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Steak and eggs diet: Fat loss, more testosterone, and why you need it


Steak and Eggs diet

steak and eggs diet

The steak and eggs diet isn’t about avoiding steak and eggs.  It’s just the opposite.

Brought to you by the legendary bodybuilder Vince Gironda, the steak and eggs diet is simply eating steak and eggs as your main food source.

Why you should try it

Vince Gironda

If it’s good enough for Vince, then it should be good enough for you.  If you don’t know about him, check out his wiki and learn some facts.

Vince was a legend in the bodybuilding community.  He was rude as fuck, and had no problem telling anyone off.  But he was also sought after by many bodybuilders and celebrities of his time.

He had rebellious ideas that sit ups are a waste of time, thought the bench press wasn’t an ideal chest exercise, and squats overdeveloped asses in men.  I still squat, bench, and do sit ups, and I think of what Vince would say.  But regardless of your workout routine, Gironda said diet was 85% of bodybuilding.

While that’s popular to say now, this wasn’t the normal opinion to hold back in the day.  Vince was surely a rebel and will alway be remembered as one.

The steak and eggs diet protocol that he developed is so simple, yet so profound.  If you’ve never tried this diet, I’m going to tell you why you should.

How to do the steak and eggs diet

The steak and eggs diet is pretty straight forward, but there are two ways you can approach it.

  1. Eat steak and eggs everyday
  2. Eat steak and eggs 5 days on, 1 cheat day, then repeat

If you’re a die hard kind of person that you can try it everyday for a month or so and see if you can stick to it.  But having a cheat day gives you some flexility with eating your favorite desserts or going out with friends on the weekend.

Benefits of the steak and egg diet

  1. More energy
  2. Easy to buy groceries
  3. Never have to plan a meal – no recipes
  4. Increase in testosterone
  5. Lean
  6. No caloire counting

More energy

more energy for workout

One of the best benefits of the steak and eggs diet is that you’ll have way more energy.  You never realized how much all of the heavy carbs you ate slowed you down.

Wait a minute, won’t I have no energy without carbs?

Nope, you’ll have tons of energy!  On the steak and eggs diet, you’ll be getting your energy from fat.  This is a high protein, high fat, and low carb diet.  Before the paleo and atkins diets were ever popular, old school bodybuilders were already doing this type of diet.

You’ll feel amazing during the day and you’ll be happy that you don’t get that afternoon crash around 2 or 3 pm that makes most people want to take a nap.

Easy to buy groceries

One of the worst things about eating everything is having to figure out what you’re going to buy.  But on the steak and eggs diet, it’s pretty easy.  You buy steak, eggs, and maybe some seasoning.  Even if you have to buy some veggies or fruit you can keep this simple with lettuce, carrots, and apples.

You’ll save time by having quick trips to the grocery store and never having to think twice about your grocery list.

Never have to plan a meal – no recipes

steak and eggs

And with less groceries comes less time cooking or having to plan meals.  Steak and eggs for every meal makes things easy.  Truth be told, it can be boring eating the same thing all the time.  But after doing the steak and eggs diet for 30 days, I found that while I craved sweets, I was never bored of the meat and eggs.

To add variety you can always buy different seasonings and sauces.

Increase in testosterone

Vince was convinced that enough eggs in a diet was equal to to the steroid dianabol in it’s effectiveness.  While I’ll have to disagree with the legend on this, it’s true that eating lots of eggs with meat (and little to no carbs) will increase your testosterone.

High protein, high fat, and low carbs are what our ancestors ate.  This allowed them to produce testosterone in a time where they didn’t lift weights or watch their caloric intake.  They just ate lots of meat.  Supplementing that meat with eggs can create the right fuel for you to feel great and produce more of the man hormone naturally.


women like a hot body

The steak and egg diet results in a lean, powerful figure for your body.  The majority of people who try this lose fat and can maintain a level of leanness easier than a diet that includes heavier carbs.

Bulking on steak and eggs diet can take some extra effort, as this diet will more than likely lean you out.  If you want to bulk and are naturally skinny then you may need to add in extra things from outside the diet, or eat more often.

