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She Talks about other Guys Hitting on Her: What should I do?


She talks about other guys hitting on her

she talks about other guys hitting on her

When you have a girlfriend or girl you see consistently, it can be annoying when she talks about other guys hitting on her.  You probably ask yourself why does she tell me about other guys hitting on her?

Regardless of if she tells you or not, it’s going to happen.  But she’s choosing to bring it up for a reason.  And unless it’s because it’s someone you know and she’s trying to make sure you’re aware like a loyal girl will, it’s a test of your manhood.

It’s easy when you’re on the first date with a girl because you don’t care.  But when you have a girlfriend or even a girl you’ve been fucking with, it can become confusing on what to do.  Do you get mad at her, ignore it, or encourage it?

Why she’s doing this?

Like I just said, it’s a test.  More specifically it’s a shit test to see how you react.  Whether she’s a girlfriend telling you about guys hitting on her and how she curved them, or a girl you see casually, she’s testing your manhood.  Failing the shit test would be to show upward signs of jealously or anger.

One exception

The one exception to this is if you have a girl that is telling you about a guy you know hitting on her.  Like one of your friends, family members, etc.

A loyal girlfriend will tell you about a man who you think is on your side that’s trying to make moves on her.

However, in this case she should preface it with “Hey, I don’t want you to get mad, but your best friend keeps texting me” or “your cousin is DM’ing me” or “your friend grabbed my ass when you went to the bathroom”, and so on.

In these cases, it’d be worse for your girlfriend to keep that info from you.  She’s not saying this to make you worry, but instead to let you know you need to handle a situation.

However, the vast majority of situations you’ll be in where she talks about guys hitting on her is to make you worry.  If there’s not an action you can take, like talking to your friend or checking another man, then it’s to make you worry.  Even if a girlfriend tells you about how some random guy tried to talk to her and she curved it, it’s a form of dread game she’s running on you.

How to handle

There’s 3 options for you to handle her talking about guys hitting on her:

  1. Flirt / go  with it
  2. Barely acknowledge
  3. Get mad

1. Flirt

she laughs at your jokes

You can egg her on to say more, like “so did it work” or “damn he’s got game”.  This is a why to take the shit test and pass it by flirting with her.  I would do this for a girl that I’m on a first date with or have only fucked a few times.

2. Barely acknowledge 

Ignoring her when she goes cold

This is the best option if the girl is your girlfriend or even a girl on your rotation you see consistently.

Because if it’s a girlfriend or a girl I see consistently, then I’m not going to flirt with her to encourage bad behavior like talking about guys hitting on her.  I don’t want to hear about other guys hitting on her.  When I’m with a girl I actually like, it should just be us.

So instead of encouraging it by flirting, I’ll just be chill.

Flirting with her about it is alpha because you don’t give a fuck, but is also encourages this kind of behavior.  Flirting with a girlfriend or girl you see consistently needs to be done at the right time.  You do it when she’s being good.  If she disrespects you then you don’t flirt with her.  You ignore her.

When she talks about other guys hitting on her, it’s disrespect but in a minor form.  So the best response is just to barely acknowledge it.

If she presses you on it, or continually tells you  about guys hitting on her, then you can put her in her place.  Tell her you don’t want to hear about that stuff.  This should only be done in a long-term relationship and done when she repeatedly does this.  You can then verbally put her in her place in firm manner.  Don’t get mad or yell, as doing this when she “did nothing wrong” will make you look weak.  If she also is flirting with the men, then you have a different situation you need to deal with.

3. Get mad

how to control your emotions

Don’t get mad.

Getting mad at a girl that’s telling you about guys hitting on her and how she denied them or thought it was funny is the wrong move.  She’s running dread game on you, but calling her out for it won’t work.  Because she has guys that hit on her all the time, she’ll know that this bothers you from now on.  And your insecurity will mean you fail the shit test and lose some power in that relationship.

She wants you to get mad or get upset.  Because that way she’ll see that she has power over you.

However, she’ll also lose attraction for you.  It’s wack but it’s how the game goes.

Even if you are upset or a little angry, don’t show it overtly.  You can just be cold to her.  And if she asks why you can just say you’re tired or that everything is all good.  You can punish her by taking away attention.  Then she’ll know that talking about other guys hitting on her isn’t going to do her any favors.

Do guys really hit on her that much?

While any story she’s telling could be a lie, it’s likely true.  And even if it wasn’t, if she’s good looking then she  definitely gets hit on all the time.

An attractive man will get girls choosing him, aka giving eye contact, often.  Once in a while a girl may actually hit on him in person.  But unless you’re famous, the amount of direct approaching / hitting on a man will get is microscopic compared to how much a decent looking girl gets hit on.

She does get hit on all the time.  The best way for a woman to handle this is to try and be polite or just ignore it.  That being said, she’ll be in situations where she’s working or can’t always escape the scenario without looking weird socially.

However, if there’s no reason to tell you, like if it’s a random guy, then she shouldn’t be telling you all the time.  Or really ever.  Once in a while she talks about other guys hitting on her as a way to test your reaction, but that should be it.

Women do get hit on all the time.  If she told you every time then she’d have a new stories every week and maybe even  everyday.  The fact that she chooses to bring a specific time up is to test how you’re going to respond.

Shit tests are part of dealing with women

While direct as fuck is the way we prefer things as men, dealing with women and getting what we want often means we have to indirect things too.  Meaning that while masculinity is our main energy, we still need to use the feminine energy as well.  In fact, all game and communication  requires us too.  It’d be masculine as fuck to tell a girl you never met you want to fuck her and that you two should go fuck.  but this isn’t going to work for non-celebrity men like  you and me.  Which is why we need to balance our  energies, still being masculine dominant, but also leveraging the feminine.

That’s to justify passing shit tests and also run dread game.  Dread game is  when you show someone you have options in the sexual market place.  This gets them jealous and also makes them more attractive to you.  You don’t need to cheat on a girlfriend to run dread game.  You just need to do things that show “girls want  to fuck me, so don’t mess up”.

Run dread game on her

value - ceo - businessman

This girl is already running dread game on you when she talks about other guys hitting on her.

It’s time for you to run some dread game back.  This is how you show her that if she wants to play this game then she’s going to get upset, which as long as you’re fucking her well and leading the relationship, will cause her to test you less and less over time.

One easy way to run dread game is to just say a similar story.  Talk about how  a girl was trying to hit on you and how random it was.  If this never happens to you then you can make something up.  But if you’re a man who has raised his smv up, you should at least be getting signs of interest from women.  You can being up how this one girl was staring at you and then came over and asked you if you live in town, etc.  If you never get signs of interest then you can make something up.

Or you can build a dope social media presence and have other women follow you + like your pics.  You can text slower, go out with friends, get new clothes, and so on.  Basically, doing things to increase your value and demonstrate that you have options with other women.

She’s going to get hit on

You can’t date  a decent looking girl and expect guys not to hit on her.  It’s the nature of reality.  She’s going have guys that try and flirt with her in the hopes of fucking her.

But if she talks about other guys hitting on her, it’s not for the sake of conversation.  She gets hit on all the time.  She’s talking about these other guys making moves to test your manhood.

And the best response is no response.  If she presses you on it you can tell her that you just don’t care about lames hitting on her.  A woman who always brings this is up is testing you, which means you need to act more masculine in the relationship.  If she’s just a fuckbuddy then it’s also a shit test, but a minor one that you should be able to laugh about and not care.


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