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Stay Ready: Be Ready when Life Challenges you 


Stay ready: be ready when life challenges you

Stay ready: be ready when life challenges you

Will Smith has a saying that goes “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready”.  And it applies to our lives as men who are coming up in the world.  Life is hard.  It will constantly challenge you in order for you to grow and achieve higher levels.

If you stay ready, then you can attack problems as they come up.  You won’t be caught off guard or have to scramble to change what you’re doing in order to solve the problem.  Because you’re staying ready, you’ll be able to quickly adapt and level up.

Life will test you

Life will test you in many different ways.  Some of the most common things that we’ll all go through have to deal with our career/money and relationships with women.

Let’s start off with women, because I get numerous of comments and emails from you guys about women problems.

For men in relationships

jealousy man and woman

Your girlfriend may break up with you or threaten to leave you.  Or even worse, you’ve found out your special girl was cheating on you.

These kinds of things are the messages I get from guys who are caught off guard by this kind of behavior from their girlfriend.  They thought things were going so well.  Then out of nowhere she wants a break.  Or out of nowhere she leaves him for another man.

In reality this wasn’t out of nowhere.  She had lost attraction and you were being weak.  Even if you were doing all the right things – which you probably weren’t – you still can’t control what a woman does.

And shit like this fucks with most men in relationships.  Trust me, I know your pain because I’ve also lost the girl when I thought I was on top of the world.  I didn’t get cheated on, but I was making mistakes in the relationship and thought I was above the game.

Regardless, I wasn’t staying ready.  That’s the problem most guys in relationships face.  They get complacent and don’t stay ready.  They forget that she’s not yours, it’s just your turn.  If you can remember that all the time, then situations like this in life won’t shake you.  You might be upset for a week or be in a bad mood for a while, but you’ll get over it and move on much quicker.  More often then not, a man who stays ready can avoid this kind of situation in the first place because he’s not getting lazy.

If you have a girlfriend, you need to remember it’s not just her that’s special.  Any girl is special if you make her special.  Be ready for her to walk out the door and any moment, and always be willing to do the same.

For single men

A single man’s dating problems are still real, but much less severe in consequences that a relationship guy.  You’ll receive tests from life all the time in the dating game.  From girls on your team that may ghost you or disappear, from going into a slump where you feel like you’re falling off in the game.

Even the best players have slumps once in a while with women.  And similar to relationship guys, we also can get complacent.  We may have a few fuckbuddies that give us constant sex.  We also may go to the same venues and do well there.  But then we get a little complacent, don’t get new girls lined up for the team, and start to lose girls on our team because we won’t commit.  And then once your pussy dries up, it seems like all the girls in the bars + clubs aren’t feeling you anymore either.

That’s why you also need to stay ready.  Keep your grooming on point.  Keep your body on point.  Stay flirting with new girls and say positive with your affirmations + self belief.  The game is mental.  If you stay ready with your mind, the results in the real world will follow.  Don’t get lazy and let your game start to slack.  Keep meeting new women, keep your sex appeal high, and always be ready to drop girls and meet new ones.

Ex girlfriend may try to come back in your life

man texting a girl first

You might have a different kind of challenge where a ex girlfriend tries to wiggle her way back into your life.  This will happen to many of you, especially once you actually move on and level up.  This is when exes come back to see if they can still get you.

This is a test by life to see if you’ve grown.  You can be strong and not fall for her bullshit, or you can become the beta you once were that drove her away.  Being strong can translate into a bunch of different ways.  It could be you ignoring her completely, or it could you demoting her to plate status and just having her around for sex.  For some of you it could mean getting back into a relationship – but that’s only if you pushed her away and she didn’t screw you over in the past.  95% of the time dating an ex is a mistake.  But it can work if she comes to you.  If you’re chasing an ex, that’s not her coming back into your life, that’s you trying to get into her life.  That’s a hell no.

I’m hesitant to even say this because many weak men will use this to justify dating a girl that’s going to throw them back.  But I’ve also seen a few men get an ex to be way more submissive 2nd time around and get a big boost of confidence knowing they got her back.  Whether they pump n dump or keep her around depends.

The point here is that this is common test life will throw at you.  If you know you’re not strong enough or the girl was toxic, then passing life’s test will be to ignore her.  If you know that you don’t need the girl and want to practice your power, this could also be a good opportunity to prove how much will power you’ve developed as a man.