But if you’re looking to lose fat, then combing the a meat and eggs diet with intermittent fasting will do wonders.

No calorie counting

With the steak and eggs diet calories are never an issue or a concern.  You simply eat as much as you want, until you’re full.  The chances of you stuffing yourself are small because you’re not pushing tons of bread or processed sugar into your body.

Which means you don’t need to stress about your macros and being off by a few hundred calories.  No counting exact portions, weighing food, or looking at a checklist to make sure you ate the correct amount.

Modified steak and eggs diet

modified steak + eggs

So what about no veggies?  Well Vince would let some of his guys add salads to their dinners.  There’s lots of vegetables that can add nutritional value to a diet.  So I currently do a modified steak and eggs diet.

Meaning I’m still eating lots of beef and eggs of course, but I also don’t limit myself of vegetables.  So I’ll have my steak, my eggs, and my veggies.  I also have incorporated fruit into the diet as well.  Basically, what I avoid is heavy carbs.  Things like pasta, rice, pizza, bread, and any kind of heavy carb is something I run away from.

My main meals are still primarily steak and eggs, but I’ll have some carrots, salad, or an apple on the side.  So I’m not doing a complete carnivore diet.  But it’s still very close to what a wild beast would eat, just with some extra plant life on the side.

My current eating schedule 

intermittent fasting guide

My current steak and eggs diet protocol is altered as I just mentioned.  In terms of the days, I do 6 days on and 1 day as a cheat day, that way it’s the same everyday of the week.

  • Day 1 – On, VA
  • Day 2 – On, VB
  • Day 3 – On, VA
  • Day 4 – On, VB
  • Day 5 – On, VA
  • Day 6 – On, VB
  • Day 7 – Off (aka cheat day)

What I actually eat

Variation A

  • 1pm – Steak and eggs
  • 3pm – salad / veggies
  • 7pm – Steak and eggs

Variation B

  • 1pm – steak and eggs
  • 3pm – fruit
  • 7pm – steak and eggs

Then I rinse and repeat 3 times until 6 days are up.  A cheat day come about in which I eat anything, and then the cycle starts again the next week.

Alcohol or no alcohol

Technically, there’s no alcohol involved with the steak and eggs diet.  As that would be having carbs and not sticking true to the diet.  Besides by cheat day, I’ll usually have a beer or a drink two other nights of the week.  I’m a naturally thin guy so this doesn’t mess up any leanness or my body for the time being.  And in an ideal world I wouldn’t have any alcohol.

But as a player I meet new girls at cheap bars, and that involves having a cheap drink.  So I’m willing to live with making a sight adjustment to the diet.



I drink coffee in the morning around 10 or 11am and drink about 2 cups worth through 2pm.  Usually have before my first meal at 1pm, and half after that.

This, combined with intermittent fasting, working out in the morning, waking up early, and sticking to eating a primarily meat and eggs diet has helped me to have tons of energy.

I differ from most people who have caffeine right when they wake up.  For me, this gives me energy with a crash before I even eat lunch.  I’m still able to get up without caffeine and get energy from my early workout + hold/cold shower, get some work in, and then have my caffeine.

I’ve been able to be a lot more productive by delaying my caffeine intake until 10am or so.  My energy levels are much higher throughout the day, and since I have some caffeine at 1:30 or so, I don’t feel an afternoon crash.  But that’s also due to the steak and eggs diet protocol which avoids sleep encouraging carbs.

Do the steak and eggs diet today

The steak and egg diet results are real.  I have high energy levels, still get proper nutrition in with added veggies, never worry about calories/recipes, and in general feel like a lean, mean machine.

It’s by no means a magic pill.  You still have to have a purpose, wake up early, know how to manage your time, and put in a good day’s work.  But if you combine it with the essentials like working out, knowing your right caffeine intake, and developing your manhood, it will improve the quality of your life.

Personalize it to varying degrees depending if you want to add in fish, veggies, and other viable considerations.  Or keep it simple and classic.  Feel like a powerful man with the steak and eggs diet, eating like the beast that you are.


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What were your results?

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Can I substitute Ground Beef for steak ?

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How much fruit on those days?

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