Stop checking your phone so much: less is more

Stop checking your phone so much: less is more

Stop checking your phone so much.  Less is more with a lot of things in life, and the phone is one of them.

Phones and social media are a big part of our lives

Phones, social media, and the internet that connects us all is simply a modern part of reality.  It’s changed the way the world works.  Up until 20 years ago, you wouldn’t have been able to access content like this article on your phone.  I’d have to have a publishing company to make books or have enough status or money to get my thoughts published in a newspaper.  There’d be no way for all of us to talk about red pill philosophy about the way the world really works.

All of the stories and experiences from other men that you get raw is extremely beneficial to your  self development as a man if you apply the information.  And we have so much of this available on command.  We just need to pull out our phones, type a question in google, and read some of the answers.  With enough intuition, we’ll be able to see what answers are correct and use it in our lives right then and there.

Positives of phone usage

There’s tons of positives to having phones in our social + dating lives as well.   Having a phone makes it easy to get in contact with people.  A phone makes much easier than past to coordinate meetups with girls, friends, contact family, do business with clients.

In the past these kind of logistics took a lot more effort.  You weren’t able to get laid with  girls in your city off of using a device the size of your hand.  But nowadays there’s dating apps like tinder and social media like Instagram which can make your dating +  sex life a lot better.

You can even raise or inflate your social status by using these tools the right way.  The phone has made things much easier for the modern player.

Negatives of  phone usage

Not all if sunshine and rainbows.  With the positives of having a phone, there’s also negative consequences to introducing this technology to the mainstream.

And those mainly revolve around expanding people’s natural desire for attention.   Everyone likes attention.  Women, especially attractive women, are so used to it that many depend on it to make them happy.  Even many men today are desperate for attention, whether it be from social circles or with women.

Phones can cause people to become desperate for validation, whether it’s a text from a girl or likes on a post.

Use it to your advantage

So what should a man do?  Not use a phone?  Or just use it for business and delete everything else like dating apps and social media?

Well I’m in the camp that you should use it to your advantage.  And I’ll even preface that statement with this.  I’ve gone through periods of using no dating apps in order to spend less time on my phone.  This has forced me to actually live life and meet girls in person, which generally leads to higher quality women.  I’ve also taken time off social media when I’m not living a social life because I’m working on my business  heads down.

That being said, if you avoid over-usage,  the phone is an asset to your life.  If you still live  your life in the real world and use dating apps to build some  extra pipeline of women to meet, then you’ll get the best of both worlds.

When it comes to  texting, stop overthinking it.  Don’t worry so much about getting a text back from a girl.  Use texting to meet up women you’ve  recently met.  You can use it a little more with plates or girlfriends.

Leverage social media to post about your life and enhance your status + image.

Your phone can add a ton of value to your life.  It can even get your business depending on the industry you’re in.

Social media isn’t for little boys.  It’s just a tool, and a very powerful  one at that.  Any man whose trying to build  a business or personal brand can leverage it for monetary or social gain.

But stop checking your phone so much

Here’s the thing.  The phone is very useful to use.  But you just need to stop checking it so damn much.  That’s the secret.

Use your phone by:

  • posting on instagram, and then get off
  • text a few girls or your girlfriend, and then put your phone down

Use the phone, but only check it a few times a day

Let people check social media all day long and look back your posts or stories.  But for yourself, just post and get off.   Don’t waste much time looking at shit on social media.  Like a few of your friends posts.  As a reward for working all day, you can spend 5  minutes at night looking at some travel destinations you want to go to or things you’ll visualize into your future, and then get off.

Text people and then be so busy you forget.  You can text your friends and girls a few times a day.  but stop checking your phone every 10 minutes.  Check it once in while.

Work phone

One exception is a work phone.  I used to have just one phone for work and personal which was a mistake.

By having a personal phone I check a few times a day, I’m still able to have a work phone I can use throughout the day to call and text clients.  There are difference is that this phone is being utilized for business and can be used more often.  But with my work phone, I don’t have any social media, dating apps, or girl that I’m texting.

Less is more

Use your phone less in order for it to benefit your life without  it being a nuisance.  You can text girls back 2 or 3 times day, besides when you’re meeting up.  And with girlfriends you can also increase this – if I have a girlfriend I’ll add her to my work phone as well, no this has never backfired on me.  You can’t text a girlfriend back once or twice a  day if you’ve been dating for years.  But even then, take a while sometimes because you’re busy.

With dating app, check them once a day maximum, do your swipes and replies,  and then get off.

And with social media, post and then get off.

Text and forget.

Use  your phone as a tool.  For your social life, use it and then put it away.  For business, you can use it more as  needed.   And for  getting information, use the phone  to  get real info to help your life, not  for entertainment.

Don’t let your phone control you.  Instead, use your phone to help manage aspects of your life.

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