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Stuck in my Wife’s Friendzone: Becoming a beta in marriage

Stuck in my Wife’s Friendzone: Becoming a beta in marriage

Stuck in my Wife's Friendzone: Becoming a beta in marriage

Being stuck in your wife’s friendzone is the worst place for any married man to be.  Because when you’re becoming a beta in marriage, you become  her emotional support buddy.

There’s a time and place  to support your wife through hard times.  But falling into the trap of your wife’s friendzone is no where you want to be.  It means she’s losing attraction for you.  And it won’t be long before she’s cheating on you or divorcing you so she can fuck men she’s attracted to.

How did this happen?

  • stopped leading the relationship
  • bad sex and less dominant in the bedroom
  • started to fail shit tests
  • lost smv
  • lost masculinity

Stopped leading the relationship

curing oneitis

As a masculine man whose dating  a feminine woman, you need to lead the relationship.  You do this for you and her.  It will make you happy and feel powerful to be the leader.  This will also keep your wife in her feminine energy.  This way the attraction will stay strong.

As the leader, you’ll care less.  You can still love your wife, but she needs to love you just a little bit more.  A man can still love and be attracted to a beautiful woman who loves him more.  But a woman will lose attraction for a man who loves her more than she loves him.  This is how you enter your wife’s friendzone and become a beta in marriage.

By giving up leadership, you became the beta in the relationship.  And this is the one area you need to remain the alpha in no matter what.  This leads to the rest of the mistakes you made.

Bad sex and less dominant in the bedroom

Amazing sex won’t stop a toxic relationship from draining your life.  But it can definitely keep a woman in love with you when all else fails.  Especially if you learn to dominate her, own her body and more importantly her mind during sex.  This doesn’t always mean rough fucking, although that’s part of the formula.  It’s the whole thing.  I highly recommend you read my article on how to fuck a girl properly if you haven’t already.

Many men either don’t fuck their woman well enough or get lazy.  This leads to bad sex.  You enter your wife’s friendzone when you can’t get her off anymore.

As you age, you’ll have less sex especially when your wife reaches 50 and goes through menopause.  But years of amazing sex will help to keep her addicted to you.

I have a few older readers.  But most of you are 18-40.  Which means your girlfriends, wives, or just girls you see are looking for sex.  And they need amazing sex.  They can barely get in.  But when they do, they’ll do anything to keep that man in their life.

But by not giving amazing sex, you’ll become a beta in marriage or in a relationship.  You’ll enter your wife’s friendzone because you just don’t do it for her.

Started to fail shit tests

identity shit tests

When you lead the relationship and fuck well, you’re confident enough to pass her shit tests.  Because you know you can leave and she needs you.

But when you start to fail shit tests you’re becoming a beta in marriage.  You let her get away with things you know you shouldn’t.  And she knows you shouldn’t either.  Which is why she’ll lose respect for you.

If you married a drama queen then you should expect shit tests all the time.  But while all women love drama, most aren’t true drama queens.  These are women who have been giving non-stop drama the whole time you know them.

If your wife used to be submissive and has become more argumentative and nagging over time, it’s because you didn’t check her.  You let her take over.  And by doing so you enter your wife’s friendzone.

Lost smv

Losing sexual market value is when you go down in your looks, money, and status.  Over time your looks will fade, although with some maintenance you can actually rise up in your age bracket as you get older.  But your money and status should only rise.  A loss in smv can definitely cause you to become a beta in marriage.  Especially if it affects your confidence and ability to get other women.

The biggest smv loss men take on is either gaining a lot of weight or losing their job.  Either one will make you much less attractive objectively and also lower your self respect.  Which translates into you becoming a beta in marriage.  Weight gain can be avoided if you eat a eat lean + mean and work out consistently.  In fact, by staying in great shape as you age, you’ll far outshine your peers.

Losing your job is also another big loss.  The best way to counter the negative affects of this is to start your own business.  If you’re the CEO then you can’t be fired.  That’s why I recommend starting your business while you’re single… but there’s a never a better time than now if you haven’t already.

It’s common for a man to enter his wife’s friendzone after he loses his job and depends on her for support.  Especially when he used to bring in all the money.

If this happened to you then you need to hustle to get another job asap.  Or better yet start an online business you have full control over.

Also, if you were smart and saved your money, then a lack of  desperation for a job can also save your smv.  Because if you lost a job but still have the money then you aren’t going to go in panic mode.

Lost masculinity

sad man

And while lost smv seems like the biggest detriment that’s caused you to enter your wife’s friendzone, it’s actually your lost masculinity that is the worst.  Loss of looks happens over time.  And while status should increase as you age, it eventually dies down once you’re a senior.  The only part of your smv that should always go up is your money.

But even with a decline in smv, it’s your masculine energy that’s the biggest determiner to a woman staying attracted to you or becoming less attracted.  A masculine man can still maintain and even continue to grow the attraction a woman has for him.  Most men in today’s era lose their masculinity, at least with relation to their relationship with their wife, during the marriage.  This lost of masculinity, which is the culmination of not leading, bad sex, failing shit tests, and not standing up for yourself, is what leads to your masculine energy in the relationship declining.

And that’s what really causes you to enter your wife’s friendzone.  A man who maintains his masculine energy with his wife won’t ever worry about becoming a beta in marriage.  It’s the man who becomes softer and more beta with his wife who will be seen as less masculine.