Career tests

Reasons for Leaving a Job

It’s not just with women.  You need to stay ready career wise too.  Most of you have jobs.  Some of you are entrepreneurs or have side businesses.  For those of us that aren’t financially free yet, we have to play the career game until we are.

And the biggest test a working man can face is getting fired.   Your job may fire your ass.  Which means you need to get another job until your own business takes off.  It’s always a hustle when you’re a  wage slave.

You can stay on top of this by being politically correct at work and being the best employee you can be.  It’s true you have to suck up and do what the company wants you to do.  That’s the nature of being in a beta position.  Even if you can get beautiful women on the weekends, during the week you’re still in the weak position because you have to do what your boss wants.  You can’t be mad at your boss since you chose to take the job.  Your boss or the founder took the risk and built the company.

If you want that for yourself then you need to build your own motherfuckin business.  But until then be the best employee you can be.  Avoid getting fired by always doing your job to be the best of your ability.  If you’re in a commission based job like sales, then your hard work will pay off in extra money.

Long term, the only way to prevent getting fired is to be the owner.  This will solve your employment problems.

What if your business fails?  

Well the majority of businesses do fail.  But the majority of people who start businesses aren’t serious about their businesses.  The ones who are are the ones who make it past the 1,2, and 5 year marks.  If you get good at a skill, enjoy doing it, and there’s a market for it, you create your purpose.  And with your purpose you’ll have a business that you can make into a reality.  When your purpose is a business you believe in, you’re going to make it work.

Plus you can start your business on the side of your main job.  Which means you don’t quit your job until your business is up off the ground and self sufficient.  You don’t have to quit your job and then get ready to grow your business.  If youstay ready by building it up before hand, then you’ll be good to go when you quit and work on your own business full time.  Stay ready in your career so you don’t have to start over with no job or business.


man working out, increasing smv

The concept of stay ready so you don ‘t have to get ready applies to your fitness game as well.  It’d way easier to stay in great shape than to get in great shape.

When you’ve been working out for 2, 5, or 10 years consistently, it’s easy to go the gym.  The habit is so ingrained in your routine that it’s part of who you are.  You get mad at yourself for not going.  When you stay ready by keeping your body in amazing shape, going to the gym is easy;.  Because you look great and feel great.  Keeping your fitness up is only natural.  You know it adds to your sex appeal, your health, and your mental sharpness.

It sucks when you’re out of shape.  If you’re overweight then it’s hard as fuck to mentally slap yourself out of your bullshit.  You need to build the habit of working out and eating right in order to get the body you want.  It’s hard to go months while still looking like shit.  Of course the results are worth it.  If you’re out of shape, you’re doing yourself a massive disservice.  Get your ass in the motherfucking gym.

And once you do, stay ready by keeping your fitness on point.  It will keep your sexual market value high and your health in tact for years to come.

Easier to stay ready than get ready

How to be productive

It’s easier to stay on top of things and welcome the challenge rather than be caught off guard.  That’s what is meant by stay ready vs get ready.

If you’re ready for a fight, it’s easy to tell when a guy is getting aggressive and might punch you in the face.  If he does, you can slip his punch, jab him before he’s able to get it off, kick him, clinch him, take him down, whatever you prefer based on training.   Or just back up and avoid.

If you’re not ready for someone to attack you, it’s much harder to recover after getting punched in the face off guard.  It’s still possible, but never recommended compared to staying ready.  That’s how life is.  You need to stay ready.

Stay ready with your relationships – always be ready to walk away or cut a girl off.   Your girlfriend acting up is dumps you?  Go get a new girl ASAP.

Your job wants to fire you?  Have other opportunities lined up.  Or be killing it so much they wouldn’t dare consider firing you.

Clients want to go to competitors?  Stay on top of client service and have tons of prospects lined up.

Getting lazy with your fitness or over focus?  Don’t drink too much, or over indulge in sex, drugs, food, or laziness.  Otherwise life will catch you slipping and test you.

Stay ready for what life throws at you.   Because it will throw something at you now and then.   If you stay ready, you’ll be able to pass whatever it throws at you and move on quickly.  If you have to get ready, you can find yourself stumbling to recover and regretting not being more prepared.  Stay ready so you don’t  have to get ready.


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