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She wants a man whose willing to leave her


She wants a man whose willing to leave her

She wants a man whose willing to leave her at any time.  Sounds backwards right?

But that’s the reality of the dating game.  She wants a man to can leave her.   Not just for no reason.

But when she needs to be left.

That’s what she desires.  The man who can walk away from her if she’s pushing him away.   Even if you’re in a committed relationship and you’re loyal to your woman, she wants to be with a real man.  A man who can date other girls or just a man whose willing to be alone if it comes to that.

Should you dump a solid girlfriend?  No, that’s not what this is promoting.  But when your girlfriend tests you in a big way, you need to be willing to walk away.  Not all women will test you like this.  However, many will.  Even if she’s a solid girl, women are emotional and can test a man’s strength by seeing how much disrespect he’ll put up with.

When you outline clear terms for a relationship and she breaks them, she needs to know that you stick to your values even if that means walking away.

Alphas are willing to forget women

An alpha male is willing to forget a woman.  He’s willing to walk away because he knows there’s better things for him.  He doesn’t need her for anything.  He enjoys the affection, her soft touch, and the feminine energy she brings to his life.  There’s no denying we all want and enjoy beautiful women.

But he can go without if need be.  And women love that about men who don’t need them.  They love when a guy is willing to forget about her and walk away.

Most women will never admit this, only the ones who are more self aware will take notice.  They’ll complain about the guys who stopped calling them after a fight or who denied her of a crazy request and then made her wait to talk again.  Girls love when a guy is willing to leave her.  They go crazy for a man who is willing to walk away and forget about her.

Again, I’m not telling you to drop a good girl for no reason.  But when she gives you a big reason to walk away, you need to take action.  Will you always need to walk away?  No, but you need to be willing to.  This is the kind of strength that shows you can’t be controlled.  If you can’t be controlled by a woman, who men have gone to wars and destroyed civilizations for, then she can trust that you’re an authentic man.

Women want the man who can walk away

respect is necessary for attraction - the rock

Women want the man who can leave her because that’s what is defining about a strong man.  He can leave a woman who disrespects him or who isn’t going along with his agenda.  By walking away, he’s showing he values himself.

As people we want what we can’t have.

And if someone is willing to walk away, this increases their value.  This is even more true for women, as they are constantly analyzing men for their value.  Women are competing for the highest value men.  High value men have a ton of women, or have the options for the best women, and therefore can walk away from women who don’t treat them how they desire.

Do women want men to pump and dump?

No, that’s  not what I mean by this.  Women don’t want to meet an alpha whose sexy as fuck, confident, and who pump and dump them.

They want to keep seeing a man like this and have him bless her life continually.  If he ever starts to  act beta or weak, she’ll take over the relationship.  But she’ll regret that he gave  her this power.

In her ideal world, he continues to lead the relationship and be the guy she met.  Or an even better version, not weaker.

When she tries to shit test him too hard or disrespects him, he’ll check her and then leave, or maybe just leave if he really doesn’t care.  Then women will complain about this man, yet want to be with him.  This is what I mean when i say she wants a man whose willing to leave her.  She wants a man she likes who is a real man to leave her when she knows she deserves to be left.

Women want the alpha men

surround yourself with the right people

I’m going to go off on a bit of tangent here but it’s important.  Much of the content on here that pertains to relationships has the goal of doing one thing.  To get you to realize that women want alpha males, and that it’s in your best interest to become an alpha male.  You don’t need to be an alpha male in every physical situation in life.  But you definitely need to be alpha with the women you’re dating, and with your financial situation.

If you gain accept this and apply it to your life, you’re going to have a wonderful dating life and a great career in whatever you pursue.

Ideally you’re working towards financial freedom and starting a business.  It’s okay to have a job that pays the bills right now.  Make a freedom fund and store up that money while you build up your side business.  A few years of constant grinding will pay off.  Once you’re your own boss and you’re making 6-figures or your local equivalent – aka plenty of money to live well, then you can consider yourself alpha financially.

Meaning you have control of your income.

Men with the most value

Women want men who are alpha relationship wise and financially.  They may not think “I want an alpha male” in their head.  But they want the men with the most value.  The men who look good, have sex appeal, are confident, and got their own money.  Most men don’t have all of these qualities.  Most men are beta in all aspects, both in their looks and in their money.  A few men are alpha in relationships but not financially and vice versa.

But it’s extremely rare to find a man whose a leader in both his dating life and is his own boss.

If you learn how to lead your relationships  and you get your own money, the world will be yours.

You’ll have tons of women who want to date you.  You’ll be in a position where you can walk away from a girl or a client / money opportunity if need be.  Because you’re not desperate for one or the other.  If you own a business, you can walk away from a bad client or a deal that’s going to be bad for your business long term.  You’re the alpha because you have control and don’t have someone else in charge of you.

Is walking away always the answer?

power of indifference: how to be indifferent

Not always, sometimes you can get a solid girl and never need to actually walk away.  Sometimes yes, in fact many of the times yes.

There are situations where you have a girlfriend or wife in which you must check them.  Meaning instead of just walking away, you correct their behavior and explain why they’re wrong.  If what they did goes against you but it’s forgivable , you can pull back on your attention but still maintain the relationship.  And then you can start to give them a little more attention again once they’ve earned their spot back in your graces.

If your girl still disagrees with you or doesn’t accept your correction, then you walk away.  You can avoid a lot of this and arguing about the relationship if you set clear terms early on.

In this case you must let her chase you if you are to get back with her.  And if she doesn’t come back, that’s her loss.  As long as you’ve been maintaining the relationship properly, she should come back.  When she does and she admits what she did was wrong, then you can take her back, given whatever happened doesn’t stain the integrity of the relationship.


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2 years ago

Awesome Rebel

Sriram Shanmugasundaram
Sriram Shanmugasundaram
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2 years ago

Awesome one

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Great one

2 years ago

Following u for a long time. It is the right time for the video. We both love each other and we’re making out yesterday. Foreplay. She said the today that it is wrong as we are not going to get married as situations are not so. What to do next?

2 years ago

Hey rebel. I’m currently in a trip overseas for a week or so and my girlfriend has started to ignore my messages after I got here. We spend our time mostly together in our country so it’s a weird thing for it to happen. I’m not looking for long messages or anything, just updates on how she’s doing and a video chat or so. What should I do in this situation? Do I just stop messaging her completely? I only have messaged her twice after being left on read with one call. I thought she was genuinely busy so I… Read more »

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