted to you she’d still be with you.  That’s just the fact.  If she still had respect and attraction for you, she’d put up with whatever it was because her desire to have you would be stronger than the desire to leave your ass.

However that’s not the case anymore.  She wants space from you because she’s lost attraction for you.  It might not be at a 0 right now.  If her attraction to you is normally at a 7 or 8, it’s probably dropped to a 4 or 5.  If her attraction was 0 or even 3, she’d just flat our dump you.  It’s less than 50%, enough to not want to be with you.  But not enough for her to cut you off completely.  That’s why she said she needs space from you.

This is softer than a break up and gives her the ability to try and use you as a back up in case things don’t work out with other men.

If she had 0 attraction for you, she wouldn’t even want you as a back up.  So don’t take it so bad.  She has lost a lot of attraction and respect for you, but not all of it.  If you act right, then you can earn it back.

Fucking other men / considering a monkey branch

Another reason she said she needs space is because she’s fucking another dude or about to monkey branch to another guy.  Having the space allows her to try out a new guy without feeling guilty for it.  If things don’t work out, she can get back with you or string you along until she gets a new man.  At least that what she expects from your beta behavior.

She can’t get a new man while she’s still with you.  Well, she can, and some women will cheat on you like this.  What most women will do if she’s already cheating on you and thinks she can secure the new guy is dump you flat out.  Since she said she needs space, she likely hasn’t cheated but wants to try out the new cock.

Either way, she wants to chance to try out a guy that’s better in her eyes.

No need or point to bring up other men at this point.  Just know that she has been working on a replacement guy or has a few in mind if she’s asking for space.

Turned off by your behavior

And the reason you got to the point where she said she needs space in the first place is because of your behavior.    You’ve been acting like a weak beta and she’s turned off by this.

There are exceptions where she can want space even if you have all the right behaviors – like a long distance relationship.  Even if you’re alpha as fuck, she can become lonely and still want space tp hop on a new dick.  I mean date new guys.

However for the majority of you where distance isn’t the issue, she wants space from you because she’s turned off.  The reason she has lost attraction, respect, and is about to monkey branch is because you’ve become weak.  You put the pussy on the pedestal, stopped passing shit tests, and let her become too masculine.  All the while you’ve become feminine.  She said she needs space because you’ve turned her off with your woman-like behavior.

Why you need to act cold

Get Respect By Becoming a Dangerous Man - scarface

Let’s get to what you need to do.  Which is act cold.  Don’t be butthurt or yell at her.  For the love of everything and anything to NOT beg for her back.  Say okay, sounds good, etc. and move on asap.

More than likely she’ll be confused and try to talk to you.

  • “Don’t you want to talk about it?” or
  • “That’s all you’re going to say”.

Ignore her.  If you’re in person then walk away and remove yourself from the situation.  You need to go complete silent treatment on her.

The only time you talk to her is when she apologizes, regret what she’s done, and wants you back.  Then you can decide to take her back, but not without having her submit to you.  This is when you make her suck your dick everyday for a month, get her to acknowledge her lack 0f effort, and can get her in a more feminine state.

If she comes back to you, it needs to be her in a desperate position.  This way you can get respect from her back, which means both of you will be happier in the relationship.

Regain masculinity and strength

Why will acting cold get her to come back to you?  Because it shows you’re masculine and strong without her.  Women need to have respect for you and feel attracted to you in order to be with you.  If she said she needs space then she’s lost both of those.

By going cold and walking away, you show her your still have your balls.  You don’t give her the emotional validation of chasing her.  She won’t feel like the break up *I mean space* was satisfying.  It won’t feel right to her.

Because when you go cold and don’t become desperate, you show that you’re a motherfucking man.  You’re a king.  And a king doesn’t beg.

She wants a break then let her have one.  Do NOT chase her.

This will be a shock to her because at this point she’s used to you acting weak, needy, and putting her on a pedestal.  When you act cold and ruthless, she’s surprised to see your masculine energy reappear.  This is attractive to her and then causes her to doubt her decision.

Save your own self esteem

You also save your own self esteem.

Even if she begs for you back and you don’t take her back, or she never comes back, you’ll feel better about yourself.   You won’t look back and feel like a beta bitch for worshipping her hoping she would give you a second chance.  Sure you acted too weak in the relationship.  But when she said she needs space, you pulled away and shut that bullshit down.

No woman is going to play you like that.  If any did in the past then that’s not happening now because you’re a motherfucking boss.

Regardless of whether you take her back or not, you save your own self esteem.  Trust me, your future self will thank you for this.  Whether she’s feminine and sucking your dick or you have new girls in your life, saving your ego in this particular situation is always the right move.  There will be times  in the game where you need to experience rejection, like when you’re approaching new girls.  However this is not one of those times.  Going gold when she said she needs space will have you feeling like you’re the man.

Make her question her decision

She said she needs space: What to do with my girlfriend?

As I touched on earlier, going cold will make her question her decision.  Originally she thought you were weak and that caused her to say she wants space.  She’s lost interest in you.  But not all of it.  There’s still a little bit there.

You reactivate that spark of attraction when you do a 180 and go ice cold.  She’ll be confused.  She thought you were a beta, weak shell of a man.  Out of nowhere you’re seemingly not only okay with the break up, but ready to move on from her asap.

This strength will make her question herself

She’ll think

  • “Why doesn’t he want to talk about things?” and
  • “We dated for 3 years, how could he not want to beg for me back?”  and
  • “Do I mean nothing to him?” and
  • “Is he seeing other women?”.

Don’t answer any of these questions if she happens to ask them.  If you’re in person the most you can say is “You made your decision to want a space, so you can have it”.  But even then, it’s best to say nothing.

A complete pull back of your attention is the best thing you can do if you want her to beg for you back.  Do not give her the time of day.   Don’t block her number or social media.  Let yourself see her calling and texting you  begging for you back or begging to talk.  You’ll feel validation and power from this.  And let her see your social media as you post cool things from your life.  Let her regret her choice and make her chase you.  Make her text you first and pursue your attention.

Acting needy is always wrong

Acting needy is always wrong.  Especially in this situation.  She said she needs space because she’s trying to distance herself from you.  She wants you to chase her, which will make her feel validated in leaving you, and then eventually move on.

Don’t give her the validation – make her earn her way back

man leaves woman

Remove yourself from the situation.

Let her come back, apologize, and then do what you want.  You can take her  back after fucking her like a pro, and then “talk about it” – meaning you re-frame this situation and tell her you don’t tolerate being dumped.  Or you actually ignore her and move on completely.

Either way, you need to become more ruthless when women break things off with you.  This is not the time to become empathetic towards her needs.  If you do that, she’ll monkey branch + fuck and suck another dude.  Become ice cold, let her come back, set things straight, and then decide to what what you like.  When she said she needs space, give it to her, and let her come fill in the gap she made in the first place.


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Rebel Lusta
Rebel Lusta
3 years ago

Bro you the boss, i like all your posts….

I like the fact that you dont tell people what they want to hear you tell them the truth

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