What you need to do

So let’s say that you’ve already become a beta in marriage.  You’ve entered your wife’s friendzone.  You want to reverse things.  Here’s what you need to do:

  • Distance yourself from her
  • Get your looks and style up to point
  • Stay out later once or twice a week
  • Stop agreeing with her about things
  • Ignore her
  • Fuck the shit out of her
  • start leading the relationship again

Distance yourself from her

power in a relationship, focus on purpose

The first thing you need to do is distance yourself from her.  It seems counterintuitive.  But if you’re always around her and in a needy way, then you’re doing nothing but entering your wife’s friendzone.

You can’t be friends with someone if you distance yourself.

And at this point you need to re-attract her.  You can’t do that by spending more time with her.  It’s possible to reverse becoming a beta in marriage.  However, you need to create space with your wife.

Get your looks and style up to point

spend less money - negotiate gym membership

And you can distance yourself by working on yourself.  Get your looks and style on point.  Get in amazing shape.  Lift weights, do cardio and abs, and eat well.  Do it like your marriage depends on it.  Because it does.  You need to become a beast.  A motherfuckin’ man.  Get your ass to the gym.

This will not only be physically attractive to your wife, but it will make her wonder as well about why you’re getting so fit.  She’ll think about you with other women.  And this will cause her to become attracted to you.

And from there you need to up your style.  Wear fashionable clothes on the weekend and wear classy as fuck clothes during the week while you work.  Style your hair if you didn’t before.  This is a slick trick to get out of your wife’s friendzone.  Because while you may not notice her doing different things to her hair, she will notice your changes.

Get new shoes.  And a sick watch if you can afford it.

The look I go for is bad boy / CEO / boss.

Even if you already dress well and have a good style, switch it up.  Just by getting new clothes when you haven’t for a while, you’ll begin to break out of your wife’s friendzone.  Because she’ll notice the changes and become curious.

Stay out later once or twice a week

This is where you start to up your dread game.  Getting out of your wife’s friendzone doesn’t mean you need to cheat on her.  But make her worry.

If you work then stay late at work a night or two when you usually don’t.  Or get a beet with the boys a day after work.  Maybe get an after work gym sesh in.  Whatever it is.  Something that’s making you money, increasing your social life, or increasing you value.

Don’t need to do this every night.  But more than you are now.  If you’re always home then this is easier, as coming home late twice a week is unusual.  Even if you’re becoming a beta in marriage and hard into your wife’s friendzone, this will get her attention.

Stop agreeing with her about things

Agreeing with wife on everything when you don’t feel that way is the beginning of the end.  But by standing your ground and actually having an opinion, you’ll pass shit tests.   And you’ll be authentic.  You’ve become a  beta in marriage in large part because you actively avoided conflict.

You need to admit you’ve put your wife on a pedestal of some sort.  Even if you don’t think she’s a dime anymore, you’ve put not pissing her off or getting her upset over everything else.  Which is a grave mistake for the both of you.   You’ve entered your wife’s friendzone because you started acting like a nice guy.

You started acting like her friend.  But you need to act like her man.

Ignore her

giving a girl space

You’re working more, ideally on your business.  But if you’re at a job then you’re grinding there too.  You’re lifting weights, eating well, looking good as fuck.  You’re staying out later and you don’t agree with her about everything.

Chances are you’ve already started to ignore her.  As you build your value back up, you realize that it’s bullshit she even put you in her friendzone in the first place.  Because you’re the man.

Now, in reality you lost your balls and it’s your fault.  But when you boost your confidence up you don’t care.  Because now your wife needs to work to get you into her again.

Ignore her a little bit.  Not completely.  But ignore her sometimes to show you don’t give a fuck.  Not to the point where you’re never communicating with her.  But don’t show her the attention you did before when you were becoming a beta in marriage.

Fuck the shit out of her

Now she’ll chase your attention again.  And she’ll use the one thing she knows she can depend on to get your attention.  Sex.  Let her.  She’ll start to come onto you and initiate sex.  Fuck the shit out of her and dominate her.  Give her the time of her life.

Don’t go to acting like a needy bitch afterwards.  Keep your cool after you have mind blowing sex that puts her to sleep.  You can cuddle a little bit.  But let her be the one all over you afterwards.  You still need to let her chase you.

Start leading the relationship again

Now you can start leading the relationship again.  It’s a tough journey to reverse becoming a beta in marriage and escaping your wife’s friendzone.  But with a focus on being a man and not worshipping her, she’ll come around.  You’ll break free of your wife’s friendzone and she’ll love you for it.

Stay on your purpose

how to build an audience for your business

Your business, which gives you fulfillment + financial freedom, and kids if you have any, should be the #1 priorities in your life.  Because that’s what’s going to fulfill you, bring you money, and keep you busy away from your wife.  If you make your wife #1, she’ll get bored of you.

In ancient times, the #1 priority wasn’t a man’s wife or woman.  It was surviving.  Hunting and taking care of the family / tribe.  Then once that was taken care of he could relax, fuck, and enjoy feminine energy.  If ancient men just stuck around their women all day, the women would leave for stronger men who would come in and take over.

That’s why you need to understand that power in relationships comes from being willing to walk away.

Times have changed, but human programming at its core hasn’t.  Stop making your wife your #1 priority.  You can avoid your wife’s friendzone by being the captain on the ship of life.  Let her be your assistant by your side.  Don’t let her be the captain, because she’ll eventually throw you overboard.


Becoming a beta in marriage, beta, marriage, Stuck in my Wife's Friendzone, Stuck in my Wife's Friendzone: Becoming a beta in marriage

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