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Success = Consistency x Effort: 3 step process to achieving your desires

Success = Consistency x Effort: The Formula for success

success formula

The formula for success is simple.  Consistency x effort.

Consistent effort will yield you success.  It’s that simple.  Yet many people are trying to figure out the secret to success and achieving their dreams.

Achieving success

Achieving success can happen for you.

You just need to do 3 things

  1. Pick the right goal
  2. Create habits to achieve
  3. Master your schedule

1. Pick the right goal

how to be confident - man whiteboard goals

The first step is to pick the right goal.  This is how you define your success.

Success is the achievement of something you set out to do.  So you need to make sure you choose the right goal to pursue.

If your goal is to become the best mma fighter in the world, but you’ve never done a martial art and you’re 45, then you’re choosing the wrong goal.  But if your goal is to get fit, learn how to fight, and become a trainer, then you’re choosing the right goal.

On the flip side, let’s say your 25 and you want to earn 300k.  If you don’t want to start your own business and want to do this hustling through corporate world, then your goal might be possible, but far from ideal.

Business ownership

You’ll have a much better chance at earnings 300k in the future if you’re the business owner.  Building wealth is possible when you start young and own the business.

A better goal would be to earn as much money as you can, while starting a side business in your spare time.  Then quit your job when you’re making enough money and grow your business.  Adopt the entrepreneur’s mindset over that of an employee.

Don’t make a goal that’s physically impossible.  But don’t do something too small.  Make a goal that seems a little too good to be true, but would be possible with enough dedication.

Goals that benefit you

The goals you choose should benefit you. A  business can make you wealthy, or at least give you the financial freedom you want so you never have to worry about money.

Getting fit and staying in shape will help you to feel better, live longer, have more energy, and look great.

Learning how to dance will help you meet girls, improve your mind and body connection, give you more charisma, and make you feel cooler.

There’s many things you can choose to do.  But you can’t do everything.  Pick a few goals that will add value to your life.

Something that will solve money and health/fitness are the most important.  Then you can add another goal or two that will help you in other areas, like dating, self-defense, or a hobby you’re passionate about.

2.  Create habits to achieve that goal and attain success

workout in the morning

The next step to success is consistent effort.  After all, the formula for success if consistency x effort.  You need to put in consistent effort over the next year, then 5 years, and then 10 years.

And you put in consistent effort by creating habits.  What are the habits that will help you achieve your goal?

If you put a few minutes into thinking about this, you’ll be able to figure them out easily.  The details of certain days might differ, but the macro actions are the same.

For example, starting a business.  You know that you need to work on your business everyday in order for it to build up. It won’t happen magically.  You’ll need to do a few hundred emails a day or per week (if targeted properly) in order to build up a pipeline of prospects.

Or you’ll need to put money into advertising and consistently monitor and edit your campaigns.

3. Master your schedule


Now you must incorporate your habits into your schedule. Successful people are productive as fuck.  They are masters of their schedule.  Your whole life needs to be a series of well chosen habits that makes up how your spend your time.

Your specific schedule will be different depending on if you already have a business or if you still work for a company, have no job etc.

The two examples I’ll use here are for a wage slave (working on a job) and entrepreneur.  I’m also assuming you’re trying to be an entrepreneur.  If you’re not, then my site probably isn’t for you.

Wage slave trying to break free


  • 6am – wake up and lift/bjj/boxing, etc.
  • 8am-5pm – wage slave job
  • 5pm-7pm – come back home, eat dinner, get a second to breathe
  • 7pm – 11pm – work on your business


  • 7am – wake up and workout
  • 9am-5pm – work on your business
  • 5pm-7pm, have a girl over
  • 7pm – 12am – go out with friends, salsa dancing, time for yourself


  • 6am – wake up and lift/bjj/boxing, etc.
  • 8am-5pm – grind on your business
  • 5pm-7pm – eat dinner, relax
  • 7pm – 11pm – work on your business, or have a girl over, enjoy your hobbies


  • 7am – wake up and workout
  • 9am-5pm – work on your business
  • 5pm-7pm, have a girl over
  • 7pm – 12am – go out with friends, salsa dancing, time for yourself


  • 7am – wake up and workout
  • 9am-5pm – work on your business
  • 5pm-7pm, have a girl over, see family, enjoy your hobbies
  • 7pm – 12am – go out with friends, salsa dancing, time for yourself
  • Pretty similar schedules.

But the wage slave has to grind harder and have less time for girls/dating and hobbies.  Of course, you can’t have no life at all.  You can have a bit of freedom on weekend evenings once you’ve put in your work.

Work more

But you need to work more for your success because you haven’t achieved financial independence yet.  Building wealth and getting rich aren’t you’re only goals in life.  I understand that.  But you need to have your money right so you not only have financial success, but also freedom to have success in other areas.

If you get anything from the schedule, is that you must make one that will benefit you and your goals.  It’s not difficult to make a schedule.  Yours will likely be the same or very similar to mine.  In fact, you have my complete permission to copy it.

Consistent effort over time, applied to the right goals will bring you success and fulfillment.

Stick with it

elon musk - schedule of a winner

Most people overestimate what they can do in a few months or a year.  But they underestimate what they can do in 5, 6, 7, years.  And they vastly underestimate what they can do in a decade.

Pick the right goals that will add the biggest return on your investment, which is your time.  Goals to make your wealthy, stay in shape, and bring you’re the lifestyle you desire.

Then create habits that will bring you to these goals.  Work the habits into your schedule.  And have the schedule a CEO would have.

CEO of your life

Run your life like a business.  Do this, and you’ll be putting in the consistent effort that’s needed for true success.

Consistency x effort.  Burn that into your mind.  Remind yourself of it everyday.  A few years from now you’ll wake up and realize how much you’ve accomplished because of your consistent effort.

And your success will snowball from there.


achieving success, consistency x effort, success, success formula

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