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Shit Test Fundamentals: How to Pass her tests every time


Shit Test: How to pass shit tests

shit test 101

Every woman will shit test you if they stay around long enough.  If you don’t pass her tests than you’ll end up like the guy above.

Many will shit test you on the first date to see if you’re worthy of sleeping with.  Others will shit test you after you’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks.  And you better believe than any long term girlfriend will throw shit tests at you.

You need to know how to pass her tests if you want to have the upper hand with women.  And on Rebellious Development, we’re all about making the most out of out lifestyles.  Which means getting the outcome we want in all areas, especially when it comes to dating.

If you can pass shit tests then you’ll have women who are happy to be with you, you’ll get lots of sex and all around good energy from women.

But if you can’t pass them then you’ll constantly be losing on out on girls and having nagging, terrible relationships for the ones who do stick around.  Good news for you is they’re not hard to pass once you realize what they are, why women do them, and how to pass her tests.

What is a shit test

A shit test is a woman testing your manhood.  She’s testing to see if your value is higher or lower than hers.  When you learn how to pass her tests then she believes your value to be higher than hers, which means she’ll stay attracted to you.

If you fail her tests than she becomes unattracted or less attracted.  If a girl really likes you then you can fail a lot of shit tests before she starts to lose interest,  If a girl only likes you a little bit then one failure early on can mess things up.  The more she’s addicted to you, the more leeway you have.

But a shit test is her testing your reaction.

Why do women shit test

  • test for weakness
  • survival instinct
  • need to see if you’re still an alpha

Shit tests are tests to see if your value is higher or lower than hers.

Don’t be mad that you have to learn how to pass her tests and jump through hoops.  It’s a woman’s natural instinct to test a man.  If she didn’t test you then she could end up with a weak man.

If you’re very masculine and pass her tests early on, then tests will be few and far between.  But if you fail many of them then you’ll only get more until you start passing.

How to identify a shit test

identity shit tests

Once you realize when they start happening, you’ll be able to recognize them easily.  Light shit tests can be turned into ways to flirt with women, and heavier ones require you don’t give in to her.

But either way, a shit test a when a girl is in disagreement with you.  Doesn’t have to be a disagreement like your favorite place to eat, or the best burger in town.

Break in rapport

Instead, a shit test is a break in rapport.  When a girl calls you out for something, tries to de-qualify you, make fun of you, or talk to other guys, she’s breaking rapport with you.  Rapport is when you two are in sync with each other.

Light rapport breaking can be used to bounce back, and that slight tension can be attractive/exciting.  Big rapport breaking can be nerve-wracking, but can also be used to bounce back stronger if you stick to your guns.

  • For example, a light break in rapport, or a light shit test, can be a girl telling you “I only give my number to hot guys”.
  • You could’ve had a good conversation yet she tries saying this to you when you ask for her number.
  • A response could be “I only talk to ugly girls, so it looks like we’re the perfect match”.
  • You turned it back on her, but if you do it right, she should laugh and give you the number

You don’t get the rapport back by forcing it.  If she breaks rapport, aka shit tests you, then continue to further break that rapport.  But do so in a confident way.  Then she’ll seek to build the rapport back.  And then you just tuned that shit test into flirting.

How to pass a shit test – don’t seek validation

When you realize she’s doing a shit test on you, don’t literally call her out for shit testing.  She’s not going to know what it means and you explaining it to her won’t help.  She’s not doing these consciously most of the time, it’s just part of her female nature.

Instead, the best way to handle a shit test is to avoid giving her validation.  Or better said is don’t seek her validation.  She’s breaking rapport with you to see how you’ll act.  If you put yourself down to gain rapport back then she’ll lose respect for you.

Light shit tests, light responses

don draper laughing - agree and amplify

A light shit test can be handled with a light response.  For example, let’s say you’re on a date and she brings up the fact that you take long to text her back.

Failing the test would be saying something like “no I don’t, I don’t take too long to text back” or “sorry, I’ll work on texting back faster”.  You were seeking her validation because you’re trying to get back on her good side when she challenged you.

Instead you can say something like “You have to wait your turn, I’m in demand” or “You have nothing better to do than wait to get my texts”.  The first response is more of a joke, the second one is turning it back on her.  If it’s a girl you haven’t fucked before than the first one is better, or if she says it in a playful way.

  • This is also called agree and amplify
  • Even though you’re agreeing with her, you’re not actually seeking validation
  • If she thinks that way about you, cool, you welcome it
  • You’d rather be be an asshole than a weak man

If she’s more aggressive with her shit test, like with the way she says it, than you can give her more shit with a response like the second.  You’re still clowning her, but you’re being more harsh.  This is better suited for a girl who’ve already been fucking and have gotten addicted to your cock with amazing sex.

