August 17

Stop cheating on yourself, you son of a bitch


Stop cheating on yourself

stop cheating on yourself

Every time you ignore your purpose, you’re cheating on yourself.

Stop doing that shit right now, you son of a bitch.

And if you don’t have one, you need to develop a purpose and then come back and read this.

Everyone has a purpose

Everyone has a purpose in life, if they say choose to create one.

And as a man, it’s your job to create the life you want.

It’s what your biology is telling you to do.

To survive, thrive, grow, and expand.

Just like your dick gets hard as you put your energy into a woman, you have a craving to fuck the world.

To go out there and accomplish, conquer, and dominate.

Meaning in life

how to find your purpose

When you create a purpose, you create meaning in your life.

Without a self given meaning, we’re lost.

In ancient times, survival was enough meaning in itself.

In modern millenniums, we have religion to give us a sense of meaning.  And I’m not here to bag on you if you’re religious.

But in today’s age, there’s nothing we have to believe in.

That can be a dangerous thing.  And it can be a powerful thing.

We have the freedom to create our own purpose.

With the internet we can become entrepreneurs.  We can start a business with very little money.  This was close to impossible for most people throughout the majority of history.

It’s a beautiful time to be alive.

Action is needed

However, you need to take action.

If you don’t create a purpose, someone will hire you to accomplish their purpose.

In order to create a purpose, you need to find something

  • You love to do
  • Are skilled in or have a natural inclination for (using your strengths)
  • Can make money doing

And that’s it.

Not hard to figure out your purpose

man figuring out purpose

Most of you either have a purpose, or can figure it out within a matter of months.

The exact thing you do for your career may change over time.  But your purpose will generally stay the same, just the context will change.

Some people are teachers, others are builders, some like to use their creative energies, some like to help people directly.

But whatever you’re inclined to do, if you put that into a business, you can live a fulfilling life.  You can make great money and build wealth, you can love what you do, and you can make the world a better place.

Too good to be true?

So you can have money, fulfillment, and make a positive change.

Sounds like a golden ticket.

Well, it can be.

The problem is, most men can’t stop cheating on their purpose.

I don’t give a fuck if you cheat on your girlfriend or someone else.  I’m not saying it’s not great to do.

But what I care about is getting you to stop cheating on your fucking purpose!

Put in the work

If you want to be successful, then you have to put in the work.

You have to work more than most of your friends and family.

That means taking the time to developing your purpose in the first fucking place.

Most of you have a purpose.

And if you don’t, deep down, you probably already have some kind of stretch/yet realistic dream.

For the rest if you, you’ve taken the time to establish what it is.

Time spent away from your purpose is cheating

distraction from your purpose

When you’re not making that happen, you’re cheating on yourself.

You’re cheating yourself out of fulfillment and satisfaction.

You’re cheating yourself out of money, status, and all the perks that come with that.

And most of all, you’re cheating yourself out of your own happiness.

Your purpose is the only thing you should be married too.

Not married to a specific woman or chasing ass.

Definitely not married to getting drunk or doing drugs.

And for sure not married to building up another man’s dream by working a slave job.

How to stop cheating on yourself

stop the bullshit

You need to stop this bullshit.

Fuck all the shit you’re doing that’s preventing you from pursuing your purpose.

The secret to stop cheating yourself?

It’s simple.

Vow to yourself that your purpose is your priority.

You’re going to take a few years and make it your #1.

After you reach a level of success, it will still be your #1, but you can make time for hobbies, friends, and relax a little bit.

But right now you have to make the vows to yourself like you would at a wedding.

Vows to yourself

Say this to yourself today, and everyday.

My purpose in life is _______ (this is where you say what your purpose is)

I will work towards my purpose everyday

I will never cheat on my purpose

Whatever I give to my purpose, my purpose gives back to me

I love my purpose with all my heart

I never want to disappoint my purpose 

Fuck anyone who tries to diss my beautiful purpose

I’ll make love to my purpose everyday, putting all my energy and focus into it

Right this shit down if you need to.

Actually, just do it.

Work on it everyday

start a business instead

You need to be like an assassin going after a mob boss who killed your family.

Work on your purpose everyday.

Stop cheating on it with

  • masturbating to porn
  • drinking beer
  • and looking at your phone like a bitch every 5 minutes because some girl is ignoring you

Fuck all the noise.

Yes, you can eat, sleep, workout or lift weights, and keep your day job.

When your boss isn’t looking and when you get back from work is when you grind.

Put in the work that others aren’t willing to do.

Even these “hard working betas” are cheating on their purpose by never pursuing their dreams or putting minimal effort into them because they’re tired after work.

Fuck the bullshit

If you want to be a winner in life, then you need to grind.

If it takes 8 hours of working a job and 6 hours of your side business, then so be it.

Because you’re not trying to be average.

You’re not trying to continue to be like the other losers.

And that’s because you want to do something with your life.

You won’t have to work insane hours for the rest of your life.  But if you want freedom and success it takes a few years of doing that.

Become loyal to yourself, to your purpose

You want to be loyal to your purpose.

You’re going to finally stop cheating on it.

You’re going to give it the respect it deserves.

In time, you’ll learn the glory in serving your purpose.

Being a slave was never so much fun.

When you stop cheating on your purpose, you’ll stop cheating on yourself.

And then you won’t have to worry about not living a complete life.

Because you put a real effort into something you chose to do.

Even if nobody remembers your name 1000 years from now, the world will be different because you were here.

Most men won’t know that feeling.  But you’ll be one of the few.


cheating on yourself, purpose, stop cheating, stop cheating on yourself

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