But in general, just think of a witty response to whatever bullshit she comes up with.

Heavy shit tests – pull back

You can joke around with light shit tests and get by them easily.  Heavier tests still need to be passed, but can also take a more serious approach.

Heavier, or more serious shit tests, are used by women who you’ve generally been seeing for a while.  These can be girls you’re seeing casually or want more from you or your girlfriend/wife.

Examples of heavier shit tests include

  • girl you’re seeing dance with others guys at the club
  • talking about her sexual past without you asking
  • girlfriend wanting to move in with you when you don’t want to
  • girl flirting with other guys in front of you

These are tests that are more extreme than a girl testing to see how you respond to a statement or a joke.  Instead, these shit tests take things further by testing your willpower and masculinity on another level.

Pull back your attention – punish her for testing you

how to get a girlfriend - filtering

The way to pass a women’s test like this is to pull back your attention.  Women crave attention from men.  Especially men they value and are emotionally attached to.  When she’s shit testing you in these ways, she’s trying to get something out of you.

She may be trying to get you jealous so you’ll date her, or get you to move in together otherwise she’s threatening to break up.  I see the second happen to guys who have girlfriends all the time.  You don’t respond to these with jokes.

Instead you pull back your attention.  Don’t react emotionally to these… that’s what she wants.  Instead deny her of that.  If she’s at the club dancing on another guy, then go dance with other girls.  Or ditch her and go to another club or bar and start hitting on chicks.  Give her the silent treatment and have her start chasing you.

If she’s a girlfriend threatening to break up with you if you don’t do something you don’t want to, then tell her that you two aren’t going to workout.  Break up with her and tell her if she wants you back she’s going to need to think about how she tried to pressure you into something you’re not going to do.  Wait until she hits you up again apologizing about her behavior.

How to minimize shit tests

There will always be some level of shit testing from women.  You can learn how to pass her tests by agreeing and amplifying and pulling back when necessary.  However, you can also minimize the shit tests you get.  You do that by passing the tests when they come up.  And you also do it by

  • Having a purpose in  life
  • Making it clear where you two stand and her role
  • Being decisive
  • Correct bad behavior when you see it
  • Don’t apologize
  • Run strong dread game

When you can do these things you’ll come off as strong and high value.  She’ll test you less because you’ll be leading the way in your own life and with your interactions with her.  This start from the first date, to the bedroom, to dating a girl for 5 years.

Having your own purpose in life, combined with running the relationship (fuck buddy or girlfriend), will keep her on her toes with you.  You never want a woman to feel like she fully has you.  If she feels like you’re starting to put the pussy on a pedestal then she’ll start to shit test you more.

It comes down to value

status over looks

If you naturally think you’re higher value than her than you won’t even have to worry about passing her shit tests.  Because you’ll pass them naturally.  How would you respond if a girl who’s a 5 to you tried shit testing you.  You wouldn’t give a fuck.  And therefore you’d naturally pass her test.

A man who thinks is value is higher than a woman’s won’t seek validation from her.  He’ll have no problem agreeing and amplifying on small tests or pulling back on bigger tests.

He knows she can get other women and doesn’t have oneitis over this specific girl.  When you build not only your sexual market value, but also your overall value as a man, then you know what you’re worth.

Focus on having a strong frame and never breaking it to appease a woman.  Adopt a pimp’s mentality and don’t sweat what these girls try to do.  If you do that, then you won’t fail a shit test and you’ll have her chasing you.


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3 years ago

She was accusing me of flirting with every girl i know and now she just posts a picture with another guy on my fucking birthday.. She’s not my girlfriend yet but that pisses me off because she barely spoke with the guy that day and im confused if that’s a shit test or what

E guy
E guy
Reply to  Rebellious Development
2 years ago

Hahaha, one of the most amazing advice I’ve heard recently!!!

Ssendegeya Asuman
Ssendegeya Asuman
2 years ago

Ssendegeya Asuman I think every guy out there needs to learn to about shit tests. Because women give shit tests all the time. When approaching her, out on a date and when in a relationship. And many guys are frustrated by being emotional to these tests (like I used to) and end up in unsatisfying relationships I lost many opportunities of having sex with girls because i couldn’t recognize simple shit tests. I couldn’t recognize that those girls were actually interested in me. I did what many guys do. Become reactive, defensive and frustrated. But now i enjoy those shit… Read more »

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